Bitcoin Roulette is one of the most popular online crypto casino games and attracts players from around the globe. When players are looking for games to play at the best crypto casino, roulette is usually a popular choice.

The game is popular for several reasons. The rules are easy to learn, and the wide range of bet options keeps players engaged. The different bet options all come with their odds, which allows players to make safer bets with lower payouts or riskier bets with potentially big wins.

How Does Roulette Work?

Bitcoin Roulette is played in the same way as traditional online roulette. The exception is that players use cryptocurrency to wager their bets.

Roulette, the table game at a physical casino, features a betting board, a numbered wheel, and a ball. The wheel contains numbered pockets, and the board contains each number that appears on that wheel. Depending on the rules, some game variations have one or two additional pockets with a green zero or green double zero.

Once you have placed your bets at the table, the wheel is spun, and a small ball is dropped. The ball bounces around and follows a natural trajectory until it settles into a numbered pocket, i.e., the winning number for that spin. That number determines if your bet was a winning one.

At BC.Game, a slider displays all the numbers. When a spin takes place, the numbers roll past an indicator point and then settle to give the winning number for the spin.

After each wheel spin, all winning bets are paid out, and the casino collects all losing bets.

Betting Options

At BC.Game, you bet in either the block for 1 to 18 or 19 to 36. Odds are 1:2, with the bet number in the upper half (small) or the lower half (large).

Betting on the number zero gives you odds of 1:36.

This differs from traditional roulette, where bets are categorised inside and outside. Inside bets are placed on the main part of the betting board where the individual numbers appear. Outside bets are placed on the boxes that appear on the outskirts of the main betting board.

Players either bet on a group of numbers or a single number, and each type of bet has different odds.


Inside Bets

If you choose to wager an inside bet, you have the following options:

  • Straight Up – this is a bet on a single number
  • Split bet – this is a bet split between two adjacent numbers
  • Street Bet – this is a bet on a row of three numbers
  • Corner Bet – this is a bet on a group of four numbers
  • Line Bet – this is a bet that wagers on two rows of three numbers, so six in total

As you may realise, your odds will dramatically lower when your bet type includes more numbers.

Outside Bets

If you decide to engage in outside bets, you have the following options:

  • Columns – the main betting board is divided into three columns, so you can choose to bet on one or more columns.
  • Dozens – the main betting board is split into a low number of dozen, mid number dozen, and a high number of dozen. You can choose to bet on one or more dozens.
  • Colours – this bet entails you betting on a colour, and if the ball drops on that colour, you will win irrespective of the number
  • Odds/Evens – this bet allows you to wager on an odd or even winning number
  • High/Low – the main betting board is split into 1-18 low and 19-36 high numbers. You can bet on a high or low number landing on the winning pocket.

There are no limits to the number of bets you can make on each spin, and players usually make a combination of bets hoping for a big payout.

It is important to read the rules at your crypto casino, as some Bitcoin Roulette tables offer special bets.

Variations Of Roulette

Roulette comes in many different variations, and each type has specific rules. Although the general gameplay is essentially the same, each has slight changes. Always read the rules before playing a new variation, as this could help with your Roulette strategy in your gambling session.

American Roulette

American Roulette is a very popular variation of the game. The rules are similar to European Roulette, except for the numbered wheel. The numbered pockets in American Roulette contain both a single 0 and a double 0.

European Roulette

European Roulette is the most common variation found at BTC and online casinos. The wheel contains only a single 0, as opposed to other variations.

Many players prefer the European version as they consider it to be player-friendly. Due to the European version having fewer numbers, there is a slightly higher chance of realising winning bets there. This is important in the long term as that slight difference can boost your returns.


French Roulette

French roulette is quite similar to its European counterpart, except for the betting board, which has a different layout. Players can make the same bets as other variations, and the numbered pockets only contain a single zero.

French roulette is unique because it includes a La Partage rule that rewards players with half their bet if the ball lands on a zero pocket. This rule is only applicable to even money bets.

Some French Roulette games also include an En Prison rule where a player can place their even money bet in prison if the ball lands in a zero pocket. This essentially retains the player’s bet for the following spin.

Multi-Wheel Roulette

This variation is relatively new and has become more prevalent at online casinos. The rules are the same, except that you can bet on the outcomes of multiple wheels at the same time using a single betting board.

Bitcoin Roulette Strategy

Seasoned Bitcoin Roulette players use a series of strategies to help them to maximise their gameplay and bankroll. Although these are by no means guaranteed, they can certainly help you to boost your winnings.

Consistent Outside Betting

Some players find a lot of joy when wagering Outside Bets. Although these bets have much lower odds, they are more reliable statistically. Consistent betting on the outside will bring you steady and regular rewards in the long term.

Martingale System

With this strategy, players double their bets after each loss to recover. The original bet is placed after each win. Players with big bankrolls usually employ this strategy.

Fibonacci System

This strategy raises the betting stake after each loss to recoup the previous bet. The idea is to recover your lost bet almost immediately. Regarded is risky; it is mostly used by players with very large bankrolls who like quick big wins.

D’Alembert System

With this system, players increase their bets after a loss and decrease their bets after a win. This is an even strategy that will help to maximise your winnings and reduce your losses.

It must be noted that strategies are not a guaranteed way to win at Bitcoin Roulette, so use these with caution.

Advantages Of Playing Bitcoin Roulette

Many fantastic advantages make this game so much fun.

Provably Fair Gaming

When playing Bitcoin Roulette, rest assured that your session is provably fair. BTC casinos use Number Predictors and Random Number Generators based on sophisticated mathematical algorithms to provide random outcomes.

With top-rated bitcoin casinos such as BC.Game, you can manually verify the authenticity and fairness of the results of your gaming session. This gives you the confidence that the casino is transparent.

Efficient Banking Options

Gamblers prefer to play roulette at casinos where their transaction processing times are shorter. Top-rated casinos like BC.Game ensure the quickest possible transaction processing times for all payments and withdrawals. With traditional online casinos, processing times can take several days. 

Because crypto transactions are facilitated almost immediately, players have more time to enjoy their Bitcoin Roulette without frustrating wait times.

Safe and Secure Platform

BTC casinos don’t require players to share their personal information before gambling. Moreover, most crypto gambling sites have SSL encryptions and two-factor authentication, so players can have peace of mind when enjoying their time at the table.

Attractive Bonuses and Promotions

Bitcoin Roulette players can enjoy attractive bonuses and promotions as the crypto casino does not incur costly transaction fees usually associated with traditional banking methods. The casinos typically pass on these savings to their players through attractive bonuses and promotions, which gives them more opportunities to play and win.

The Bottom Line

Bitcoin Roulette is a firm favourite at crypto casinos because of its simplicity and engaging gameplay. Although you may not be able to predict the winning numbers all the time, a combination of wise betting and smart strategy should give you a profitable session. There will always be periods of hot and cold streaks, so remain calm and keep your emotions in check. Good luck!