In the Digital Age, there is certainly no shortage of tools available to help out new investors. From apps that automatically save up your spare change to apps that provide you with the knowledge necessary to stay up-to-date on investing news and reports, here are six investing and budgeting apps that are well-worth checking out.

**Looks like since this video has been released the Penny App is no longer available since it’s buy out by Credit Karma (which is also a great tool)!**

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  1. Hey everyone, thanks for watching my video this week! Looks like the Penny app is currently unavailable, my apologies for mentioning that one – if I find another similar app I will be sure to share! In the meantime, if you need to get started investing – there's no better place to start than my must-have checklist (it's free)!

  2. Are you aware of any good software that actually analyzes your budget and provides suggestions at improvement? This would be an interesting concept to develop based on people's demographics.

  3. Phil, opinion on M1 Finance? Seems like a great way to invest. No fees, can buy partial shares, auto-investing (which I really like because the ACTION of investing is probably the biggest key), and auto-portfolio balancing (buying the parts of your portfolio that are low). I don't see any drawbacks, do you?

  4. I feel like acorns is the exact opposite of what Rule number #1 is teaching. Not sure if I understand how acorn works, but doesn't it invest your spare change automatically? regardless of the price of your favorite stocks??

  5. I like Personal Capital, before I liked Mint but I find it disorganized so I switched to Personal Capital. It’s an app that keeps track of all my accounts in one place instead of going from website to website, it’s all in one place. I like it!

  6. Mint is a great budgeting app that I use nearly everyday.

    It helps you set a monthly budget and tracks all of your finances from your credit cards, loans, etc.

    Mint is owned by Intuit, and I’ve recommended it to all my peers. Check it out sometime.

  7. Seeking Alpha is a complete useless rubbish. Just a bunch of goons trying to manipulate stocks in their favor. Never listen to so called "analysts". If they actually knew something useful, they wouldn't need a job.

  8. The Penny App is discontinued. Mint is a good alternative that I've used for almost 10 years. Also, Fidelity Rewards Visa Signature Card
    earns unlimited 2% cash-back into a brokerage account among other investment options. This would address your concern of having to use Acorn and investing in Mutual Funds. Also, I'm surprised you did not mention the Robin Hood App for first time users, no commission charges and roller over from another brokerage account for free. Opinions are my own.

  9. Hey Phil,
    Though I don't follow his investing advice per say, I've used Dave Ramsey's Every Dollar App that allows you to set a specific budget and connect to your bank accounts.
    Hope this helps others.
    Thank You for your awesome channel and hope you will come back to Montreal sometime in the near future! ??


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