Ethereum casinos are becoming increasingly popular amongst gamblers who flock to these platforms for online entertainment. When looking for the best crypto casino, those that offer an amazing variety of Ethereum games are high on the list of places to play. 

Ethereum casinos are powered by blockchain technology that runs on decentralised platforms and uses smart contracts to verify transactions. Read on as we explore some of the best ETH games around and give you details of where to find them.

Best Ethereum Games To Play

1. Fat Santa

Image from Push Gaming

Fat Santa is an exciting slot game by Push Gaming that features Santa Claus as the main character. The theme of the game centres around the North Pole during Christmas, and its excellent graphics highlight details like Christmas decorations, snow-covered trees, and Santa’s log cabin.

Fat Santa is a 5-reel and 3-row slots game that offers an incredible 50 paylines. It offers a Return to Player percentage of over 96%.


Players can bet up to $25 or the Ether equivalent per spin with a maximum win potential of more than 6,000 times your original wager. Its free spins feature takes gamblers into Santa’s house with the fireplace as the background for the reels. The game has a fantastic user interface with available Spin and Auto Spin options. Balance and Win information can easily be viewed, and it’s simple to adjust your bets using the arrows. 

The Christmas Tree ornaments typically appear more frequently and pay less on winning combinations. The high-paying symbols are the Snowman, the Reindeer, and the Elf. Players can expect more favourable payouts with these symbols. The ultimate symbol combination will include Santa Claus, representing a Wild. Fat Santa also includes another Wild in the form of a Christmas Pie.

Fat Santa’s bonus feature is Santa’s sleigh, which randomly makes an appearance and drops Wild Christmas pies strategically on the gameboard. The bonus feature is triggered when Santa and the Christmas pie appear together on the reels. 

It’s one of the great Ethereum games to play, so head to BC.Game to enjoy a session.

2. Cave of Plunder

Image from BC.Game

Cave of Plunder by BC.Game is a unique 1-line slot game with five possible symbols. Players are shown three columns of multiplier jackpots that range from small to medium to grand. It features incredibly realistic graphics and an amazing user interface with Spin and Auto Spin features. It gives players the ability to use Hot Keys and allows players to view live stats on their gameplay.


Cave of Plunder is relatively easy to play and does not contain as many symbols as the more traditional slot games. 

Each jackpot type is represented by a symbol that may appear on the reel when spun. If three of the same symbol appear on the reel, it represents one column towards its respective jackpot. If players achieve any type of jackpot, they can collect their winnings partially or fully. 

The game offers its players an astounding 99% Return to Player percentage and massive multipliers that bring fantastic opportunities to win. Players have the potential to win the ultimate jackpot of 500 times their bet amount but must navigate through the Skull and Crossbones symbols that could potentially wreck their journey to the ultimate prize.

Besides the three main jackpots, players will automatically receive the Book and Amulet jackpots when they reach the top of their respective columns. Cave of Plunder is only available at BC.Game which develops its games in-house. 

Players can visit BC.Game to enjoy a truly unique experience of Cave of Plunder, along with several other one-of-a-kind Ethereum games. 


3. White Rabbit

Image from Big Time Gaming

White Rabbit is an entertaining 3D slot game that can be played at and, designed with the theme of Alice in Wonderland. This game has five reels and plenty of exciting symbols to bring home some winning combinations. It contains amazing graphics and incorporates many characters from Alice in Wonderland, giving players an enchanting and magical experience.


The game’s configuration enables players to win in over 16,000 ways, and once the bonus feature is activated, the winning possibilities go up by over 200,000. White Rabbit offers players a 97% Return to Player percentage and has a medium to high variance. It has an easy-to-use interface where players can easily view their balances and winnings.

Players watch White Rabbit fall down a rabbit hole with massive piano keys in the background when free spins are activated. Gamblers can bet up to $20 or the Ether equivalent, and they can win up to 10,000 times their original bet amount.

