This is important because if you don’t verify your bets from time to time, you really have no way of knowing if you were cheated. BC.GAME is committed to providing you with a safe, friendly and fair environment to play at. Furthermore, BC.GAME wants to be sure that you are educated on the topic of provably fair so that you can feel confident in choosing a safe place to play and knowing where to avoid it. Using a third-party verifier rather than a casino tool is a good idea. The idea is to remove the need to place your trust in casinos. 

How do I use a third-party verifier?

It may seem like a complicated process at first, but it will be a piece of cake after you do it once. The steps you must take are tedious, so you probably will not verify thousands of bets. How many bets you choose to verify is up to you, but it’s strongly suggested that you do a few occasionally. Below is a step-by-step tutorial on verifying your bets at BC.GAME using a non-casino-related third-party verifier. 

SHA256 Online

SHA256 online hash function

Before you verify, you should first know what you are dealing with. I’ve used numbers to label the values of a provably fair algorithm in the following image.

1. Server Seed (Hashed) – This is the seed chosen by the casino. It’s hashed (encrypted), so you can not use it to determine the outcomes of your next games before you play them. 

2. Client Seed – This is the set of characters you have chosen to include in the random number generation (RNG) process. This is a key factor in knowing you played a part in the game’s randomness. 

3. Nonce – This is the bet counter. It increases by one number after every bet. It is used in the RNG so that the same seed pair can be used infinite times without producing the same results repeatedly. 

For this tutorial, we will verify a game result of Classic Dice. 

Step 1. Change your client seed so the casino can change its server seed

Step 2. Click on the game ID of the bet you want to verify. 

Step 3. Click Verify. 

Steps 4. Copy the hashed server seed. 

(Note: The image on the left is for reference purposes, so you know which field contains which info.) 

Step 5. Paste the hashed server seed that you just copied into the input field of the third-party verification tool. 

Step 6. If the hashed server seed doesn’t produce an output that matches the revealed server seed, The casino changed their seed after you entered your client seed, and verification has failed. 

Step 7. Enjoy playing at BC.GAME armed with provably fair bet verification knowledge.