Bonuses add to the allure of an online casino. They help cushion players against some of the inherent risks in online gambling. The bonuses are in different forms and often apply to players based on how much they stake. BC.GAME is giving players more reason to partake after implementing a significant increase in the deposit bonus. 

The deposit bonus is just one of the types of goodies available. Players can also benefit from the welcome bonus, reserved for those depositing with the casino for the first time. The free spin bonus rewards players in the game for their gaming activity by providing extra spins, which can be decisive in slot games. Other forms of multipliers are found across the multiple games to further add to the excitement and possibilities of an online casino game.

BC.GAME Deposit Bonus Increase

Gamers have more reason to wager on BC.GAME after the online crypto casino announced increases in the deposit bonus by up to 360%. The update adds to the existing perks for users, leveraging their deposits for a larger wager threshold on BC.GAME. 

The deposit bonus on BC.GAME is available for the first four deposits. These extra bonuses are over and above most platforms that only issue first-deposit bonuses. Users on BC.GAME have a graduated list of bonus options to utilize in their first four deposits and stand a chance of potentially magnifying their results. 

The bonus percentages fall into different tiers. Users ought to familiarize themselves with how they work to maximize their usefulness. They are as follows :

  • Up to 270% bonus on the first deposit- The first deposit on BC.GAME attracts a bonus of between 120-207% depending on the amount deposited. 
  • Up to 300% bonus on the second deposit – A second deposit attracts a 150-300% bonus. The more you commit, the more you get rewarded.
  • Up to 330% deposit bonus on the third deposit – A third deposit attracts a bonus between 150-330%. 
  • Up to 360% deposit bonus on the fourth deposit – Well, to those who reach their fourth deposit, a bonus of between 150-360% is in the offing. This bonus significantly multiplies the deposit amount and rewards the faith of a committed gamer. 

For context, a 100% deposit bonus is the equivalent of the casino matching your deposit. 360% is more than three and a half times that. Therefore, if you deposit 100 dollars, you get a bonus, the equivalent of 360 dollars, in BC.GAME’s in-game currency. 

The eligibility for maximum bonuses depends on the amount deposited. Those who place more at stake get more rewards than a bare minimum deposit. Such incentivized deposit rewards ensure that players get rewards proportional to the risk they take up. 

Rewards in BCD

Players get the bonus paid in BCD. BCD is the in-game cryptocurrency on BC.GAME that is useful for all gambling and betting possibilities on the site. Therefore, the BCD can become a staked amount for playing slot games, online casino games, and even originals on BC.GAME. 

Players must unlock the BCD as standard for casino bonus credits. The path to unlocking your BCD is wagering. Accordingly, a player wagers $500 to get $1 in BCD unlocked. 

This ratio may sound high, but it unlocks additional possibilities from the extra BCD. A player can withdraw their original BCD at will after accumulating the requisite amount of BCD. The unlocked BCD is versatile and usable on any BC.GAME game. Users receive the bonus automatically to their accounts and can continue exploring other game features with the bonuses in tow. 

A Wholesome Gaming Experience

The deposit bonus helps augment user experience on BC.GAME. Classic slot games and original BC.GAME titles are much more fun when the user has more to wager with. The availability of other bonuses and free drops ensures that the gaming experience is always rewarding, no matter your level of gambling experience. 

Deposit Bonus

Users can look up the perks of each bonus on the BC Game website. Additionally, it is essential to note the wagering requirements necessary to access these bonuses to work with them seamlessly. Information is vital in all aspects, be it the game you are playing or bonus eligibility. Such knowledge is vital for responsible gaming

There is more possibility when your account has more in store. Users can unlock their bonus rewards and utilize them in a variety of games on offer. These possibilities range from digital games, live dealer games, table classics, and even sports betting. Sports betting has grown tremendously over the past decade as more people accessed smartphones in developing countries, and high-speed internet meant live sports could be streamed by larger audiences. This golden age of both sports streaming and internet access has worked wonders for sports betting globally.

Deposit Bonus

Claim The 360% Deposit Bonus On BC.GAME

The deposit bonus is icing on the cake for an online crypto-gambling enthusiast looking to have a swell time. Given the fact that you are eligible for bonuses until your fourth deposit, there is an incentive to keep wagering with BC.GAME. Increasing the deposit bonus to a maximum of 360% makes BC.GAME a cut above the rest in incentivizing gamer participation. 

These goodies are there for the taking. There is much to explore and, more importantly, more to explore using. Deposit on BC.GAME today and stand a chance to multiply your deposited funds and winnings.