Cryptography is the action of secure communication that allows only the sender and the receiver to view the content. With this level of security now accessible, online entertainment can be taken to the next level, ensuring secure transactions and speedy results. The word crypto comes from the Greek word ‘kryptos,’ which means hidden. Cryptocurrency came about, piquing the interest of many investors. Cryptography is similar to encryption, which uses the method of scrambling numbers and letters into what is now known as ciphertext, which is then converted back when it arrives in the receiver’s wallet. In addition, cryptography allows for the transfer of information in images using a technique known as microdots or merging.  

What Is Cryptography?
Everything you need to know about what Cryptography is.

What Is Cryptography?

Cryptography is one of the newer creations of the 21st century. With cryptocurrency becoming a popular source of returns, this form of security has become the idealised option to stay secure. Cryptography uses the method of protecting information and communication with the use of codes. The intended receiver can only read these codes. Cryptography is derived from a mathematical concept that follows a set of rule-based calculations known as algorithms. They are used to create cryptographic key generation, digital signing, verification to protect data privacy, and other security features. The algorithms are almost impossible to decipher and therefore provide the security of increased privacy.  

Key Points Of What Cryptography Is

The cryptography algorithm is incredibly complicated, making it almost impossible to decipher. On a basic level, here are a few key factors of what cryptography is and how to best utilise it. 

  1. Confidentiality: The information cannot be understood or read by anyone besides those it was intended for. 
  2. Integrity: The data cannot be tampered with or altered. With the technology used, all alterations will be detected by the receiver. 
  3. Non-repudiation: The creator/sender of the information cannot, later on, withdraw or reverse a transaction
  4. Authentication. The sender and receiver can confirm each other’s identity and the origin/destination of the data.

Cryptography Terminology 

An excellent way to get a hold of the crypto ecosystem is to learn about the topic that interests you. By understanding the basic terminology of cryptography, and other related markets, users can bet a better footing within the industry. 

Encoding: This is a term used for the action of converting a code from human-readable to machine-readable. On this note, it could be said that encryption is a form of encoding.  

Decoding: Decoding is a term used to convert computer-readable code to human-readable code. Decryption is a form of decoding.  

Substitution: The change of one character for another.  

Transposition: Records and moves the character without changing or rearranging the order. 

Confusion – The method of changing the key during different rounds of encryption

Diffusion: Swapping around the order of plaintext within the ciphertext. 

Avalanche: The act of creating a slight change in the plaintext, leading to a significant change in the ciphertext.  

Key clustering: The creation of different keys with the same ciphertext derived from the same messages.  

Hash: A hash is when a website encrypts your password using an algorithm to convert plain text. Once converted to a hash, it is almost impossible to revert the text, making it ideal for security purposes.  

What Is Cryptography Used For?
Find out what Cryptography is used for.

What Is Cryptography Used For?

Cryptography is one of the greatest inventions of the era of technology. With the online space bigger than ever, it is a much-needed safety net for all those sharing private financial information and passcodes. Cryptography allows for secure communication, protecting users from malicious third-party threats, often referred to as adversaries. The encryption process creates a key to transforming an import, known as plaintext, into an encrypted output, called ciphertext. Cryptography is used everywhere, from websites to the ATM we draw money at. Most technology today utilises security features. The cryptography algorithm is nearly impossible to hack, making it the perfect security feature for any online activity. 


Cryptography is a well-integrated security measure that has made a massive difference in the landscape of online entertainment and activities. Cryptography adds a level of security that allows for increased enjoyment. Cryptography has played a huge role in many industries, but some have benefited more than others. The crypto gambling industry is a market that has experienced the most gain, allowing for a better reputation and increased activity. With the demand increasing, now is the perfect time to sign up for BC.Game and enjoy all the advantages of gambling online for real money returns.