Stablecoins play a vital role in the cryptocurrency sector. These types of crypto coins provide traders and crypto gambling enthusiasts in platforms like BC.GAME with a tool for managing risk. One of these stablecoins is Binance USD (BUSD), a helpful tool for traders. 

The volatility that comes with handling crypto is a double-edged sword. It can provide significant windfall when it goes your way. On the other hand, it can be a source of heartache when things go south. Accordingly, stablecoins like USDT and USDC emerged to provide some cushion when handling crypto. These cryptocurrencies have their value maintaining a tight ratio with the values of national currencies like the US Dollar. 

For those keen on online gambling, there is room for stablecoin usage. Wagering on the various games on offer incurs inherent risk. Stablecoins ensure that you deal with risk on one end rather than on both fronts. There is a risk of losing your wager, and the coin’s value will decrease. 

Binance is a significant operator in crypto markets. It is the largest cryptocurrency exchange by trade volumes and occupies a prominent position in the landscape. CEO Changpeng Zhao has his sights further than just an exchange platform. Already, the platform has its native crypto token (BNB) and is working towards becoming a complete crypto ecosystem. This ambitious approach shows the power of the crypto economy and its potential for the future.

BUSD has become one of the shining lights of this sector. Let’s explore its various dynamics to appreciate BUSD’s utility.

About BUSD

Binance USD is a crypto token that pegs its value on the USD. Achieving this means having backup and collateral in USD or assets of equivalent value. Users can transact with other cryptocurrencies while minimising volatility risks. 

The DeFi ecosystem needs this utility. Many traders from the traditional finance markets were wary of the digital currency market because of the level of risk involved. BUSD provides an avenue to gain exposure to the unique assets in this sector while maintaining a semblance of risk management.

The stablecoin is on different blockchains, including Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain (BSC). BUSD is different from most, like USDT, because its value maintains a 1:1 ratio with the USD. The backup is found in American bank accounts owned by a Binance partner, Paxos. 

BUSD joins an exclusive club of stablecoins that exist in crypto markets. Binance leveraged its significant name recognition for a smooth launch and fast adoption. 

The exchange announced its plans to create the stablecoin in September 2019 and got the New York State Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) approval. 

BUSD was subsequently available for trading with leading coins like BTC and XRP. The approval by the NYDFS requires BUSD to undergo monthly audits by an accounting firm to ascertain the existence of the backup funds. After launch, analysts waited to see whether the token would get traction. 

The efficient management ensured that BUSD took off and held up relatively well. BUSD today trades with dozens of trading pairs and has expanded usage outside Binance. 


How Does BUSD Work?

A stablecoin has to be a tight ship. There is no room for error because losing confidence in maintaining the 1:1 ratio is devastating to that token. 

Requests for purchases or sales of BUSD mean a corresponding movement in cash backup in the reserve account. The audits ensure that this ratio remains relatively stable. 

For instance, when a trader purchases $100 of BUSD, it results in 100 more tokens entering circulation. Accordingly, there is a $100 increase in the reserve accounts. The exact process happens during a sale transaction. When there is a security event like a hack, Paxos immediately pauses the creation or burning of BUSD.  

Ethereum smart contracts ensure that the tokens are secure and operate without centralised transaction approval. This quality is vital for the trustworthiness and reliability of cryptocurrency systems. The ERC-20 token standard ensures that it is simple to trade since most wallets and exchanges support Ethereum.

This coin’s regulatory approval is vital to its stature within cryptocurrency markets. New York is arguably the most significant financial market globally, and permission from financial regulators is crucial. BUSD has the investment community’s confidence in this account and facilitates greater involvement. Paxos plays a valuable role in this arrangement by ensuring that this platform meets the stipulated regulatory requirements. 

Benefits of BUSD

  • It offers a tool for managing risk in crypto gambling and trading;
  • BUSD can be a useful payment medium because merchants don’t have to worry about possible fluctuation in value;
  • BUSD is excellent for lending in various decentralised finance applications because the value of the asset itself is stable;
  • This stablecoin provides faster speeds and lower transaction fees than Bitcoin or Ethereum. 

Looking Ahead

Ultimately, BUSD serves a vital role in handling cryptocurrencies. 

One does not appreciate the benefits of stability until crypto markets move dramatically against you. Admittedly, this volatility is the essence of crypto trading and makes online gambling in BC.GAME even more exciting. 

However, value stability is essential when using it as a currency or a stable asset. In life, one needs multiple options to navigate their way. 

BUSD provides excellent management options for those with significant crypto portfolios looking to handle various strategies, whether in trading or gambling. For this precise reason, BC.GAME made the conscious choice to like the stablecoin, making it one of many assets a prospective crypto gambler can choose from.