Without All The Confusing Tech Jargon.

The Non-Techie Explanation

To put it simply, provably fair is the term used to describe games that have a verifiably random game result. What this means is, after you complete your game, round or session, you can use a third party verifier to make sure the casino did not manipulate any of the game’s results.

You Must Do Your Part!

Just because a casino is using provably fair random number generation (RNG), doesn’t mean that they can’t or won’t cheat you. The reason provably fair works is because you, the player, are given the ability to participate in the RNG. You do this by choosing your own client seed. Always choose your own client seed. Otherwise, the casino will use a preset seed pair which completely voids any provable fairness of the coming game results. Think of choosing your own client seed like cutting a deck of cards. The reason you would cut a deck of cards is to be sure the dealer didn’t have the cards arranged in a certain order that would benefit him. The same goes for choosing your client seed.

How To Change Your Seed At Bc.Game

BC.Game uses provably fair RNG on its entire selection of games. But, like any other provably fair site, you have to change your client seed. BC.Game has made this a very simple 2 step process for you. Here’s how…. With Pictures!

Step 1. Open the Seed Settings by clicking the seed icon towards the bottom of the game screen.

Step 2. Manually enter a new client seed and then click confirm.

That’s it! You can now be sure that all your future bets will be random. However, just placing your trust in an onsite settings menu is not good enough. The only way to make sure provably fair casinos are in fact fair and stay that way, is to check up on them from time to time using third party verifiers.

If you’d like to know how to verify the fairness of your bets, be sure to check out the next post titled, “How To Verify Fairness.”