? Market Recovery, but What’s Next? Boom or Gloom?
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00:00 Market Recovery
00:51 Historically
01:22 SEC CryptoCurrency Senate Hearing
02:05 Credit Card Crypto Ban
02:56 Bitmain Reversal
04:39 My Fav Top Coins
05:03 Crypto Coaching
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Back to school dare gone wrong!!!
? I am not a financial adviser and this is not financial advice. I’m just a humble man with a great passion for all things block-chain, even tangle and block-lattice.



  1. Take a look at how the stock markets are crashing and the whole financial system.
    Our crypto market is being pushed down with false fud by the largest money control in the world. The fud has two purposes, One to take the eyes off of the crashing stock market and second to lower the price of crypto. Crypto is the only space that is not connected to the whole financial system where they can put their money. There is nothing wrong with crypto other that is the price is being manipulated by the powers to be so they can get in low. And they will get it. And the world money systems is crashing as we speak. Get ready for the largest rise in crypto.

  2. Love you videos. Keep it up please! I saw an interesting viewpoint on the challenge of getting crypto adopted by all, in a YouTube video by 'We Are All Satoshi' – 'Rick Reacts: Bitcoin's success path requires winning the merchants – and the window is closing' It is saying change is driven by profits and the banks are changing to make their services cheaper which is making it harder for crypto to be adopted. Definately worth watching for the logical viewpoint.

  3. Awesome video. Take a look at Titanium Blockchain Infrastructure Services (BAR) looks like a unique and promising project if they can pull it off. Interested to hear your thoughts. Keep the videos coming!

  4. What are good up and coming coins to invest in? I hear people about CPChain and BlockCat alot. They are both only on smaller exchanges still though…..makes it more risky but also more provits possible?

  5. TL;DR: BlockCAT!
    Hey Cam! I'm am a HUGE fan of your videos and have been so from the very beginning of your channel. I tend to show your vids to my family and my girlfriend just because I think you're such a genious comedian, but at the same time your content really rules!
    I know you want to hear our most beloved projects (or ICO's) and so as a very big fan I want to let you know that BlockCAT is my favourite token out there! Just like it was with NoLimitCoin, BlockCAT seems to be an extremely undervalued token atm. It's backed up by a fantastic team, with great ideas and the mainnet release is almost coming!
    One of the reasons it hasn't hown up on the radar, is because it isn't on a big exchange yet. You know as good as me what that means for the future 😉
    Please take a look at it and tell us what you think! Make sure to check out the latest Medium articles and keep in mind, the release is coming at the end of Q1!

    ps: I've also got this feeling that you love cats 😀


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