The best part of modern esports is the availability of streaming and news for all of the world’s best competitive video game events. Call of Duty reigns supreme as one of the best games in the team-based first-person shooter (FPS) genre. 

What makes betting on Call of Duty esports fun is its variety of leagues. This is largely thanks to the title’s various versions, all of which have a strong, active player base on consoles and PC alike. It even has a mobile version popular in the Philippines and its neighbouring countries in Asia. Thus, there is plenty to love in the Call of Duty esports betting scene, and this Call of Duty betting guide will help you learn its ins and outs. 

What is Call of Duty betting?

Call of Duty is a first-person shooter (FPS) multiplayer game from Activision originally published exclusively on consoles like the PlayStation and Xbox platforms. As it became more popular, the title also expanded to the mobile and PC gaming spaces. As Call of Duty’s popularity persists with its annual title releases, it also expanded its esports scene. 

Organisations become official partners with Activision to have the rights to host competitive gaming events and eventually become part of its greater professional landscape. As the game’s esports scene grows, so does its online betting scene. Bookmakers worldwide showcase some of the best market odds for Call of Duty betting. 

When betting on Call of Duty esports matches, you’re given many scenarios to wager on called betting markets. Each has a list of outcomes you can choose from, usually only two or three, but some can have more. Depending on the tournament format, you can bet on players or teams. 

Types of bets in Call of Duty

Before learning how to bet on Call of Duty, you must first understand its markets. The following are different betting types you can choose from in BC.GAME. All of them are based on the mechanics of a competitive match, and the variations of outcomes you choose from are all the close-ended conclusions that can happen. 

Each comes with odds to indicate their likelihood of winning and potential payout. Here are a few examples you can find at BC.GAME:

Winner of the tournament 

This is an example of an outright bet, meaning you’re wagering who will win the entire tournament, league, or series, so it’s usually made before it starts.

Low-tier events begin at the start of the season and are usually not covered by any bookmaker. High-tier events start in the 3rd quarter of the year, and betting on its winner only starts once the roster of qualified teams is complete. Once it’s open, you can bet which will win the tournament. The wager concludes after the finals. 

Winner of the game 

A ‘game’ refers to one match. Most Call of Duty esports games consist of more than one round, and whoever wins most becomes the game winner. You only have two options in a team game for this market because there is no possibility of a tie in Call of Duty. 

The number of rounds depends on the rules and level of competition. Most events are best of 3, where the first team to win two rounds wins the game. World Championship matches tend to be a best of 5, so the first team to win three rounds is the winner. Single-elimination matches are seldom, but if it’s the format, the teams only play against each other once to determine the winner. 

Call of Duty: Mobile and Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 have a battle royale mode where a game is structured differently. Teams of four play against others, and the game winner bet market consists of more than one team per game. 

There will be solos, two-man (duo), and four-man (quad) groups competing against other players, and the winner is the last person/team standing. These modes are typically played once per game in esports, and winners are judged by their scores and how long they stay alive. 


The player with more points in the team 

This type of bet is about guessing which of them will have the most number of points among their teammates. Even in a team-oriented format in Call of Duty, fans love to compare their favourite players with their allies. You can place bets on one of four or five players in a team on who you think will have the best score in kill and assist. There are other ways to earn points, but it depends on the game mode used in the tournament. 

The player with the most kills 

Kills are counted to whoever lands the last damage that eliminates a player. Scenarios that can lead to such scores vary. The most straightforward is landing the last bullet needed to take away the player’s remaining health points (HP). Another is causing explosions or using utility items that inflict damage to do the same as the bullet, like a grenade. Whoever has the most kills by the time the game ends determines the winners of the bet. 

The player with the biggest kill streak of the game 

A kill streak refers to successfully eliminating players without dying. Once a player dies, the streak ends and will start again from 1. This is a lot more difficult to predict in high-level competitions. Thus, the odds are always high, and the best way to enjoy this is to wager on your favourite player. 

Number of headshots in a game 

A headshot only counts if the target dies from a fatal shot to the head. Surviving such a strike is rare in Call of Duty, but if the damage inflicted by a well-placed hit isn’t enough to take down a player, it does not count as a headshot. 

This bet is about betting on how many of these kinds of shot happens within a game. It’s not about who has the most or who has a more impressive streak in performing it. This kind of market is typically presented as an over/under bet. That means the bookmaker shows an arbitrary threshold, and you bet on whether the statistic will reach it or not. 

Weapons that are going to be used in the game 

The number of guns depends on the title used in an esports tournament. For example, there are 58 guns in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and over 70 in CoD Mobile. However, many of these are banned from competitive play, whether by gentleman’s agreement or competition regulations. You can bet on whether the remaining items will be used in a match or not. 

This type of bet is typically absent in most bookmakers but BC.GAME sometimes shows this in important events like the Call of Duty World League finals. Guns considered staples in competitive scenes are not included, like the M4A1 and MP5. The best guns to bet on are those that are hard to master or make a strategy for. 

Call of Duty: Best betting strategies to try

Placing bets on Call of Duty is no different from betting on other sports or esports. You just browse through your market options at BC.GAME, place your stakes on the outcome you’re most confident in, then claim your winnings afterwards. Thus, you can apply strategies developed for other kinds of betting in Call of Duty esports. Here are a few that you can use to get the best results:

Bet on futures

BC.GAME will often have markets available for matches scheduled a day or a week ahead under the category ‘futures’. You can bet on over/under, match winners, and propositional (prop) bets with high odds. What makes betting on futures fun is how it typically has high odds for all kinds of outcomes, even for favourites. You can also make in-play bets once that match becomes live, and you can double down on the same bets for a bigger payout. Likewise, you can cover your potential losses by betting on the opposite.

