Online betting is always fun as it provides a superb betting experience where you can win huge rewards and casino bonuses. There are trustworthy gambling sites that offer several game options and bonus features, including BC.GAME—one of the best crypto betting platforms online. 

BC.GAME is an impressive online casino and bookmaker that can give you a fantastic wagering session. Aside from providing fair betting odds and a wide variety of casino games to choose from, the site also has various bonuses that will keep increasing your winning chances. 

As a reputable betting site launched in 2017, many players discovered how generous the site is, especially in offering online casino promotions. If you haven’t heard about them while betting from Brazil, here are some of the site’s most notable BC.GAME promotions and how you can make the most out of them: 

Types of casino promotions at BC.GAME 

What you’ll love most about BC.GAME is that it has some of the best online casino promotions online. By scrolling through the variety of bookmaker and casino bonuses available, you can maximise your chances and take advantage of every opportunity to play more. 

You’ll never run out of games to play with BC.GAME’s wide selection of titles and popular betting markets. You can have more chances of winning or boost the money you can take home by claiming common promotions and unique bonuses. 

Here are some of the top bonuses you should keep an eye out for: 

Welcome Bonus

Several online casinos offer a special betting bonus upon signing up, so a casino welcome bonus can be considered a common casino bonus. With it, you’ll be encouraged to sign up with a site and see what else they offer. Online casinos also give this bonus as a thank-you gift and to provide a boost at the beginning of your betting journey.

BC.GAME offers a 300% sign-up bonus if you deposit using Brazilian real within the first 20 minutes after creating your account. To create an account at BC.GAME, here are the simple steps to follow: 

  1. Click the signup button at the top right part of the home screen.
  2. Provide a verified email address and set up a secure login password.
  3. Enter a coupon or referral code (if applicable). 
  4. Verify that you are at least 18 and have read their user agreement.
  5. Once all of the needed information is provided, click the signup button.

Daily Spin On The Lucky Wheel

Each day, you get a lucky spin that can grant you prizes. Unlike other wheel games that have blank spots, BC.GAME’s special wheel has several segments with special prizes, allowing you to win exciting rewards regardless of the game. You can win up to 1 BTC even if you’re a new player. 

The rewards get better as you play at a higher level. This is made possible by how the Lucky Spin Wheel can be upgraded into a Super Spin or a Mega Spin with bigger prizes. 

Daily Roll Point Game (VIP3)

Another online casino promotion bonus can be enjoyed at BC.GAME is the roll competition. This is a fun mini-game that you can play every day. The dice will be rolled to show a winning number. 

To play this game, you only need to click the ‘roll’ button and wait for three numbers to appear. The higher it gets, the better your chances of getting better prizes. 

Since you only have one chance to succeed in this game and only the top 10 players will be rewarded, hope that luck is on your side to get a combination close to 999. Take advantage of the free roll chances to double the number of your winnings.

The rewards you can get each day vary based on your preferred currency. The only downside is that this feature can only be unlocked once you reach VIP level 3. 


Constant Chat Rains (VIP4)

This casino bonus promotion is ideal if you are active in the chat room daily. Here, six chat room participants will be randomly chosen and given rewards such as free coins. However, the currency and amount of prizes the participants can receive might differ from one another. 

The rain algorithm will be used to choose the six lucky players. You’ll have a better chance of receiving the reward by sending more messages in the chat. All-rain related information and the selected winners will be posted in the chat room as well. 

Level Up Bonus

BC.GAME offers several online casino bonuses that will encourage you to play more games. This includes the level-up bonus that allows you to move up its hierarchical tier called Master Medals.

The Master Medals allow you to win up to 21 medals as you actively play. After earning five medals, you will receive 20 BCD. You will get an extra 800 BCD for 10 medals, 15 for 2,400 BCD, and 20 for 10,000 BCD. You can also use one USD (or one of these BCDs) for your upcoming bets. 

