Finding balance is essential in every activity you undertake. This need is heightened in online gambling, where you can drive yourself off a cliff. Therefore, promoting responsible gambling as BC.GAME does is necessary to prevent such instances. In the centuries that gambling has existed, many have lost control of their gambling habits. The modern era has brought the convenience of online gambling. This utility has brought gambling ease to millions.

Additionally, crypto gambling has made gaming more equitable and simplified payment processing. Unfortunately, this convenience can be a double-edged sword. Great power comes with great responsibility! Gambling enthusiasts must exercise more personal restraint than ever. This responsibility is not easy for everyone, and it is not uncommon to hear stories of people gambling to financial ruin.  

Defining “Responsible Gambling” 

There are two angles to promoting responsible gambling. There are expectations on gamblers and the industry itself. For gamers, it involves a fundamental understanding that they can gamble for pleasure or even professionally but should appreciate the associated risks that come with this activity. Accordingly, gamers must learn to exercise control over their activity. The house will always be happy to receive more money, and it is incumbent on them to exercise restraint. This control will allow gamblers to balance this activity and other aspects of their lives. Such balance prevents obsessive gambling that can lead to financial ruin. Gambling platforms like BC.GAME and regulators understand that this is a shared responsibility. They have the role of promoting responsible gambling and generating awareness of the risks that come along. In some jurisdictions, regulators require gaming platforms to create an environment that minimises problem gambling. Such proactive responsibility is necessary to encourage gamers to understand these risks. Ultimately, every stakeholder in this industry has a vital role to play. It may be naïve to expect problem gambling to dissipate overnight. However, to the extent that responsible gambling awareness can mitigate this problem, it serves society. 

The Need for Responsible Gambling Awareness 

Several factors in the modern gambling scene heighten the need for promoting gambling awareness. During the heydays of physical casinos, one had to go to a venue which could be miles away physically. After that, they had to prove they were of legal age and sometimes wait for a gambling spot if the casino was bustling. The point is physical casinos had certain obstacles that made gambling a concerted decision. Today, the casino is in your palm. Smartphones have made life dramatically more accessible. Accordingly, one must have funds in a bank account and a crypto wallet to start. Betting and gambling platforms make registration remarkably easy. A person can get dozens of gambling ads daily from sports websites; the rest is history. Therefore, the ease of access to online gambling platforms has made an enormous difference. You can register and start betting in minutes. This convenience has, unfortunately, made it easier to have a gambling problem. The ability to gamble and the level of control gamblers today are unprecedented. In summary, these are some of the reasons that necessitate responsible gambling awareness: 

  • There is more variety of gambling options for a gambler because online gambling is as diverse as the minds of game developers. 
  • Sports betting is a significant game-changer. The proliferation of sports betting platforms that offer live betting on popular sports leagues has made gambling more exciting and accessible. 
  • The reach of online advertising is infinitely more potent than any shiny lights that physical casinos had in their outdoor displays. Accordingly, the internet has made this industry more accessible to everyone, regardless of location or income level. 

What Does Responsible Gambling Look Like?

People don’t develop a gambling problem overnight. Like most addictions, those who get sidetracked don’t notice when things start going off the rails. It starts as fun, maybe with some early wins. The gamer then loses track and starts gambling without a strategy or risk management. This unfortunate situation turns into a perpetual struggle of “chasing losses.” Without self-control or proper support, someone can be stuck in this vicious cycle and gamble their way into debt and financial ruin. Some people can get hold of the situation early and arrest their habit. However, some may languish for a long time and even lose friends and family. The social implications of gambling problems are dire. Therefore, there is an urgent need to recognise such problems in people around you and help them grasp the situation. Some practices that can fit the scope of responsible gambling include: 

  • One has control over how much time one spends on gambling platforms. This point is not to say that spending less time is the equivalent of responsible gambling. However, there is a correlation between spending too much time and irresponsible gambling. 
  • Only gamble what you can afford to lose. Money for gambling should not put you in debt or a situation where you cannot pay essential bills. 
  • Understand every game you bet on well. Irresponsible gambling often involves blind optimism and taking unwarranted risks. There is a significant place for analysis and strategy in making decisions. 
  • Having an appreciation for when to stop. Kenny Rogers’ worldwide hit “The Gambler” has a line ‘you’ve got to know where to stop.’ That line is self-explanatory for online gamblers. 


Anyone can fall into the trap of online gambling. The internet has made this industry part of ordinary life and no longer a distant pastime. Accordingly, all stakeholders in this industry must do their part in mitigating this problem.