Gamblers from around the globe flock to casinos daily to fill their pockets while playing their favorite casino games. Roulette is one such game that has captivated the hearts of many gamblers with its simplistic approach and highly attractive odds.

Roulette is played on a table with a small wheel and a layout with black and red numbered pockets. Today, we explore the best roulette numbers that players favor and some popular strategies that they use at the table.

As the game is simple to play and relies greatly on chance, it enjoys fantastic popularity among enthusiastic gamblers around the world. Seasoned players know that strategy is crucial to their success, and a large part of this relies on the many superstitions and myths that are common amongst their gambling circles.

Roulette players often refer to hot numbers and cold numbers, and are keen to find out whether odds or evens, and black or red numbers are on a hot streak.

Hot numbers refer to those that seem to appear more often and are more likely to pay out, while cold numbers are usually considered as scarce in appearance and less likely to payout.

Number Predictors and Random Number Generators

Gamblers who play Roulette online are familiar with the terms Number Predictor and Random Number Generator.

Gambling at a physical casino is a very different experience when compared to gambling online. That is because players online are unable to physically see a dealer spin the roulette table and watch the ball settle on a number.

Online casinos, therefore, make use of Number Predictors or Random Number Generators to assist them in making the gaming experience of all players at their online casino as fair as possible.

Number Predictor

A Number Predictor is a programmed computer software model that is fairly common amongst many online casinos. Essentially, it predicts what the next number might be in the sequence in the course of a casino game. Made popular through online lottery games, Number Predictors have since found a space at Online Roulette tables.

Although Number Predictors are used at many online casinos, the majority of gamblers are skeptical of the accuracy and fairness of its software. It is often described as rogue software models as the actual ability to predict the correct numbers accurately is questionable.

Random Number Generator

Another form of fairness at online casinos are Random Number Generators that are extremely popular for online Roulette games. Random Number Generators are based on highly sophisticated mathematical algorithms. This specialized software ensures, with the highest degree of accuracy, that every single spin of the roulette wheel is indeed random and fair.

To add to the transparency, online casinos make sure that their Roulette Random Number Generators are independently audited on a regular basis to guarantee a fair online gaming experience to all its patrons at any given time.

Betting On Hot Numbers

When considering the best roulette numbers to bet on, gamblers at the tables are generally very perceptive of their gameplay and may notice a pattern of numbers that emerge after each spin of the Roulette wheel.

These numbers appear to be winning numbers more often than other numbers for a specific period. Gamblers refer to these numbers as hot numbers and are often inclined to wager on them as they believe it will lead to greater winnings and more winning rounds.

The hot numbers are those that appear frequently in the recent wheel spins. Gamblers are of the perception that if they follow these numbers, they are more likely to win.

To help players choose the best roulette numbers to place their bets on, many software providers have introduced hot and cold number identification on online roulette games. This greatly helps players to keep track of their gameplay statistics and gives them hints on which numbers have been drawn more often in a specific timeframe.

These hot and cold numbers are not usually repeated consecutively, as this is highly unlikely to occur. Whether a number is classified as hot depends exclusively on how many times it was called for a precise number of spins.

Consequently, if a number gets called 20 or more times in a period of 200 wheel spins, it is thought to be particularly hot.

If it draws less than 15 times it is considered hot on the average.

Players must be extremely wary, however, as there is no guarantee that a specific number will come up again because of its perceived classification.

Betting On Cold Numbers

While gamblers, more often than not, tend to favor wagering on Hot numbers, they don’t always ignore the cold numbers.

Seasoned gamblers are always surveying the Roulette table environment and many are observant of the fact that, at some stage, a cold number is due to throw out a winning bet. As this expectation grows with each spin of the Roulette wheel, so too does the chances of a cold number resulting in a winning bet.

With online casinos, the Roulette table is governed by a Random Number Generator. Due to the regular auditing of this sophisticated system, hot numbers will usually cease to appear that often and players who persist with hot numbers are bound to fail at some stage.

In the interest of a fair gaming experience, cold numbers always make a welcome experience and online Roulette players typically apply an opposite strategy to those who play at physical casinos.

They often bet on cold numbers that haven’t made an appearance as the Random Number Generator ensures that hot streaks don’t last for too long.

Using Hot and Cold Numbers To Your Advantage

If you repeatedly bet on a Hot number and it fails to win, it would be advisable to change your tactics.

Online gamblers find this easier to do from the comfort of their homes as they can play at their own pace and can keep track of the best roulette numbers that are winning without the distractions that come along with physical casinos. Many online gamblers have writing material readily available to write down these numbers. This makes it easier to identify the numbers that have failed to make an appearance after a specific number of spins.

