Ice hockey is an indoor sport with tens of millions of enthusiastic fans. The game has improved with time, with enhanced technology and analytics improving its popularity significantly. The geographical limitations on where one can play contribute to concentration in the Northern hemisphere.

Nonetheless, the robust fan bases in North America, Europe, and parts of Asia still give it an international outlook. In this region, names like Wayne Gretzky are revered. Widely considered the greatest of all time, many of his records still stand today. BC.Game is adding ice hockey to its array of sports betting options. 

What is Ice Hockey?

ice hockey

The name is self-explanatory. It is a hockey game played on ice. This game typically involves two teams comprising six players each. Notably, the players wear specialized skates and compete on an ice rink. Rather than using the rounded puck in field hockey, the ice hockey puck is flattened for more effortless movement on the rink.

Each team tries to score against the other’s goal, which a goalie guards. High-level ice hockey involves physical contact and fast-paced games, which fans enjoy. The game took influence from field hockey, and lacrosse, with some influence from the Irish game of hurling. Modern times, some countries that don’t get snowfall have built their state-of-the-art rinks through cooling technology.

The game developed gradually, with ice hockey taking shape in the latter parts of the nineteenth century. Canada had the most significant development, with the Amateur Hockey Organization being one of the earliest organized institutions to govern the game in the 1880s. Improvements in gaming regalia were constant, with some of the padding and protection standards in the modern game beginning to take shape.

The most popular league, the National Hockey League (NHL), took shape in the 1920s and has only grown in popularity. Canada has long been the centre of world hockey. However, the U.S. and the Soviet Union had some intense rivalry during the cold war era that inadvertently contributed to the sport’s growth. The three countries are still the most competitive on the global stage, sharing most tournaments among themselves, with Russia showing significant dominance among old soviet countries.  

Major Ice Hockey Leagues and Tournaments

ice hockey

These are the top main Ice Hockey leagues and tournaments that should interest online casino players: 

  • The National Hockey League (NHL) – This league straddles the USA and Canada and is the premier major professional league globally. 
  • More minor national leagues include Finland, Sweden, the Czech Republic, and Russia.
  • The ice hockey world cup is held every four years. 
  • Ice hockey at the Winter Olympics, the most recent tournament in Beijing, China.
  • The International Ice Hockey World Championships

This list is not exhaustive because many countries in Europe and Asia have smaller tournaments, including regional tournaments. Therefore, there is a constant stream of games one can wager for betting purposes throughout most of the year.


Exploring Ice Hockey Betting Tips

Ice hockey has unique aspects and tips that cut across all sports betting. The first rule is to understand the sport pretty well before wagering. Ardent fans are not guaranteed to win but are more likely to make informed decisions. Secondly, look for the best available odds. Reputable bookmarkers provide decent odds, and you should pick the best ones. Notably, some fraudulent sites offer ridiculously good odds. Therefore, one has to balance and identify what is reasonable. Keep track of your betting record.

Ice hockey betting can be fleeting because regular tournaments mean you always have games to stake. However, retain perspective on how much you have placed as bets for responsible gambling. On BC.Game, keeping track of your bet slip is easy and helps manage your bankroll.

Ice Hockey Betting Markets and Strategies

ice hockey betting

Over the years, some ice hockey markets have taken precedence. These events are both related to the overall outcome and specific targets. They include the following: 

Money Line 

This simple bet depends on the overall winner of the match. It depends on the outcome and can either be a win for one of the teams or a draw. Most moneyline bets have higher odds for the underdog. They require an overall understanding of the teams, recent form, and head-to-head records. 


This market can predict whether either team will surpass or fall short of the stipulate statistic. The precise nature of this market means that it usually has higher odds than moneyline bets. For instance, over 1.5 goals by halftime mean that you expect the teams to score two goals within the half. 

Puck Line Betting

This market is unique to ice hockey but similar to spread betting/handicap betting. Gamblers rely on the point spread between the underdog and the favourite team. Depending on which side the player expects the outcome to fall, the result has to be within the set puck line or above. 

Long Term and Special Bets

Long-term bets take a general approach. It typically involves predicting the overall winner of a tournament. For instance, you can place a long-term bet on who will win the Stanley Cup at the start of the NHL playoffs. There are also specific bets, such as the first player to score. Such bets usually have high odds because they can be challenging to get right.  

Ice Hockey Betting on BC.Game

Betting on ice hockey is convenient on BC.Game. Betting is convenient using the BC.Game mobile app, making access to odds and markets simple and efficient. Some of the strategies of ice hockey betting cut across other sports. It is vital to wager a proper approach to avoid chasing losses and gamble responsibly. Ultimately, betting on ice hockey is straightforward but requires a decent understanding and strategy to thrive.