Given that this works as the site’s appreciation reward to all its players, it is up to you to keep playing so you can progress with what they offer. Aside from the prestige of being on a higher tier, ranking up also gives you more significant bonus grants and unlocks more site features. 

Flash Drops

A limited number of people, and a particular level are required to claim a ShitCode that BC.GAME releases on their Telegram channel. These shitcodes are unique codes that provide an extra boost for your subsequent bets. Before it reaches the threshold limit, anyone who can copy-paste it will receive a prize in their preferred currency.

You will receive an additional bonus for your upcoming bets using these unique codes. These can be obtained through the site’s social media channels, special promotions, and announcements which you can subscribe to. Make sure to spend some time checking your notification alerts now and then.

Flash drops are also regarded as limited-edition random freebies. This implies that you can always try your luck on the next drop if you miss this one.

Deposit bonus 

Among the exciting live casino promotions you can claim is deposit bonuses which can help you get more credits that you can use to place more or bigger bets. By being a regular Brazilian BC.GAME player, you’ll have several opportunities to get this offer. 

Deposit bonuses may vary from site to site, but their primary purpose is to increase the amount you have wagered by a certain percentage. The most generous deposit bonus offers you can enjoy at BC.GAME can be experienced on your first four deposits, where they’re distributed accordingly: 

  • 1st deposit → up to 180% bonus
  • 2nd deposit → up to 200% bonus
  • 3rd deposit → up to 220% bonus
  • 4th deposit → up to 240% bonus 

Placing deposits at BC.GAME is also easy as it won’t take much of your time. If you haven’t tried it before, here are the simple steps to follow: 

  1. On the top right corner of the screen, click the wallet icon next to your balance.
  2. Choose the payment method you prefer. It could be cryptocurrency, fiat, or NFT. 
  3. Enter the amount you want to deposit 
  4. Double-check if all the information is correct, especially if you prefer to use digital assets because they are irreversible. 
  5. Verify the transaction.

No deposit bonus

You can obtain several online casino bonuses that boost your credit balance without placing more deposits if you fulfil the wagering requirements. No-deposit bonuses are free casino credits to play your favourite games. They are typically provided to new bettors or inactive players who re-signed in with their accounts.

It is not exactly a trial bet but more of a free chance to place more wagers. However, keep in mind that this bonus is only available for a limited time. Among the common inclusions of this casino bonus at BC.GAME are free spins. 

Free spin bonus

One of the most prevalent types of casino promotions available is free spins. They are frequently offered as a reward or part of the welcome bonuses limited to a certain time. This particular bonus is designed for slot games and not for roulette games. 

Different kinds of free spins exist. Others were created for specific game titles, while some may be used with any slot game. No matter what kind of free spin you receive, it is possible to increase the number of your winnings. In fact, using free spins in slot games might trigger bonus rounds.

VIP Promotion

While loyalty incentives are excellent, VIP benefits elevate your casino gaming experience to a whole new level. The bonuses and rewards are still limited when playing as a VIP in a land-based casino. But at BC.GAME, aside from playing as a high roller at home and winning several rewards, there are other services you might receive.  

You can have a fantastic playing experience, thanks to BC.GAME’s excellent VIP programme. As stated, the site gives you better perks as you level up. Among those are: 

  • A special VIP transfer service
  • Higher deposit limits 
  • Claim greater rewards 
  • A special VIP host for better customer service 
  • Daily no-cost coins
  • Greater bonus Bitcoin collecting 
  • Claim hidden riches that can double your wins 
  • Unique bonus codes to claim 
  • A chance to win special luxurious passes to fancy events, trips, or accommodations

What makes this even more interesting is the fact that playing at BC.GAME allows everyone to play as VIPs and earn promising rewards. To become a part of this program, all you need to do is place your bets frequently and have a great time! 


