In this talk, Andreas makes a connection between medical pseudoscience and modern financial totalitarian surveillance, as practiced by banks and state intelligence agencies. He explores the hidden externalities and moral hazards inherent in KYC/AML policies, disconnecting whole countries and even continents from the world economy. Why is it common sense that money laundering is the fundamental business of fully-licensed, regulated banks? Who runs the real “dark net”? He urges that before people try to fix things they should first be sure they’re not making it worse.

NOTE: At 15:58, I quote Martin Luther King Jr. The full quote is: “Peace is not merely the absence of some negative force — war, tension, confusion, but it is the presence of some positive force —justice, goodwill, the power of the kingdom of God.” Context:

This talk took place at the Riga Art Space for the Baltic Honeybadger conference on November 25th 2017 in Riga, Latvia:

Money as a System-of-Control –
The Stories We Tell About Money –
Bitcoin: Privacy, Identity, Surveillance and Money –
ADISummit: Self-Sovereign Identity Panel –
My response to Jamie Dimon –
Aadhaar and blockchain identities –
How is fungibility tied to privacy? –
Fungibility, privacy, anonymity –
Why KYC is dangerous – Microviolations of Privacy as Payment –
Could governments take over exchanges? –
Separation of money and state –
Borderless money –

Andreas M. Antonopoulos is a technologist and serial entrepreneur who has become one of the most well-known and respected figures in bitcoin.

Follow on Twitter: @aantonop

He is the author of two books: “Mastering Bitcoin,” published by O’Reilly Media and considered the best technical guide to bitcoin; “The Internet of Money,” a book about why bitcoin matters.





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  1. Just wait until there's anonymous, decentralized web and communications. Then, we will be able to finally poke our heads out and live with pure peer to peer internet interaction. I just can't believe we have to wait. I guess that's what human nature breeds: greed. The 5 stages of grief will come quickly for institutions and governments

  2. Reality is a bitch and the useless will argue his points just to maintain their corrupt ways safe and intact. I like this dude. I wish more Crypto Exchange, especially DEX running today would realize the huge mistakes they are making with adapting KYC/AML corrupt legislation and enabling the freezing of your assets in your own local wallets (Gateways block transactions) even if you're the only one holding the private keys. This is criminal, to say the least.

  3. Whatever reason given, it was probably an empirical observation that led to blood letting. The underlying mechanism that leads to improved health is probably reduction of iron content in the body. Sometimes mainstream reasoning of ancient practices is wrong. Just sayin'

  4. Bloodletting is effective if done properly and is still used in some situations. When the body produces new blood, it also produces new white blood sells which revitalizes the immune system. It's been misused a lot, and the humours theory may have been problematic, but it is not just superstition.

  5. Don’t like that much the correlation on the beggining. Specially because its really dofficult for us on the west to understand the way medicine and eastern cultures see the world. Some indian and chinese cultures still see and treat diseases in a really different way than us. BUT: the surveillance discourse is really really good. You opened my eyes for even more importance of btc and crypto on a social level. Thank you. Hope we can get to clarity and light after this huge period of darkness as a society.

  6. Andreas, you earned our respect with this speech. Yes, it is the US GOVERNMENT that funds and organizes Islamic terrorism, trafficking, and more. And it turns out that the "bad" people who shouldnt have access to money are mostly: Arabs, Muslims, Blacks, Latinos, Iranians, Russians….and anybody else who is not in agreement with the Zionist owned world banking system… Iraq and Libya wanted to sell their oil for somethng other than dollars, and they were murdered…a Black man has $5000 in his car…it will be stolen by the government "asset forfeiture" hoax….you try to open a bank account abroad…the banks are terrified of running afoul of the US Treasury Department, and decline to open accounts for 9 million Americans abroad…I could go on and on…we need to break their monopoly on money…


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