We talked to Tom Lee, co-founder of Fundstrat, a market research firm about what’s going on with cryptocurrencies, his own Bitcoin Misery Index and the recent BTC’s price hike.

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Tom Lee: “Bitcoin Can Retain Its Old Highs”



  1. Omg that blink/wink at the end. So funny. And I realise how easy men are manipulated haha. Women can play with us any day if they want. But if we are smart we wont let them touch the wallet. No matter how much they try to pull us in/control us through our deepest desires and needs.

  2. Tom lee is guessing what all the indicator and data shows the best possible move, appreciate tom. Crypto is new and most volatile assist class, not only tom no one can predict exactly,

  3. I love Tom Lee, even though he did get it pretty wrong for 2018. I guess few people realized guys would just dump huge volumes of old BTC to fund their volcanic lairs – or concocted shitcoins.


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