Libra is a cryptocurrency backed by Facebook. Find out the top 10 most important things you should know about the new Facebook’s coin. Here we’ll answer the following questions:
– What is Libra?
– When the project is scheduled for release?
– What partners does the Libra project have?
– How will Libra cryptocurrency work?
– What is Calibra?
– And others.

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Top 10 Things You Should Know About Libra Cryptocurrency, Facebook’s Crypto Project



  1. Facebook should just be stopped in its track in this sick project. But as always money talks so they already got green light in the USA it sounds like. And Facebook & USA – the world elite or what ever you wanna call it all are the one and same in the end. They al lwork under the same agenda. So the names dont matter. If facebook is allied with someone – they too are YOUR enemy.

  2. Seems impartial to me. I thought the video was truthful, and informative. Finally, a crypto-centric creator is admitting that the REAL reason they are creating libra is NOT because they want to help those that are unbanked, but that they want to replace banks. Maxine Waters is worried she won't be getting all them dirty, Jamie Dimon, lobbyist dollars anymore…

  3. Libra will greatly expand the understanding of the superior quality, capability and concept of Bit Coin. A true Crypto currency and storage of value. Libra is not a Crypto Currency. It is a Digital Currency. It is tied to the Fiat Currencies of the world and the Central Bank. We are approaching a reset in the next two years (About the time Libra gets rolling). The Debt and corrupt Central Banks will shut down. Fiat will end and we will be focused on each individual acting as their own Bank. You will not need third party approval like a bank or government to purchase or sell things to others. Bit Coin is a True Crypto Currency. The code of Bit Coin is Hack Proof. The totally supply of Bit Coins that can ever be made is 21 Million Bit Coins. There are about 16 Million Bit Coins in Circulation right now (about 4-5 Million are gone forever due to accidental loss.) Bit Coins Scarcity will drive prices into the Millions and possibly Billions per bit coin in the future. It is totally divisible unlike Gold, It is private, unlike Libra, and will not crash with the obsolete Fiat financial system the will be reseting shortly.

    Libra Coin will work fine until the system changes. But ultimately, with 2 Billion Plus users, it will create a global awareness of the true value of Bitcoin and other valid Cryptos to ultimately be the future of our world.

  4. Hands up if you think this is the government(s) behind this ? It’s their way of getting everyone over to their own ‘crypto’ by pretending it’s Facebook, you know how the rest plays out, then one day feds come knocking because shitbook told them you had more libra than income you declared on your tax return etc. etc. Plus the US will now have financial info on billions around the world.

  5. The information on this video is incomplete and definitely partial… I suppose cointelegraph works for the interests of the financial global elite.. This is enough for me to cancel the subscription to this channel.


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