The decision to wager on an online gambling casino game offered by a reputable platform like BC.GAME is fueled by the opportunity to win. This understanding is vital to any casino business, and with a random number generator (RNG), payers can trust and celebrate their returns. Accordingly, professional casinos take steps to publicise the fairness of their platforms. The knowledge that a casino is provably fair makes a crypto-gambling casino appear professional and legitimate in its dealings. This position is why the random number generator (RNG) is essential in online gambling. Winning or losing is not a decision that the casino operator makes. The provision for an automatic process eliminates human bias and potential corruption. This process is a guarantee of having a chance for those who wager. Unfortunately, some online casinos don’t play by the rules or are outright scams. The prevalence of such operations heightens the need for verification systems like the random number generator (RNG). Accordingly, this utility not only enhances the efficiency of a casino but also improves trust.  

About Random Number Generator (RNG)

A Random Number Generator (RNG) is a computer program that produces a random sequence of results to determine the outcome of events. For casino games like slots, the random nature of outcomes is crucial. Online casinos use these number generators to achieve their intended purpose. An RNG does not need external input from the casino operator to produce an output. Instead, they rely on an algorithm and a seed number. The algorithm can have many outcomes in quick succession. It takes the last number and executes a mathematical operation such as multiplication or division to create the result.  

Digital casino games need the RNG because they don’t have a dealer. Players wager, and the system uses the results of the RNG to determine whether they win. Games without a dealer, like slots, Roulette, and other virtual games, use the RNG to run smoothly. Not every RNG is reliable. Accordingly, professional firms need to have a random number generator (RNG) and a certification that it is quality. For example, BC.GAME obtained its certification from iTech Labs for its RNG. This certification confirms that BC.GAME uses an algorithm up to standard and that the numbers pass the test for statistical randomness.  

Notably, sports betting does not use RNG technology. Instead, casino operators provide odds on the outcome of the event. The odds creation is up to the operator, and gamers have to assess their chances from the odds.  


Use of Computer Algorithms 

The PRNG is a version of RPG that is especially suitable for online casinos. PRNGs rely exclusively on computer mathematical algorithms to generate numbers at random. Each slot machine has an algorithm and a seed number without inputs for online casinos. The PRNG constantly generates random numbers that allow the online casino to ensure that their outcomes are not manipulated. Such operations need to be above board. There is no margin for error in ensuring that an online casino runs smoothly. The randomness of the numbers makes card-counting strategies viable in physical casinos redundant. Such a strategy relies on a pre-shuffled deck to predict the remaining cards. For an RNG, every single hand is random, which goes against the whole concept of the strategy. Playing at a crypto casino that uses a random number generator (RNG), like BC.GAME, it’s safer for players! For some games, strategy is still applicable. For instance, some betting pattern strategies in a game like Roulette can have applicability. Such a game must rely on mathematical principles, and the random result benefits such a strategy.  

Advantages of RNG systems

  • Transparency- The main benefit of RNG implementation is that crypto gambling casinos can assure their players of openness. Provably fair casinos mean that the players can know that they wager on a system that is above board. 
  • Gamers don’t need to rely on third-party authentication- Online casinos with RTG don’t need third-party authentication and auditing. Players can be sure of a casino’s credentials without needing these authenticators. 
  • Random Number Generators provide technological efficiency- Casinos that list blockchain games can use the technology to assure gamers of their accountability by using the same technology that powers blockchain to their advantage. The essence of blockchain technology is the elimination of centralised manipulation, and these systems ensure that. 

Are RNG Systems Susceptible To Hacking?

In theory, yes. After all, these are computerised algorithms and can still be subject to hacks, especially if a person happens to access the algorithm and the seed numbers used by the casino. However, achieving that in real life is tough and almost impossible. RTG developers are well aware of this risk and have worked relentlessly to prevent the chance from that happening. If anything, the weighted distribution is ingeniously set to achieve a certain payback percentage when played over several cycles to offset the impact of physical reels steadily. Accordingly, it would be wrong to think games are rigged for the online casino operator. There was a notable incident in 2008 when a casino gambler called Ron Harris created a program that could predict RNG results. He made a fortune but also ended up in prison for his indiscretions. After this incident, RNG developers increased the strength of their algorithm and consistently tested the system to ensure it remained random and authentic. These tests make sure that the system is fair and robust.  


The random number generator is a vital aspect of online casinos like BC.GAME, coming in handy in setups without dealers. They help to ensure that casino games are random and provably fair. Online casinos need to provide information about their RNG and assure gamers that the outcomes of casino games are not manipulated. Their use extends beyond the casino business. Accordingly, most sectors that need such random numbers can use the RNG. This tool will remain a vital part of online casino game processes if they need such services.