Hi guys,

Welcome to my new channel!
In my first video I do a quick overlook of my top 5 cryptocurrencies in 2017:

5) Belacoin
4) Ethereum
3) NEM
2) Bitcoin
1) Ripple

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  1. BELA[2x now], ETH [good choice] 75 dollars, how about 10x times that. Ethereum Classic needs research. Another good call, NEM [Mark your words, 45x times], NEM is almost approaching a $1.00, not the .05 cent projection. Bitcoin is the behometh, $2,500 to $3,000 projection was outpaced. Ripple for .005 cents, approaching a dollar. The $500 to $600 was worth it. As you said, banks are adopting. Young, Investing & Insightful. You cannot time the market! Congratulations on the channel!

  2. hey man. please spare me some advice. i am pretty young myself lol and trying to get into cyrptocurrencies but now ripples like 0.3. you think the price will tank soon or ever? rip me trying to penetrate the ripple market. your vids are really informative really like your nem vids

  3. Hey man good video, question though. How do you keep track of all of your wallets and stuff? I get lost in all the wallets for all the different currencies. I'd like to invest in some of them but they all like need a different wallet :l

  4. My opinion:
    1. Ripple (World Payment System, aka digital money which the banks accept)
    2. NEM (Hidden Giant who does not make marketing but has the best Blockchain on earth for Dapps. Mainly in Japan yet)
    3. Ethereum (Smart Contracts which will work with Ripple)
    4. Bitcoin (Digital Gold which has no future because banks will not accept it and transaction time is slow and expensive)

  5. WOW! Amazing! All the altcoins you mentioned in this video have been increased tremendously, especially NEM and Ripple, not to mention BTC and Ether. I wish I watched this video right after it was released. Could you do an updated version of this video with new coins please so the people who missed this video could watch the new one? Thank you man, I am new to your channel.

  6. You are wrong about bitcoin, it´s not dead but it smells funny. The inherent problems are unfixable, the competition already eats its ass, and just wait for a contentious hard fork and what it does to sentiment. It´s over for btc. Loosers will keep it because they like the name.


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