The Card symbols are the low-paying ones that often appear with low rewards for every combination. Players look forward to the Red Queen and Three Gems as these typically give greater payouts. The rabbit is the scatter symbol, while Alice and the Caterpillar are the Wild symbols that appear separately.

One feature that attracts players to White Rabbit is that gamblers can buy the bonus round and don’t have to wait for specific combinations to unlock it. As far as Ethereum games go, its gameplay is engaging and does well to bring the magic of Alice in Wonderland to life.  

4. Choco Reels

Image from Wazdan

Choco Reels by Wazdan is an extremely popular slots game with a 2-4-6-6-4-2 grid with a potential of over 2,400 paylines. Gamblers love the detailed visual element and the captivating gameplay of Choco Reels. 

As the name reveals, the reels are depicted in chocolate, and the game’s theme is filled with candy canes and sugar wool. When playing the game, the entire grid represents a chocolate bar framed with candy canes.

It has an excellent user interface with easily identifiable buttons and a free spins meter in the form of a syrup bottle. Players have the option of using the auto-spin function and can also adjust the speed of the game from Choco Reel’s dashboard.

This game also features a Bonus Buy function that enables players to buy the bonus feature instead of waiting to unlock it through a combination of specific symbols.


Upon first playing the game, square chocolate blocks are placed strategically on the reels, gradually disappearing to reveal more symbols as the game progresses.

Once all these chocolate blocks have disappeared, the bonus feature is triggered with access to the full 6×6 grid and potentially over 45,000 possible paylines. Choco Reels offers over 96% Return to Player percentage with an adjustable variance.

Players can bet up to $100 or the Ether equivalent with a maximum win resulting in over 9,500 your original bet amount.

The low-paying symbols include the candy cane and the green, purple, blue, and pink candy symbols. Players look forward to the mixed-coloured symbols that generally offer more generous rewards. Choco Reels’s scatter symbol is a doughnut, and it unimaginatively uses the word “WILD” as the wild symbol.

Free spins are unlocked when you get three scatter symbols on the reels in a single spin. One of the biggest drawcards to this game is the option for players to adjust the variance.


5. Marching Legions

Image from Relax Gaming

Marching Legions by Relax Gaming is one of the enthralling 5-reel and 3-row slots of Ethereum games based on the Roman legion. The game features infantry forces and soldiers with a friendly touch of animation. It is designed with 3D graphics that enables players to immerse themselves completely. Players mostly view the Pantheon stone court on the main screen, while the bonus feature takes players to a wooden fort.

Its fantastic user interface includes a Spin and Auto-Spin button, and players can adjust the bet limits. Balance and win amounts can be easily viewed, and the interface has a mute button if the animated sounds disturb your strategy. Marching Legion offers an incredible 98% Return to Player percentage and a hit frequency greater than 25%. Together with its high variance levels, this game is undoubtedly popular amongst crypto gamblers.

Players can bet up to $100 or its Ether equivalent and maximise their bet by potentially 10,000 times the original bet value. Players can buy the Free Spins feature but must note that the Return to Player percentage will be reduced.


The Pantheon, Cesar, and Aquila are the low-paying symbols that appear frequently. Players look forward to combinations that include Cesar’s wreath, the sword, or the battle flag, as their winnings are more generous.

The Legionnaire is the most prized symbol that brings along the most attractive rewards.

Marching Legions has no wild or scatter symbols but an amazing bonus feature that makes up for this. Players can activate bonus respins when specific combinations are achieved during the bonus feature.

The bonus feature also includes a horn that appears for more rewarding payouts. Essentially, the bonus feature can last much longer than in other games and has the potential to fill your pockets.

Marching Legion has incredible graphics and a great Return to Player percentage, but its biggest drawcard is its bonus feature with superb entertainment value.

Gamblers can use their Ethereum to play Marching Legions at DuelBits and Chips.GG casinos.

Final Thoughts

We hope you enjoyed our guide to the best Ethereum games to play! Check out our blog for more gambling tips, game guides, and casino reviews; if you are ready to go gambling, head to our games page for hours of fun and entertainment.