If you prefer a simple explanation of provably fair and why it’s important and don’t care too much for specifics or details, you should check other articles on BC.GAME. For seekers of knowledge and power, I will walk you through the process that happens every time you click that bet button. Starting at the first step of the provably fair hash string being created using the combination of the server seed + client seed + nonce. 

1. Combine [server_seed:client_seed: nonce] to get the provably fair hash string. 

  1. This can be verified using a third-party SHA-256 hashing tool.
  2. You must enter the combination in the correct order, separated by a colon. (See images)
  3. You have to change your seed pair before seeing the server seed used on previous games. You can see this on the bet details screen as well.

2. Then take the first eight characters from the hash string of the combination and convert them to an int32 value, two characters at a time. (See images below) 

  1. This means we need to convert the hash string from having letters and numbers to a string of just numbers. 
  2. This step is necessary because we must work in numbers rather than letters to get a numbered dice roll. 
  3. Third-Party hex-to-decimal converter. 

3. For the final step, we divide the converted values by 0x100000000, multiply it by 10001 and divide it by 100 so that the resulting number will always be within the 0-100 range of the Classic Dice game.

The formula looks like this:

      0.027343750 (7 / (256 ^ 1))

+ 0.003097534 (203 / (256 ^ 2))

+ 0.000004351 (73 / (256 ^ 3))

+ 0.000000051 (221 / (256 ^ 4))

= 0.030445687 (* 10001 / 100)

=    3.044873157

The final result for this round of Classic Dice is 3.04. I know this is a lot to take in and seems very complicated, but our servers handle all this math the instant you click the bet button. I can’t help but imagine a Craps dealer in a physical casino being required to perform these functions every time a player rolls the dice.


I hope this walkthrough has helped you better understand the process used to generate the rolls for BC.GAME‘s fun and exciting Classic Dice. Be sure to check out the other detailed walkthroughs and explanations of our other games.