BlockchainBrad chats with Universal Protocol’s JuanPablo Thieriot (chief strategist ) about a new Crypto Coalition for fairer finance! The @UPPlatform aims to usher in the next hundred million users of digital assets via their UP Alliance! The Universal Protocol Platform, $UPP, will allow users to interact with multiple cryptocurrencies (and an abundance of other assets) on a single blockchain. #UPP combines proven technologies – smart contracts and reserve functionality – with genuine innovation: highly secure & convertible Proxy Tokens. Industry coalition aims to bring millions of users to the cryptocurrency space with access to high yields, better credit.

Financial Institutions
For financial institutions, the platform solves the technical and custodial challenges of supporting multiple cryptocurrencies on bespoke blockchains: the UPP model provides a single standard compatible with any Proxy Token representing any tokenized asset. As a result, institutions will only have to write their business logic once, for #Ethereum, in order to support any cryptocurrency, radically simplifying the integration process.

Retail Investors
For retail investors, the platform creates a more practical and ‘spendable’ way of holding cryptocurrencies: for example, users can borrow in fiat currencies against their Proxy Token holdings, a giant leap forward for the industry. Proxy Tokens also make cryptocurrencies far less risky to hold by introducing many of the safeguards associated with mature financial assets, such as fund recovery and easy inheritability.

Centralized Exchanges
For centralized exchanges, the platform dramatically streamlines the process of listing new cryptocurrencies, currently an expensive and time-consuming task that can take weeks, if not months, of work. After the introduction of the Universal Protocol, exchanges will only have to add Ethereum ERC-20 support once in order to list Proxies representing any cryptocurrency or other tokenized asset class.

For innovators, the UP Platform provides the freedom to create bespoke blockchains for specific projects, since it makes any blockchain readily compatible with the widely adopted Ethereum network and its ecosystem of smart contracts, DApps and decentralized exchanges.

Two key partners to know:
Brendan Eich, CEO at Brave Software & Lu Hua, CEO at Cred
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