We just won the “Crypto Casino Of The Year” Sigma Award 2022 & Blockchain Gaming Platform of the Year!

Our own BC.Game, a community-based crypto casino aiming to give our players the best online casino experience possible, wins two awards this year: “Crypto Casino Of The Year” from Sigma and “Blockchain Gaming Platform of the Year” from AIBC.

The crypto casino of the year crown has been passed to us this year from the previous title holder, True Flip, who won the same award from Sigma in 2021.

For those with little knowledge about the crypto casino industry in the space, BC.Game offers many opportunities for its players to earn on its platform. This casino has been building relationships with different game developers and crypto issuers to add value to the experiences of its players. The platform hosts several casinos and sports games–slots, roulettes, sports betting, and many more. Players have a long list of games to choose from and enjoy. Plus, rewards and bonuses are overflowing for all types of players.

Meanwhile, the Sigma Award is given yearly to the most deserving online casino platform. Aside from this award, Sigma hosts multiple events worldwide, such as in America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. This June, it will host its Sigma American from June 6-9 to bring together experts in the industry.

Our team is delighted to receive such a life-changing reward. “We’re glad to receive the Crypto Casino of The Year award, and we can’t wait many years to come to prove that we’re doing our best to give our players exceptional experience.” Tune in for more updates! We’re happy to share our company milestones with you.