Last couple of months my opinion about ICOs changed a lot. First I though it wasn’t really interesting because:
– Raising $20M for a whitepaper, without development was not really attractive
– The shady side surrounding ICOs.

But this changed a lot. Right now, good projects are still raising $20M-$40M in ICO, but when these good projects come to the market the price instantly goes up big time. 2 imporant things changed:
– Projects with the same quality level raises around 2,5 times more than in May, while the market cap went up times 10. The valuation of the projects is too low in ICO and goes to a more reasonable level after ICO, resulting in good profits straight after ICO.
– The shady side of ICOs partially disappeared since the sources of information became better (YouTube, ICObench,…).

This is why I think investing in ICOs become more and more interesting and I’ll start focussing a bit more to ICOs than I used to do.


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