1:56 Bitcoin halving
5:48 Soft fork/protocol upgrade
9:04 Bakkt
13:37 Lightning network
16:46 Bitocin ETF

Bitcoin is able to go to $75,000 in the next bull cycle. Not only based on technical analysis, but the fundamentals are being built for the next bull cycle.

First we have the Bitcoin halving that is in my opinion not entirely priced in. The impact of the Bitcoin halving is often underestimated. Second we have a soft fork that is the first major upgrade on the Bitcoin protocol since mid 2017. Taproot with Schnorr and MASTs will probably be integrated in the protocol in 2020, improving privacy and scalability. Then we have lightning network that keeps on growing, fixing the problems of scalability, high fees and transaction time. In 2020 lightning will be more and more integrated. Finally we also have an ETF that will probably be on the table of the SEC again in 2020. The ETF is by VanEck, SolidX and CBOE. All these things are building a strong foundation for the next cycle and the future of Bitcoin.

Article Taproot & Schnorr: https://bitcoinmagazine.com/articles/taproot-coming-what-it-and-how-it-will-benefit-bitcoin

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