Poker is one of the most popular casino games in the world. With the introduction of the online casino scene, its popularity reached more corners of the globe. This is all because of how technology made them accessible

With this, there is no longer a need to go to your land-based casinos. All you have to do is have a device and a stable internet connection to play. Many enjoy the game because it is fun and rewarding. Although a skill and luck factor is involved, several players have proven that you can win big at the game. 

Some have made history, making it on the list of poker players who earned the biggest winnings. Most of these wins come from the poker tournaments such as The World Series of Poker (WSOP) and the World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP).

Are you curious about who the biggest poker winners are? Discover who they are and how they were able to manage to score big here:

Online poker

There isn’t much difference between poker online and traditional poker found at brick-and-mortar gambling casinos. What sets these two apart is that you can enjoy online poker in the comfort of your home and access more bonuses and promotions. 

The main goal of online poker is to win chips by having the best hand or convincing other players to fold their hands. Players use their knowledge of the game and their opponents’ behaviours to make strategic decisions and ultimately come ahead regarding chips and money.

Many participate in online poker tournaments, which have proven to be one of the best ways to win big pots. Some of the biggest poker wins in history were won during these tournaments.

Popularity of online poker

With the rapid popularity of online gambling sites, more are discovering the perks of playing casino games on reliable betting sites. Although some still enjoy playing poker at their favourite local casinos, many have found comfort in playing online poker. 

Some of the biggest reasons why online card games continue to gain popularity are because they are accessible and a convenient form of entertainment. This skill can be honed further to compete at big tournaments and get the chance to be poker’s biggest winner.

Biggest poker winners

A select few poker players were lucky enough to score the big pot and be called the winners with the most poker winnings. They took the risk and placed a wager in some of the biggest poker tournaments in the world. 

Meet the top five players with the biggest poker winnings here:

Phil Ivey

Recognised to be ranked number one in terms of total wins in poker, Phil Ivey has won an impressive amount over several tournaments in 2002, 2009, and 2010. His poker background started when he was introduced to the game at 8. Since then, the talented and versatile ‘Tiger Woods of Poker’ started participating in tournaments.

In 2007, Ivey was already established as a player with several WSOP bracelets. Despite the amount of great competition, Ivey did not let this sway him. Although they were hurdles to some of his potential wins, the amount of money he has gained is the highest in the world. His total wins, when summed up, are around $20,000,000.

Patrik Antonius

Having participated in several tournaments, Antonius’ background as a poker player is impressive when it comes to his total wins. He was recognised as a great player due to his flexibility and ability to multi-tab. His efforts were soon recognised by Full Tilt, and was then sponsored by them to participate in their tournament. 

Luck was on his side during the Full Tilt tournament, as he was able to score a near total of money of $12,000,000. Besides this, Antonious also participated in tournaments held by Poker Stars, where he scored almost $6,000,000. His online poker winnings total an impressive amount of $18,000,000, which earned him a rank of two on this list.

Daniel ‘jungleman12’ Cates

Referred to as jungleman12 by poker players, Daniel Cates has a background of playing at lower stake poker tables before he went up in the big league tournaments. He grew popular during his early years in online poker and amassed a huge following thanks to his talent and knowledge of the game.

In just a few years, Cates’ total wins were already at an impressive $10,270,000, with just 394,738 tracked hands during PLO cash games. His biggest win in poker was in 2010, where he earned $5,500,000. With this, he is at rank three on this list with a whopping money total amount of $11,165,834.


Ben Tollerene

At rank 4, with winnings that amount to $11,000,000, is Ben Tollerene. The background of his journey as a poker player started in 2007 when he participated in Full Tilt poker rooms with small deposits. His story started from losing small money wager games to winning big $550,000 pots.

As he continued to improve his skills and gain mastery over the game, Tollerene started participating in different tournaments under a variety of aliases. Slowly, he was continuously winning huge prizes. Tollerene won a huge amount of $3,800,000 and $7,400,000 in PokerStars and Full Tilt, respectively, in no time, which added to his total wins.

Di ‘Urindanger’ Dang

Last but not least, rank 5 is Di Dang. Playing under the alias of ‘Urindanger’, his background as a poker player did not start great. Despite his losses during his early days, he was soon recognised as one of the most successful players. Thanks to his eye for detail and skill in the game, he soon started winning in more tournaments.

Urindanger was winning big pots with mere $500/1000 stakes. The amount of money started to stack up as he played at Full Tilt and PokerStars. The source of his total wins amounting to $8,050,000 came from these games as he earned $7,400,000 and $650,000, respectively.

Factors that contribute to big online poker winnings  

Several factors helped these players win poker winnings. These are strategies to consider employing yourself whenever you get the chance to play online or at a physical tournament. To win poker, consider these factors:


Many consider poker as a game of luck. It is about finding the perfect opportunity and balance of when to make the right calls during games. Most of the time, your chances of winning will depend more on chance rather than skill.


Poker is not only about luck. In the long run, it is also about skill and mastery over the game, which requires intelligence and perseverance. Don’t be easily discouraged when you lose your first games, as it takes some practice and getting used to the game’s quirks for better chances of winning games. 


Knowing the odds and probability when playing poker can help you a lot when betting. Be observant of your opponent and their actions, and use what you’ve perceived to your advantage. Preparing a strategy before you bet, call, raise, or fold greatly helps.

Bankroll Management

Risk and reward have always been a part of any casino game, poker included. With this, it is always important to ensure you are practising proper bankroll management. This is to make sure that you are not losing any money that was not meant for that gaming session. Setting a reasonable budget can help you avoid these problems when playing.


When playing poker, patience is always a virtue. Don’t let your emotions get to you when playing. Proper preparation before playing rounds of poker can help you manage your expectations which will help tame your feelings and emotions during rounds.

Best advice for aspiring online poker winners

If you aspire to be a part of the list of biggest poker wins, maximising your odds is crucial. Make sure to employ betting strategies as well as follow some reliable tips to follow. You can use the experiences of other successful poker players as a guide during your future games.  

It is equally essential to know and accept that you will encounter some failures along the way. Although, this doesn’t mean that you don’t have a chance at success.


The potential of earning big winnings in poker is solely up to luck and skill. To maximise your odds of success to win online poker, make sure to employ strategies that can also help you minimise losses. Besides this, it is also important to enjoy your poker games to ensure that you don’t get tired or discouraged from playing the game easily. This is especially the case if you aspire winning online poker tournaments with big pots. 


If you have any questions, here is a frequently asked question section you can refer to:

How to win big in online poker?

Employing strategies will increase your chances of winning big in online poker. Some of the biggest pots are from online poker tournaments, so try participating in them.

Who are the biggest winners in online poker?

Some of the biggest winners in online poker are Phil Ivey and Patrik Antonius. Thanks to their luck and skill at the game, they have amassed $20,000,000 and  $18,000,000, respectively.