BC.GAME has a wide selection of online casino games for all players. Among the most popular by the number of active players per day is baccarat. Thanks to its simplicity, it can be played however you see fit, but using a strategy helps you win more consistently. BC.GAME gambling makes this live dealer game more fun to play and bet on with this helpful guide:

How to play baccarat?

Baccarat rules are easy to follow once you know them. The table game begins as soon as you have placed your bet. If you don’t want to play the next round, wait until the betting window closes without putting in any wager. The dealer will place one card on two sides, the player and the banker until both have two cards each. 

The value of each hand is determined by the value of the cards they carry. Every ranked card from 2 to 10 is valued equal to their number, while face cards (Jack, Queen, and King) are 10, and Ace is equal to 1. If the sum of the hand exceeds 9, 10 points are deducted from their total to make the final value single digit only. Thus, a hand that would be 12 points will be valued as 2, making it lower than a pair of 2s, totalling 4. Players who bet on the highest-valued hand win the round, and the game resets. 

Although most rounds end with just two cards in each hand, there are special rules dictating whether a third card will be drawn or not. If the player’s hand equals 0 to 5, it always draws. Baccarat rules are more complex for the banker because the following factors must be observed. 

The banker draws if:

  • Its hand is 0-2 
  • Its hand is 3 and the player’s third card is any except 8 
  • Its hand is 4 and the player drew 2 to 7
  • Its hand is 5 and the player drew 4 to 7
  • Its hand is 6 and the player drew 6 or 7

The dealer follows these rules automatically regardless of the player/s decisions. For those who want to keep up with the fast card dealing, any live baccarat comes with a reference sheet on the tabletop or in the game descriptions. Players don’t need to learn the rules for the third-card draw, but it helps anticipate the next step of every round. You can still employ any baccarat winning strategy you wish, regardless of how deep your knowledge of the game is. 

Types of baccarat bets

A winning baccarat strategy begins to develop as soon as you become more familiar with the bets you can make. The Baccarat system is straightforward enough for any beginner to join. The first set of options you should know about is the main hand bet options, namely the banker, player, and tie:


The banker is otherwise known as the second player. It gets its card before the player, and its third-card draw is dependent on the other. Officially, it pays 1:1, but it charges a 5% commission fee as payment for the dealer. It’s also a handicap because this bet wins more than it loses, with a 45.86% chance of winning. 


The player is the first to get their card every round and dictates whether the other hand draws a third card. Its biggest advantage for bettors is its 1:1 full payout, while the banker wins and charges a commission fee. Player bets have a 44.62% chance of winning, slightly lower than banker bets. 


The third main bet is a tie which only happens 9.52% of the time. It’s rare because it only happens when the banker and player have the same hand value with the third card(s) included. This is the bet that makes up baccarat’s 1.06% house edge, and it pays 8:1 for a winning bet. Though it has the highest rate of the three payouts, it’s rare for a baccarat game strategy to include it as an option. 

Baccarat side bets

These are the three main bets in baccarat. There are more options called ‘side bets,’ but they vary depending on the software provider of the game. Evolution baccarat games, for example, lets you bet on whether a pair will appear on the player or banker’s starting hand and win 11:1. Playtech’s Egalite Extra side bet where you can wager on specific ties and win up to 80:1. 

These are called ‘side bets’ because they are missable. They have lower chances of winning and most betting strategies don’t bother with them. You cannot place wagers on these options unless you’ve placed one main bet. Another special rule in baccarat is that you can only bet on one of three main bets, but you are free to choose any or all side bets per round.  


Best baccarat betting strategies to try

Every best baccarat betting strategy guide online will suggest that it’s not mainly about building a winning streak. Instead, these guides are based on developing a method that will help you recover quickly from a losing streak. This is how you win with profit consistently, no matter the odds in a standard baccarat system. It’s all about using the nature of probability to your advantage.

Martingale strategy 

Most of this list’s betting strategies apply to other online casino games at BC.GAME, like the popular Martingale Strategy. It was originally for roulette and followed the rule ‘no matter how much you are losing, you are bound to win eventually’. 

Place bets only on the one hand, preferably the player, and double your stake each time you lose and reset it back to the original value once you win. This way, you recover all the money in a single win and with big profits to claim at the end of the session. 

The only limit to the Martingale strategy is the game itself. Most baccarat tables have a low maximum betting limit, meaning the amount you stake cannot exceed that point. That means you can only use the Martingales strategy for a certain number of turns. Once you reach that point, you can no longer double the size of your bet. One way to work around this is to play at a high roller baccarat title or a no-limit table. 

Fibonacci strategy

The Fibonacci method is often used in trading than gambling, but it works just as well as the best way to play baccarat. Place your bets on the banker at all times following a sequence of betting values per round. Begin with two rounds of 1x your minimum bet, then add the last two parts of the sequence to determine the multiplier for your next bet. That means the beginning starts as 1-2-3-5-8 and so on. Only apply this every time you win and restart once you lose. 

Fibonacci is considered the opposite of Martingale. It lets you profit off your win rather than the losing streak, which is great for any table. The maximum bet limit still limits you, but it’s not a big problem if you keep winning anyway. Its scaling element compensates for the banker bets’ commission fee. The best part about the Fibonacci system is that it’s the better alternative to the Martingale system if you have great luck and are playing at a casual baccarat table. 

