To some, the NFT scene might be a collection of crazy ideas on the internet. That is until you factor in the fact that billions of dollars are floating around. That is some serious business, enough to warrant the attention of every crypto enthusiast. BC.GAME has listed Punk Floor (FLOOR) as one of the quintessential NFTs. Online gambling enthusiasts on BC.GAME may know a fair bit about NFTs. 

The platform’s Curacao Interactive Licensing N.V. (CIL) license already exists as an NFT on Ethereum, compliant with the ERC-721 minting standard. Then again, notable NFT auctions have the speculative aesthetic of the gaming world. Their essence is the storage of value which is an attractive proposition. NFTs are gaining popularity as a means of creating valuable digital art. In October 2021, a $532 million auction of a CryptoPunk NFT took this industry to new heights. The rise of the NFT industry in tandem with decentralised finance has elicited unprecedented innovation in the wider crypto sector.  

Punk Floor (FLOOR): A Bit of History 

The CryptoPunks NFT collection started in 2017 and currently has a legendary position among NFT enthusiasts. There are 10,000 NFT pieces in this collection, with the cheapest being hundreds of thousands of dollars. This figure should only go higher as the assets get more popular. The group behind this project is called Larva Labs. This group airdropped the collection that gained an iconic NFT collection of unique 24×24 pixel punks. They each have distinguishing features and accessories that give them specific value. Some take the shape of aliens, others zombies, and even hoodies and cats. 

NFTs are becoming pretty valuable art pieces. Most within the CryptoPunks collection retail for millions of dollars, far above the most generous estimates at launch. Auctions are the standard platform to market NFTs, which fetch handsome prices from speculative buyers. These pieces transcend the world of traditional art and today’s digital realities. Some shapes, like one alien with a pipe and another alien with a bandana, have fetched ridiculous prices at various auctions. There is a hip aspect to these NFTs. They draw from pop art portraits and reflect the creativity and allure of such elements of popular culture. Some NFTs are bold in their creative and artistic angles, introducing exciting twists to the art world.  


Punk Floor (FLOOR) NFTs

These NFTs take the inspiration of CryptoPunks and add a bit of flair. Punk Floor (FLOOR) NFTs take the form of hand-drawn artistic collectables on the Ethereum blockchain. These NFTs have a unique flair with a cartoon/comic book art style. There are about 7777 in existence which came from 150 traits and attributes to constitute the pioneer NFT condominium community. There is also an ideological element to Floor NFT. The founders intended to inject a charity element into the project. In real life, society has stratification based on classes and environment—Floor NFTs attempt to capture this rift through art and depict the different aspects of culture. 

For instance, some NFTs will feature sunny environments, others a smoggy, inner-city background, etc. They speak to how life goes on with dramatic contrasts side by side. That idea of a series of floors, like one would have for a multiple-story building, helps convey this contrast directly. Creative artistic impressions that paint the picture of these differences in life situations are gripping the community’s imagination. The Floor NFT project has set aside $77,777 for a charity project that combats poverty as a nod to this aspect. 

The Floor community will pick the specific project, and the proceeds will be harnessed once the project sells out. Notably, the FLOOR NFT community plays a significant role in running this ecosystem. The NFT journey starts with minting but does not end with the successful selling of the collection. Building a crypto community is vital for any project, especially for NFTs, which need active participation at all levels of the project.  

Building a Community around the Metaverse

These portrayals make the FLOOR NFT a part of daily life. The developers are thinking of creating an NFT Metaverse that contains an endless world of Floor plans in one seamless digital universe. There are considerations of a Floor Tower where the community can gather and host events. That is the beauty of community participation and a hub of creativity in this era of digital commerce. Floor NFT creators intend to keep their community vibrant through communication on media like Twitter and Discord. 

The collection news, special events, giveaways, and other relevant announcements are undoubtedly exciting. This community votes on decisions about the collection’s future to help keep the decisions democratic. The successful implementation of the Metaverse could be decisive in launching this project to the moon. Upon the successful sale of the Floors, the community will focus on constructing a floor tower in the Metaverse. This space will facilitate community events such as exhibitions, live music events, games, and even parties. Such are the possibilities on the Floor tower on this project.  

The Big Picture 

Non-Fungible Tokens are here to stay. Some may have mistakenly seen them as a fad that would blow up within no time. Years later, the snowballing effect continues, and high-ranking individuals in the art and financial world are catching up. This combination has worked to a beautiful effect for several NFT auctions in the past year and a half. Crypto gambling enthusiasts on BC.GAME have a role to play in the new NFT era. 

Purchasing digital tokens and art is closely related to the intention to build more value when wagering. Besides, NFTs create perfect in-game items for specific games within the gaming and gambling scene. Accordingly, Punk Floor and other related NFTs have an incredible role in the future of this nascent sector. It will be fascinating to watch how fast this industry grows moving forward.