The multi-billion-dollar gaming industry is a goldmine of opportunities. This industry has grown tremendously in the past decade. Its latest surge has come at a reasonable time because blockchain technology is also growing like wildfire. Read on to know the Top reasons why people play blockchain games. The best crypto games are now set to take over traditional gaming because of this technology’s remarkable advantages. As such, blockchain gaming is fast rising as part of the larger gaming industry’s growth. Be it crypto gambling or other kinds of gaming, and players have reason to smile. Gamers play and use cryptocurrency as assets. Bitcoin gambling games are proving popular because of factors unique to crypto. It is understandable to assume that crypto games are uncommon but far from it. Historically popular games like Blackjack and Baccarat are also available in crypto gambling. Others include Bitcoin Crash, Dice, and the wheel. What is it that has made people play blockchain games? Let’s look at some of the reasons: 

Blockchain Games Make Payment Processing Cost-Effective

The efficiency of cryptocurrency payment processing is a huge part of crypto gaming’s appeal. For starters, cryptocurrency is borderless and decentralised. This means you can instantly pay for gaming items from any corner of the world. Additionally, existing games are often costly because of exorbitant fees. These fees accumulate to leave a hole in gamers’ pockets over time. With cryptocurrency, a gamer does not have to rely on banks and debit cards to process transactions with the fees that come with those processes. Besides, a person transacting gets to save time because the processing does not go through bureaucratic processes for approval. No matter how small the payment, the blockchain processes transactions quickly and cost-effectively. For gamers who have the skills to become developers, the blockchain allows them to sell in-game items directly to other gamers. This is not the case with other gaming sites that mandate the use of app stores to sell such products. 

Ability to Sell In-Game Items 

The first point lends a lot to the second one. Gamers have greater freedom when using blockchain platforms. Centralised gaming platforms usually have a policy of storing their in-game assets in centralised servers. This is to avoid the possibility of those assets being duplicated. Unfortunately, this process limits the control of in-game assets that players purchase. For blockchain gamers, these restrictions don’t apply. Every gamer can exchange assets because they are decentralised and uniquely coded. Besides, the in-game items can have reasonable prices. There is a tendency among popular games to make their gaming items relatively pricy. This disconnect allows a black market of gaming items to thrive. Through the blockchain, gamers have more control over the prices of in-game items. It ensures that gaming items are reasonably priced, creating a more vibrant, interactive, and potentially lucrative gaming experience.


Independence from Government Regulation 

Cryptocurrencies are decentralised and pseudonymous or autonomous. This is useful in a sector like gambling. Crypto gambling is a way to escape such government overreach. Certain countries have restrictive laws on gambling and could place restrictions on traditional gambling. On the flip side, Blockchain games are accessible from anywhere worldwide. Government restrictions between money service businesses and online gambling don’t apply to crypto. Therefore, a gamer can have a great gaming experience worldwide. This is a large part of the appeal of cryptocurrencies as a whole. People in autocratic countries, in particular, can appreciate that cryptocurrency operates outside the purview of government restrictions.  

Freedom to Developers

The great thing about decentralised platforms is the creative freedom gamers get when in such an environment. No one has a monopoly on ideas. The community-oriented development approach in blockchain gaming creates an excellent hub for developers to thrive and monetise their ideas. Traditional games have a top-down approach that doesn’t often consider gamers’ ideas to improve their gaming experience.  

Better security 

The gaming industry has a history of problems with online fraud that make the industry lose a lot of revenue. This problem can be solved by autonomous smart contracts that make this industry safer. The blockchain reduces incidences of fraud and can save the gaming industry billions. For gamers, this security comes in handy as well. Gamers benefit from the transparency that the blockchain adds.  


Blockchain gaming is destined for an immense future. There is much to gain from both the perspective of users and developers. It is reasonable to imagine a future where all the gaming goes to the blockchain. The benefits of payment processing and in-game item trading are particularly important. This industry has a more vibrant gaming economy because it decentralises the benefits of gaming. Gamers don’t just enjoy the fun part of gaming but also the lucrative and educative aspects. Given the transparency and security of the base layer, it will spur innovation and make gaming more wholesome. It will be fascinating to see future developments in this sector.