Betting on tennis is a massive industry, which BC.GAME now provides. Undoubtedly, tennis is one of the world’s most-followed sports. Elite tennis revolves around four grand slams watched by hundreds of millions globally.

Besides the grand slams, there are dozens of smaller tournaments all year. Tennis players must gain points regularly to boost their ranking among the top 1,000 players. Therefore, betting on tennis is a year-round affair with different betting opportunities.

Introduction to the Sport and Tennis Betting

Tennis Betting

Tennis is a racket sport played individually or as a team on a 24-meter-long court. Each player serves the ball for a set, and then the other player serves for the next set. Men’s tennis is typically a best of five (first to reach three sets wins), while women’s tennis is a best of three (first to win two sets wins). There are also doubles events where the game involves pairs rather than individual players. For each game, a player serves the ball for each point. Winning the service gives you a score of 15.

If successful with the next serves, the player goes to 30 or 40 and then wins the point. Once the point is over, the other player serves, and the first one to six points wins. However, if the players tie at 5 points each, the set goes to seven points. High-level tennis matches are competitive and sometimes yield unexpected results. Even the top ten ranked players occasionally lose to underdogs.

Betting on tennis is incredibly popular. Additionally, players like Rafael Nadal have exceptional records on clay surfaces. Therefore, knowledge of these dynamics is valuable for betting. Online betting sites provide odds for each match or event within the match. Odds for the overall game depend on the player profiles and form coming into the game. For live betting, the odds change fast. For instance, betting on who wins the subsequent serve changes based on the game trajectory. Therefore, one must have high-speed internet to bet on a live event, or the odds will have changed in the intervening time. 

Types of Tennis Betting

Tennis is one of the most flexible sports from a betting standpoint. Players can wager on many different aspects of a tennis game. One match offers more markets than most other popular sports. Familiarizing yourself with the different betting options is vital for sustainable betting. They are: 

Matter Winner Bet

Well, one player has to win the match. This bet is the simplest as it needs the bettor to pick the outright winner. For those starting tennis betting, this is the most convenient betting market. It requires a pick of the likelier player to win the match and wait for the final score. Therefore, as expected, the bigger the difference in players’ profiles, the lesser the odds of the higher-ranked player winning—and vice versa. 

Handicap Betting

The word handicap connotes a disadvantage or disability. In tennis, it is a hypothetical position against which a player works. For instance, if the higher-ranked player ought to win the set by two points, a handicap of -2.5 means that if you bet on the favoured player’s handicap, you win if they exceed the handicap set. 


Over/Under Betting

Tennis over/under-betting is also a more specific bet in tennis. One wagers, for instance, how many sets it will take to win the match. In an over or under 3.5 set for a men’s grand slam match, players bet on over if they think each player will win at least one set. If one player sweeps all three sets, those who bet on under 3.5 win the bet. Therefore, over/under bets predict the number of sets, points, or other metrics within the match that the person betting expects will be/not be surpassed. 

Exact Score Betting

This bet is riskier than others on the list. You essentially predict the exact score of a set. For instance, in a match with a significant disparity in player quality, you can predict that the stronger player will win the set 6-0. Similarly, if the set is in a highly competitive match, an outcome of 7-6 is possible. The exact score odds are usually higher because of how difficult it is to get them right. 

Why BC.Game Supports Tennis Betting

Tennis Betting

Tennis betting shares the popularity of the sport itself. BC.Game shares the same motivations in providing tennis betting odds for gamers. Here are some of the top reasons for supporting tennis betting: 

  • Tennis provides a high number of betting markets.
  • Betting is easy for players using smartphones.
  • Gamers have more deposit options, with BC.Game being a crypto casino.
  • Players can bet on live games and know outcomes quickly.
  • Players can use their knowledge of the sport to bet successfully.

What a New Tennis Bettor Should Know

Sports betting requires patience and consistently making solid decisions. It is impossible to win every bet, but the goal is to create a winning record. One should know players and their form, including what surface they thrive on. For instance, players like John Isner have an incredibly efficient service due to their height. Therefore, they are more likely to win match points when serving. Accordingly, one should exercise proper judgment in picking bets and strategies. Such decision-making can be vital in creating a successful tennis betting experience. 


Tennis betting is incredibly versatile. Knowing your way around tennis betting is crucial before placing the first bet. There are many wagering options and strategies for one to explore in this sector. Ultimately, anyone betting should weigh them and figure out a workable strategy with a higher likelihood of winnings. Bet on tennis today on BC.Game