ETC Bonuses

Aside from those mentioned above, there are several other enticing casino promotions which you can enjoy from BC.GAME. Here are some of the site’s exclusive casino bonus types: 


Rakes are the money online casinos make from each wager on their platform. These can be considered the site’s official source of revenue. In comparison, some websites keep it to themselves, BC.GAME gives it back to its users with this type of bonus. 

With a rakeback bonus, you will get a portion of the website’s money from rakes. At VIP level 14, you can access it as a rebate. 

Recharge bonuses 

You are also given recharge rewards by BC.GAME, so make the most of them. Depending on the intervals you’ve established, you can divide this bonus throughout the week. These are your available choices:

  • Daily → can be collected once every 24 hours
  • Hourly → can be collected up to 24 times a day 
  • Flash charge → can be collected up to 144 times a day

These recharges are based on your wagering history, VIP status, and losses from the previous seven days. However, you are only eligible for this if you’re currently or past VIP level 22. You can instantly redeem this a week after collectively wagering $1,000.

Task hub 

This provides you with a list of tasks you should complete. As you continue to play on the site, the points you earn will allow you to access more BCD benefits. These tasks are refreshed daily, giving you something to look forward to. Aside from the daily tasks, you can also check out the weekly activities as they have several advantages over the daily tasks. 

Where is Coco 

BC.GAME’s Coco will randomly appear for a few minutes once every six hours. Try to locate him, and when you do, click him. You will receive a reward if you can find Coco. Keep in mind that the incentives are better if you are from a higher VIP level. 

Faucet bonuses 

Faucet bonuses are special drops of rewards that you may only take advantage of at Bitcoin casinos and bookies like BC.GAME. By completing simple tasks, you can earn modest amounts of BTC that you can use for your subsequent bets. Despite not being as big as other offers, these are among the best betting incentives available. 

Daily wager contest 

The top ten players who wager the most daily will share the prize money. Since the pool is progressive, a small portion of each wager will be added to the overall prize sum.

How do casino bonus promotions work?

The best online casino bonuses are designed to increase your interaction with the website. It’s a casino site’s way of saying thank you for your support. Casino promotions are also one of the best ways to introduce newly released games that you should not miss out on. 

Once you register an account with BC.GAME, you are already a part of their community as you’re made aware of their terms and conditions. If you are active in betting and meeting their wagering requirements, you can get the bonuses and have additional credits on your account. 

With the inclusions of every casino promotion, you will find something unique and intriguing. You will also appreciate the bonuses you’ll earn since each is safe and can be used regardless of when and where you play. This means that you can play with your Brazilian real assets even while outside Brazil if that’s what you’re comfortable with. 

The only thing that matters when playing at BC.GAME is to have fun and get the most out of the experience you have signed up for. 

Try casino promotion bonuses at BC.GAME 

There are several reasons why you should choose to bet at BC.GAME and enjoy its bonus offers. These are: 

  • Registration is easy → You can quickly create an account to play and bet on your favourite games and sports matches. 
  • There’s a lot to bet on → There are thousands of casino games available and a handful of betting markets to consider, so you’ll never run out of betting options. 
  • It’s available in many countries → This website is widely available in several countries, making it appealing even to Brazilian punters. 
  • Safe to use → As a licensed betting site, BC.GAME has already well-proven that betting here guarantees smooth wagering transactions. 

Maximise your BC.GAME betting experience with these site promotions

By understanding more about casino promotions, you can claim at BC.GAME, it will be easier for you to choose the kind of bonus that suits your betting strategy. Remember that most of the bonuses are available for a limited time only. So, only claim bonuses that you are sure of. It is also essential to meet all the wagering requirements to claim your rewards easily.  


  • What casino bonus is best for new players?

It depends on your betting preference since each bonus differs from the others. However, you may want to prioritise free spins if you love playing slots or deposit bonuses if you’re more inclined towards live casino games

  • Are online casino bonuses worth it?

Definitely. Online casino bonuses are being given for you to have an outstanding betting experience. Make sure to use them as soon as possible to take advantage of them.