Paroli system 

Most gamblers would want to spend a long time in baccarat, but sometimes you’re only good for a quick session. That’s where the Paroli system becomes the best way to win in baccarat. Your goal is to win three consecutive times, then call it a day. Place your bets on one hand only and double your wager each time you win. That means your third bet needs to be 4x your minimum, and you walk away with a 7x net result. Reset back to 1x each time you lose.

Unlike the previous two strategies, the Paroli system doesn’t require you to place bets on only one of either main bets throughout the sequence. It helps if you alternate between banker and player trying to chase where the next win will land. The most popular adjustment to the Paroli system is in its betting cycle. Keep placing bets on the same side until it loses, then continue the sequence on the other bet. 

Labouchere system  

The Labouchere system is a complex strategy for winning at baccarat. It’s basically the opposite of the Fibonacci strategy but with extra steps. You first decide on a target profit and keep playing until you reach it, making it great for a long baccarat game session. 

Once you have a target, divide it into 7 or 10 sequences with value allocated per segment. For example, if you aspire to take home €200, you can divide it into €20 minimum bets for a 10-bet sequence. This is also applicable to bets using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), or Tether (USDT). You can be as creative as you wish as long as the sum of every segment amounts to your target profit. 

How the sequence is handled makes this a popular baccarat online strategy. You begin the game by betting the sum of the first and last segments. If you win, then you cancel both parts, leaving you with the other parts of the sequence left. 

However, leave those segments untouched and add the sum at the end of the sequence if you lose. Your next bet becomes the first and new last part of the sequence. Continue until you reach your goal or when all segments are cancelled. 

People’s main concern over the Labouchere system is how it can get out of control more quickly than the Martingale. If followed to a tee, its design doesn’t indicate when to leave the table. You can keep playing for as long as you haven’t reached your goal, but there is reassurance in this system. You already have profit if you have fewer segments in a sequence than you started with.

D’Alembert system 

The Martingale betting system is almost the best baccarat strategy, but most people find it too volatile. Hence, many veteran gamblers prefer using D’Alembert’s system for beginner baccarat tips and tricks. This one also increases your wager every time you lose, but only add your minimum stakes from your last. 

For example, if the Martingale system will have you betting 1x-2x-4x-8x per loss, D’Alembert only scales by 1x-2x-3x-4x. Thanks to its slower scaling, it’s a great alternative for gamblers playing on a tight budget or at a casual baccarat table. The only downside is its slow growth; the result at the end of the session would’ve been higher if you were using the Martingale. Then again, D’Alembert’s more tamed wagers are better for newcomers overall. 


How to win in baccarat?

Like all live casino titles, Baccarat is a game of chance, meaning you win by getting lucky with the card shuffle. The guide for the betting systems above was only meant to control how you wager per session. If you wish to learn more tips and tricks to play baccarat casino games, focus on two out of three main bets: player and banker win. 

Only consider the amount you will lose in a given number of rounds and how you can offset that with fewer wins. Thus, winning becomes less about which outcome is correct and more about whether you can profit.

Play and win baccarat at BC.GAME

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Baccarat game rules are fun to learn, thanks to their simple mechanics. It’s also its simplicity that makes it flexible for a wide variety of betting strategies. You can try all of the ones above every gambling session at BC.GAME or find new ideas online from other gamblers. 

Likewise, baccarat is a game where you can experiment and develop your own baccarat winning strategy. Share what you learned with other gamblers and help newcomers just as veterans’ tips and tricks guide you. Share the fun of gambling at BC.GAME to make the most of the casino experience. 


Playing baccarat can come with many questions, and here are the most common ones:

What is the best strategy for Baccarat?

According to most gamblers, the best strategy for baccarat is the Martingale betting system. It’s an easy method to follow and guarantees a large payout at the end of a long session. The only downside to this betting system is its fast scaling which can be troublesome to manage. Many online table games have a relatively low maximum bet limit, making it a bad choice for high rollers or casual gamblers on a strict budget. For such players, the D’Alembert and Fibonacci systems are great alternatives. 

What is the probability of winning in baccarat? 

There are three main bets in baccarat, each with its odds. The player and banker are 1:1, but one has a higher chance than the other. Player bets win 44.62% of the time, while banker bets have a 45.86% chance. Thus, most baccarat titles charge a 5% commission fee as compensation for the dealer in every banker bet wins of the game. Meanwhile, the tie pays 8:1, sometimes 6:1 or 9:1, and it only has a 9.52% chance of winning. Despite its high payout, it is less popular than player and banker bets. 

What is the best bet in baccarat?

The best bet is arguably the banker bet, with a 45.86% chance of winning. Player bets have a close rate at 44.62%, but the 1.24% difference per wager adds up in a long baccarat session. Banker bet wins come with a 5% commission rate which usually makes betting on the player more ideal for many gamblers, but it’s a small price to pay for more chances of winning. In a game of chance like baccarat, the most valuable option is the one that is more likely to hit. Probability of winning yields a better return than a risky wager that promises a big payout.