Casino roulette games never fail to deliver exciting rounds and surprising turnouts. Even with its simple gameplay, the game maintains a huge fanbase that continues to grow in numbers. There are several variants at BC.GAME to choose from to get unique online experiences. 

There are two most common roulette games online: European and American roulette. While the difference between American and European roulette might appear insignificant at first glance, they still greatly impact your wagers and winning potential. Regardless, both types can be played in the usual online casino lobby or at the live casino section of the site.

But do these differences matter all that much when you play the game for yourself? The short answer would be yes because both games cater to specific types of players. Know which game suits you the most and why you should pay attention to each gameplay of the two most popular roulette wheels.  

Difference between American and European roulette 

American roulette and European roulette differ in the number of zeros and their house edge. American roulette has two green pockets. One has a single zero, while the other has two. On the other hand, European roulette only has one zero in a green pocket. 

American and European roulette games have slightly different table designs and wheel layouts. Understand the difference between these two games below:

What is European roulette?

The early concept and origin of European roulette started in 18th-century France. The man responsible for introducing the game to the world was Blaise Pascal. He accidentally developed the earliest form of roulette everyone plays today, and it was called the perpetual motion machine at that time.

As the game spread across Europe, it became one of the most popular casino games. European roulette is simple to understand: The croupier drops the ball, and players hope it lands on the pocket they placed their wagers on. This version also has one single-digit zero pocket among numbers 1-36, which puts this on top of the American roulette version as the more desirable type to play at online casinos because of the lower house edge. 

What is American roulette? 

American roulette has similar gameplay mechanics to the European version. However,  there are two green-pocketed zeros on the wheel. They come in single and double zeros, affecting the winning percentage result and house edge. Since there is an additional zero, the odds of landing on the pocket are reduced when the dealer drops the ball on the wheel.

In history and the origin of roulette, France was the country where roulette originated from. However, as it slowly garnered a lot of attention from players worldwide, it also led to its growing fame in North America. This also created a division of the variants, giving roulette its American version with a unique design and colours. 

The original Pascal roulette invention did not have a zero on the wheel and remained that way for a long time. But in 1842, Francois and Lois Blanc challenged a lot of players by creating a wheel that would pose a little challenge in landing the ball in the desired pocket. 

When roulette came to the United States, the American gambling community decided to add an extra zero to increase the house edge even further. This became a staple in American online casinos and gained more popularity across the globe. 


What is French roulette?

The origin of roulette can be traced back to 18th-century Victorian France, when its monarchy and royalty peaked. During that time, French roulette was considered the most popular gambling game for the common folk. 

A key difference between this and European roulette is the table layout. It still offers the same outside bets, but they are placed differently on the table. Another notable roulette difference is when the ball lands on a zero. You’ll get half of your bets back. This is what’s known as the ‘la partage’ which comes from the French word partager, which translates to the phrase ‘to share’. 

The la partage rule makes the roulette odds better for the player because it reduces the significance of the green pocket of the wheel by half. French roulette differs from American roulette because the latter has a double zeros pocket. 

Roulette table layout and wheel difference

Aside from roulette wheel differences, there are certain distinctions between the roulette variants’ table layouts. In retrospect, the table layouts for both the American and European roulette games are mainly similar. 

The only key difference is that the American version has one more field than the European version on the table to account for the double zero. Besides that, every facet of a roulette table remains consistent in both versions, like the inside and outside bets and numbers 1 to 36. 

Roulette rules difference 

As mentioned, the only small difference between an American roulette and a European roulette table is the number of zeros each has. This greatly affects the odds of landing the ball in the desired pocket. 

When it comes to the rules, they are almost identical in both versions except for the optional En Prison rule in European roulette. This rule is considered a famous European roulette winning strategy that prevents players from losing all their winnings if they land on the single-zero pocket of the European roulette wheel. The En Prison rule is completely absent from the American version. 

Is American or European roulette better? 

American vs European roulette, which is better? There are various factors to consider, but you can use the house edges of these games as a comparison. In this case, European roulette is the best choice to maximise your chances of earning high profits for your bets when playing these roulette casino games. 

While American roulette may have a higher house edge than the European version, it is still worth trying because of the surrender rule. This rule awards half your bet back if the ball lands on either of the two zero-green pockets on the American roulette wheel. 

The house edge is also halved as you get half your wagers back. If the surrender rule is available, you’ll have to deal with a 2.63% house edge instead of the traditional 5.26% American roulette house edge. 

Roulette American vs European odds 

When playing European vs American roulette, there are differences in the probability of winning. Between roulette American vs European odds, the latter is more favourable to play. The reason for this is because of its single-zero pocket as opposed to an additional double-zero pocket present in the American version. 

When placing money bets on European roulette, your odds of winning is 1:37. Comparing this to the American version, you’ll instead garner the probability of 1:38, which lessens your chances of winning a huge profit when playing roulette. 

Where to play American and European roulette

You can play both versions of European American roulette by searching through the navigation tabs of the online casino site of your choice. If you’re looking for the best site to experience American and European roulette features, then BC.GAME is the perfect online casino.


American roulette vs European roulette, which one is better? Well, you can’t go wrong with any of these game versions. Depending on your risk appetite, one may favour you more than the other. But fret not, as the roulette American European variations play almost identically except for some few rules and the wheel’s layouts. If you will test your luck playing roulette, check out BC.GAME first and see the available promotions for the best online roulette gaming experience!


How to win European roulette easily?

Place bets with a 1:1 payout ratio, like colour, odd, or even betting, so you’ll have a higher chance of winning. 

How to predict European roulette numbers?

There’s no clear way of predicting the roulette outcome in either American or European roulette. But, you can employ sound betting strategies to minimise risks and increase your chances of winning. 

Why does American roulette have two zeros?

When American roulette started to gain traction in the American continent, the American gambling community unanimously decided to add an extra double-digit zero to the roulette wheel.