Online players who employ this system soon discover patterns regarding the numbers that have not appeared. These patterns materialize into a small group of numbers that are yet to feature on the winning board. It is this group of cold numbers that players take a punt on in the hope of winning.

If these cold numbers don’t appear initially, gamblers usually persist with the assurance that the Random Number Generator will eventually hit the sweet spot.

However, choosing specific cold numbers is by no means a guarantee. Gamblers must be very aware of the Roulette table environment to ensure that they don’t get sucked into betting on cold numbers that refuse to appear on the winning board.

A good measure to follow can be judging numbers based on a 50 spin time frame to ascertain what appears hot, and what definitely is cold.

Ultimately, when it comes to hot and cold numbers, there are no guarantees as hot numbers will eventually go cold after a certain period.

Conversely, cold numbers will eventually heat up and remain as such for a specific time frame.

The nature of online Roulette means that the cycle will become endless. Most especially with the sophisticated Random Number Generator ensuring that all numbers eventually appear on the winning board, players have no sure way to ascertain when specific numbers will become the best roulette numbers to bring some winnings.

Alternate Tactics: Wagering on Adjacent Numbers

As a means to vary their strategy, online players move away from the hot and cold number predictions and choose to bet on adjacent numbers. While hot numbers are displayed as statistics on the gameboard for the players’ convenience, many players choose to wager on the numbers adjacent to either the hot or cold numbers.

Oftentimes, players have superstitions and hunches that lead them to believe that betting on adjacent numbers will increase their winnings.

With some variations of online Roulette, this can work to the players’ advantage as more exotic bets such as Announce Bets, Voisins du Zero, or Neighbor Bets are permitted, and are purely designed to incorporate adjacent numbers.

Common Mistakes To Avoid When Selecting The Best Roulette Numbers

Increase The Wager After Every Loss

One of the most prevalent mistakes that online Roulette players tend to consistently make is to follow tactics that entail increasing the wager amount after every single loss.

Although such tactics appear to resist all common sense and logic, tenacious players believe that if they double the size of their wager amounts after every loss, they will eventually be compensated for the losses that they have incurred when they finally win.

Some gamblers have periods where they are on a particularly poor streak. It is quite conceivable that they have taken a substantial chunk out of their bankroll while patiently waiting for their number to appear on the winning board. It is, therefore, very realistic for their bankroll to get depleted unconsciously before their chosen number even appears on the winning board. It is common for online Roulette players to lose track of their bankroll while they become engrossed in the game’s activity.

Favor A Set Of Specific Numbers

Another common fallacy is that if you favor a selection of specific numbers, they will eventually come up during your gameplay.

Some gamblers resolutely believe in their lucky numbers and treat them as the best roulette numbers to play. These players, unwittingly, are prepared and willing to deplete their entire bankroll by repeatedly betting on a selection of lucky numbers.

Although it is quite conceivable for a lucky number to be called, obstinate persistence does not guarantee that to be the case.

Increase Wagers On Specific Losing Numbers

A combination of common mistakes is where gamblers who persist in betting on the same lucky number continue to lose each time and subsequently increase the size of their bets after each loss in the hope of recovering.

Lose Their Cool

Another common mistake is where gamblers at online Roulette tables lose their patience during a long losing streak and begin to lose their common sense with subsequent wagers.

Their frustration often leads to large and irrational betting patterns that are often a result of clouded judgment rather than calculated strategy.

For those players who find frustration at their gameplay creeping in, the best advice is to leave the table for a while and clear your mind before returning and engaging.

Online casinos are operational 24/7. So, players must know that there is no rush to play and there will always be a table available when they return.

Mismanage The Bankroll

Gamblers often make the mistake of not organizing and managing their bankroll. Players need to decide beforehand how much they are willing to invest and come to terms with how much they are willing to lose.

As nice as it seems to place big bets on the best roulette numbers in the hope of handsome winnings, you might end up with empty pockets sooner than you could imagine.

Players should begin by placing more reasonably small bets that dovetail with the size of their bankroll. If Lady Luck is on your side, you can accumulate some profits and venture into more extravagant bets.

The Bottom Line On The Best Roulette Numbers

Online Roulette players need to remember that there are no winning and losing numbers, with each number sharing an equal chance of bringing you some winnings. Although it is great to have a strategy around the best roulette numbers and hope that it brings you some profit, this is by no means guaranteed and you should not follow it blindly.

Always observe the online Roulette table environment and don’t be afraid to vary your betting style if you realize that the pattern of gameplay is negatively affecting your bankroll. Like most games based on chance, Roulette has incredible entertainment value due to its unpredictability.

Remember to stick to your bankroll, don’t allow your judgment to get clouded, and enjoy every moment. Good luck!