The short answer is yes. But suppose the Random Number Generator (RNG) is open source. In that case, it’s highly unlikely that any casino would risk using shady code because anyone could prove it at any time. 

How can a game pass fairness verification if it’s not fair?

The provably fair algorithm is only one part of the process used to generate the game results you see on your screen. Different games use different RNGs. Some are very simple, with only a few steps, while others are required to convert the provably fair hash string to perform very long and complicated math functions. The more complicated the game’s rules are, the more complicated the process is to get that game’s results.

The verification process used by most sites goes only as far as proving that the casino did not change the server seed after you placed your bet. This is always the very first step in a process that can have infinite steps afterwards.

In a previous article, I gave a very simple explanation of what provably fair is and why it’s important. The provably fair algorithms present you, the player, with the opportunity to “cut the deck”, so you can be sure any future games using that seed pair will be random. Cutting the deck is not the step that produces the game result when dealing with physical cards. There are still many rules to consider and steps to take to the final result. Depending on which game is being played, this can be how many cards are dealt, which order they are dealt in, how many rounds per game, etc. Online casinos are no different. Except that all these rules and processes are carried out using mathematics and code.

I hope this has shed some light on the fact that the provably fair algorithm is not what creates your game’s result. It’s all the math that happens afterwards. If a casino is loudly advertising provable fairness but keeping its code in darkness, it can not be trusted to provide players with a provably fair experience. I would like to emphasise that just because a bet passes provably fair verification does not mean that its hash was used in a fair RNG.

So where is it safe to play?

Hopefully, the answer to this question is not something you expect to take away from this post. The point of provably fair RNG is removing the trust from the gambling experience. It would be meaningless if I were to list a bunch of provably fair sites. Any casino can change the way they operate in an instant. So rather than acting as the police of crypto casinos and telling you what is safe and what is not with an endorsement, I’ve provided you with the knowledge required to decide where to play. I can say that BC.GAME is the best, provably fair casino in the world. Yeah, it’s biased. But it’s also true. Check out our other provably fair articles and detailed tutorials to become a provably fair expert and discover how awesome BC.GAME is. Don’t trust casinos. Verify them!