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TokenDesk is currently in its ICO phase. It’s a platform on which everyone can easily invest in ICOs without all the difficult procedures. Should you invest in TokenDesk?


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  1. In my worthless opinion 90% of these ICOS will flop (just too many icos every month , which means most are doomed just by the volume of offerings)….
    Its not really investing, its gambling, the success stories of the minority who "picked the right coin" will drive more into the tullip mania and you will have an ICO bubble that will crash and burn, just like when people see someone win the lotto they rush out to buy a ticket thinking they are the next big winner.
    Just be-careful we are talking basic mob mentality/human nature ^^…

  2. Could you please explain DIM TOKEN & DIM COIN and the bennifit of holding the token and or the coin also.,. I read you can exchange LTC, BTC ETH and some other currencies… I have been doing research but am still confused thank you


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