The rise of sports betting online today is unmatched as more states continue to open doors for gambling. You can place your bets from your home or on the go anytime, thanks to technology!

But have you ever considered the different sports bets available in the market? There are numerous ways to try your luck and increase your winning chances. 

Stay tuned to learn about the best bets you can place when sports betting online!

8 Popular Bets in Sports Betting Online

8 Popular Bets in Sports Betting Online

Money Line Bet 

It is the most straightforward bet on a sporting event because you only need to predict which team will win. For example, you can place a money line bet on the New York Yankees in the MLB championship. If the team wins, you also win the bet. 

Before you make your bet, it is essential to weigh your team’s chances of winning against the underdog. This bet is available in all major sports, such as football but primarily in hockey and baseball. 

Total Line Bet 

A total line bet is also a good alternative for sports betting online events. In this bet, the total score of both teams is combined and set in numbers. Therefore, you bet on the total score of staying under or over the set number. You can also place a total line bet in football and basketball for halftime or period scoring.

Sportsbooks set it at around -110 unless the totals are too high or low. Therefore, if you place a $110 bet over the set number, you will win $100 if your wager is positive. 

Future Bet   

They are available in popular sports with long seasons of championships, such as football or athletics. Besides, they are suitable when you encounter favourable odds on a team likely to win the tournament. When you make a futures bet, you are wagering on an event that is coming up. 

The betting odds for sports betting online are more favourable. All futures are money-line bets. For example, if you think Man City will win in the next Premier League at +400 and place a wager of $100, you will win $400 if the team gets the cup. However, in case of an unforeseen issue or your team’s superstar receives an injury, your team may not win.

Parlay Bet

It is a bet on several bets winning. Therefore, if you place it, every bet in your combination must win for you to cash out the winnings. For example, if you make a four-leg parlay bet, all four legs must be positive, but you lose your total bet if you lose in one.

Parlay bets are attractive because you bet on a low amount, and you have a chance to win a lump sum as bookmakers multiply your prize after each win. However, they are risky because a single mistake costs you your entire bet.  


Teaser Bet

The amount you can tease varies from one bookmaker to the other. They are similar to parlays because you group two or more bets. However, you can twist the spread points to work in your favour and reduce the risk of losing your entire stake.  

You can search for teasers in football and basketball events when sports betting online. The total tease you choose determines how the sportsbook moves your picks. Usually, the bigger your tease is, the bigger the deduction from your payout. 

Live Bet

It is one of the new trends in the sports betting online industry. With live bets, you must wait for a match to start to place a bet until it ends. Therefore, you can make your predictions depending on the happenings of the game and the statistics provided.

Besides, live bets are fun because the betting odds keep changing with the game’s occasions. Therefore, you have to act fast when a chance pops up. There are also numerous wagering opportunities apart from the traditional ones, such as following possession results.  

Head-to-head Bet

If you are a golfing fan, this is the best sports bet. The bet allows you to choose between two competitors. If your choice in the race or tournament finishes in the higher positions, your bet wins. Sportsbooks often attach a money line bet on each competitor to make gambling more challenging. Therefore, you have to be keen when selecting the winner. 

Middling Bet

Middling bets, also referred to as middle bets, are sports bets you can use to spread the risk. They allow you to place spread points on either side of the game at different lines. As a result, if one side or both sides win, you will take something home.


The sports betting industry provides a wide selection of sports bets. It allows you to enjoy traditional options such as money lines and modern ones like live bets. As a result, you have fun-filled sports betting online moments by trying out all these bet types. However, ensure you understand how it works before placing it.