? “Bitcoin is the Greatest Scam in History”
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? I am not a financial adviser and this is not financial advice. I’m just a humble man with a great passion for all things block-chain, even tangle and block-lattice.



  1. What the hell is he saying ? Is it a scam? or is he promoting bitcon? it sounds very much like he is promoting it to me. it's just probley a clever advert that is designed to look like it's not.

  2. What makes Bitcoin valuable? I'm by no means an expert. I look at gold for example. People DEPEND on gold. Gold is a very important to us economically around the world. Who depends on Bitcoin? You said Bitcoin is easy to use all your friends have it. However I can't pay my bills with Bitcoin. I can't go get groceries with a Bitcoin. As a currency It's irrelevant to society in my opinion. At best, investment in Bitcoin is SKETCHY af.

  3. Cryptocurrencies in general do indeed represent the biggest scam in history. A pump and dumper's dream scenario in which the gullible are parted from their cash. Honestly, how many of these scams need to collapse, often in ridiculous circumstances, for the coin to drop, as it were?

  4. Following receiving an email I actually registered. But before I deposited any money I decided to do some research. Thank God I did and realised it is a scam.

  5. Bitcoin is first ponzi with algorithm.FBI is on top of pyramide since they didnt arrest nobody (and 80 % so called devs are bunch of scamers) .REMEMBER THIS : The one who print money without monitoring (America) is the owner of Bitcoin

  6. Bitcoin is just another tool used by globalism to enslave people. You keep your pretend money and I'll keep my monopoly money at least my monopoly money is physical and established in real life. Lol at least i can hold onto it. Bitcoin is no replacement for physical currency because it still dosen't address the causes of poverty in truth I only see bitcoin as growing poverty in the future. Dont get me wrong banks and physical currency are terrible and need serious reforms but at least it's a system that's been in place for a long time and is well understood. So why trade one garbage system for another?

  7. What people dont get about its volatility, is that for bitcoin to no longer be volatile, it would have to have more of a market share than fiat currency. Meaning people trade vs BTC. Goods and services are valued in BTC, not in USD. Once that happens, its no longer valued in USD.

  8. Bitcoin is as good as thin air , and if it made masses of folk huge wealth then we’d all be doing it , even if some have made a lot of money it comes at the expense of many others and ‘good’ things don’t last , I’d never invest in Bitcoin , it’s a,ways been a bad idea in my opinion….invest in what you know like an ISA or other, bitcoin is a temporary craze and as well as make a few people rich , it will leave a heap of financially devastated people.

  9. The artificially limited small block size could ultimately spell the death of the BTC (Bitcoin Core) blockchain. Blockstream is purposely keeping the block size limited, causing BTC Tx fees to remain artificially high. The BCH (Bitcoin Cash) blockchain is gaining serious adoption as a means of payment. BTW, the BTC LN (Lightning Network) it is overly complicated and months into the mainnet launch still only has a measly ~$150K worldwide capacity.

  10. Dear Crypto, What about the fact that each block in bitcoin can not securitized? What about the slow transaction time: 7 trades per second? What about the tremendous energy consumption it takes?

  11. The problem with opponents of Bitcoin is that they pick the WEAKEST arguments against Bitcoin. Basically, that is lazy and unintelligent debating.

    IF they took the time to explore Bitcoin, they would easily find areas where Bitcoin is weak and bordeline useless (low number of transaction per second, poor scalability of its underlying Blockchain Tech). But these ignorant gizmos just keep barking about the financial downsides of Bitcoin (fluctuation in value, no "back up", not a mean of payment, blabla), assuming people care only for the short-term speculation like them greedy lot do.

    Why don't they understand that Bitcoin is just the tip of the Blockchain iceberg? The genesis of it and certainly not the end of it? I find it interesting that no one says nothing about negative Ethereum, as if it is "PERFECT" and totally clean (whatever happened to the forking episode of ETH classic?). All in all, these critics are just defensive emos who think that by scaring people out of their common sense they will worship their words and keep the circus going. Self-deluded BS.

    I'm yet to hear of "ordinary families" who have capital in cryptos. As far as I know, most people over 40 have no clue what a P2P application is, let alone a coin or a token. They all swear by big cars, big mortgages and big retirement funds, parroting what this broken system taught them in its hay-days. So no, ain't no ordinary body getting ripped off here apart from the paperwork bankers and their affiliates profiteurs.

  12. I know I am a bit late to the party, but in case you are still after something a little more catchy than "Crypto-6Days-a-Weekly": how about "Crypto Sporadic". Well, I guess "Sporadic Crypto", but you catch my drift! 😛

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  14. As always the only ones that HATE BITCOIN are the ones that DO NOT own any.

    The stock market is the most manipulated and inflated market ever, what a joke , CORRECT . The stock market is a joke alright , BITCOIN on the other hand is NOT. I would encourage everyone to BUY AND HOLD the MIGHTY BITCOIN . Think of it as DIGITAL GOLD .


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