THORTOKEN UPDATE: CEO David Chin & CTO Matt Moravec Chat with BlockchainBrad about Blockchain-PoweredGig Economy Solutions, ICO news and updates. Thortoken is all about helping contractors earn more, faster, and more securely. Power up for the gig economy! Job Network, Instant Pay, & Comprehensive Benefits—Thor is bringing the full power of the blockchain to the rapidly growing contracting workforce. Contractors get paid instantly with Thor tokens, and can easily be exchanged with other major cryptocurrency assets or into USD.

Instant Pay Fast + Flexible

Thor payments process immediately after a job is completed. Transfer Thor coins to USD, or other cryptocurrency assets.

Job Network Employers + Candidates.

One-click applications for gig economy companies. Vibrant community to evaluate opportunities.

Comprehensive Benefits.

401k + Insurance. Start earning interest using Thor 401(k) services. Easily acquire insurance through our partner network.


DONATION/GIFT DISCLOSURE: After doing this interview, Thor donated tokens to me. No discussion of set prices were ever discussed, as I don’t ever ask for money to do my interviews. That being said, a small token donation/gift was offered by the Thor startup subsequent to doing this interview and I accepted it to continue running this channel.