Cryptocurrency has experienced many ups and downs, and the market is continuing to evolve as the uses of crypto and blockchain technologies grow. The market responds to successful and unsuccessful launches of exchanges. Recent unsuccessful launches demonstrate this perfectly, and institutional investors continue to change the game.

In today’s episode, we discuss whether Bakkt is ruining crypto and how its launch has affected the market. We discuss the future of blockchain and how institutional investors are changing the game and pushing regular traders out. We discuss the price gain in Bitcoin during 2019 and highlight how it exceeds traditional investment returns. We also discuss leverage trading, where you can trade, and the essential lingo you need to know.

“Blockchain is going to make our lives much easier; we just can’t see all the ways that it is going to make it easier right now.” – Bitboy

This week on Beards and Bitcoins:

Our weekend adventures with music, Tourettes, Disney, and Keto. The future of blockchain. How the disastrous launch of Bakkt has affected the market. Why Bakkt has low exchange volumes. How institutional investors are playing a game with crypto that is geared to pushing the rest of us out. The 25% gain in Bitcoin price this year. How to leverage trade and essential lingo you need to know. The differences between leverage trading and regular trading. How to access Bybit with a VPN.

Resources Mentioned:

Bakkt Bybit Bitfinex Binance

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