Rakeback is BC.Game’s newest feature to be added to its ever-expanding and constantly improving platform. When we asked our awesome community of BC.Gamers which feature they wanted to see next, rakeback was the most common answer. So we went straight to work and began building.

How Much Rakeback Do I Get And How Often?

The amount of rakeback is based on VIP level and wager activity.
VIP Levels 14 and above may collect rakeback every 30 minutes.

As the image above shows…..
VIP Levels 14-21 will receive 5% of the house edge on every bet.
VIP Levels 22-29 will receive 7% of the house edge on every bet.
VIP Levels 30-37 will receive 10% of the house edge on every bet.
VIP Levels 38 or higher will receive 15% of the house edge on every bet.

Below is the formula used to calculate the rakeback…
Rakeback = Wagered * House Edge * X%.
Substitute “X” for the specific percentage based on VIP Level.

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