Use popular betting strategies 

A betting method is a strategy used mostly for bets with a high likelihood of winning or just having two outcomes. Over/under total points is the best market for this, but you can also use it on game winner bets. A few examples of betting methods you can try are as follows:

  • Martingale – Double your wager on the next bet after losing the previous one. One win is enough to claim all your losses plus profit. Reset back to your minimum stakes after winning. 
  • D’Alambert – Decide on a minimum bet and count it as 1 unit. Add 1 more unit to your wager for every bet you lose, then remove one if you win. This recovers your losses slower but reliably in esports betting. 
  • Reverse Martingale – Double your wager every time you win and reset back to minimum stakes if you lose. Do this if you’re confident in your bets.

Betting methods are not catch-all strategies for esports betting. They’re helpful for maximising wins and minimising losses, ensuring you get the most out of your bankroll, and helping you develop an effective money management system


Top Call of Duty betting tips

The best way to maximise the effectiveness of your strategy is to be as familiar with the events as possible. While betting relies on luck, match and tournament results can be predicted by properly gauging the skill levels between players or teams and checking market odds.

It’s best to follow Call of Duty betting tips and guides to ensure you have more chances of winning your bets. Check out the popular tips below:

Bet on the top tournaments if you’re a beginner

You can bet on all kinds of Call of Duty tournaments thanks to BC.GAME’s wide coverage for all levels of competitions. However, beginners can struggle to predict outcomes in matches featuring lesser-known teams. More established brands also tend to dominate these tournaments, making their odds too low to make bets satisfying. 

Betting on top-tier tournaments like the World League or Opens is better for newcomers because the information is the key to making accurate predictions. These are filled with high-profile players you can research on multiple databases, including wiki websites, news outlets covering their stories, and bloggers’ content. 

Stay tuned with news and change your wagers accordingly

Another benefit to futures betting is that you have time to pull out of your bet. As long as the wager isn’t resolved, you can change your prediction or request a refund as long as it’s within the terms and conditions of the bookmaker. This is useful when you’re updated with the latest news regarding the players involved in the match. For example, learning that one of a team’s members got in a fight or suddenly became unavailable for the next match. 

Your bets can be refunded/void if the match is abandoned, but if it’s not, then you can reconsider them. 

Listen to pundits and analysts

Fans tend to be biased with their opinions on professional tournaments. They can be too confident of seeing their favourite teams/players can’t perform consistently, or they are coping with past frustrations. 

Professional pundits and analysts are more objective in their predictions since they know the teams and players better, including the results of previous tournaments. Thus, they are better sources to listen to when you know nothing about competing teams. 

Diversify your wager on multiple markets and matches

If you have the time and budget, then betting on unfamiliar and multiple tournaments can be fun. Just make sure to check out past predictions and player and tournament results, so you have more chances of winning in your wagers.

Biggest esports events for Call of Duty betting

What differentiates Call of Duty from most esports is how its competitive scene is structured. There are so many game modes with equal popularity, new titles in its series almost every year, and Activision is partnered with many organisations. 

Thus, these esports tournaments are technically not directly tied to each other, allowing them to develop their respective communities. Here are some of the most important Call of Duty league championships you can follow every competitive season:

  • Call of Duty World League (CWL)
  • Call of Duty Championship (CWC) 
  • Zombies Community Showdown
  • Call of Duty Challengers
  • Hitch’s Birthday Bot Bash
  • Call of Duty Mobile World Championship (CODM World Championship)

How to bet Call of Duty on BC.GAME

To get started, here is a quick Call of Duty betting guide at BC.GAME:

  • Register on the BC.GAME website. You only need to input your contact information like phone number and email address as well as your desired username and real name
  • Play the Spin game to claim your daily bonus reward, then go to the wallet page
  • Make a deposit to build your bankroll
    • Check the bonus page for rewards to claim after making a deposit
    • Claim that bonus to add to your bankroll
  • Go to BC.GAME sports page, then look for the Call of Duty category
  • Pick a match you want to bet on, then choose a market and outcome
    • Choosing an outcome brings up the betslip where you can manage your wager
      • Double-check the bet
      • Determine the size of the stakes
      • Click on ‘place bet’ to finalise
  • Wait for the game to resolve your bet
  • Payouts from a bet won are sent to your account balance

BC.GAME: The best website for Call of Duty betting

BC.GAME is one of the best online sportsbooks for Call of Duty esports betting in Asia. We support numerous fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies to ensure you can easily deposit and withdraw your winnings. We also cover Call of Duty events like the CWL and CWC for the main titles and the CODM World Championship for fans of the mobile spinoff, making it easier to bet on them. Besides that, you can benefit from our bonuses and promotions that no other sportsbooks can rival!


To know more about Call of Duty betting, here are the most common questions and answers you need to know.

What is Call of Duty esports?

Call of Duty is a competitive multiplayer game with thousands of players divided by rank to showcase their skills. The professional level, where only the top of the game’s roster clashes for glory, is called the esports scene. Matches of this calibre are broadcasted worldwide, and fans always look forward to seeing who will be the new champion.

What is the Call of Duty video game?

Call of Duty is a competitive FPS with various game modes. Some of these involve teams playing against each other; the winner is determined by who completes their objectives first. Others include solo players competing against one another to become the winner of the match. 

Can I bet on Call of Duty?

Yes. Call of Duty has a thriving esports scene with hundreds of yearly professional matches. You can bet on any of these at sportsbooks like BC.GAME and win real cash prizes.

Where can I bet on COD esports?

You can place bets on COD esports events at any trusted sportsbook. BC.GAME is an optimal platform with fun markets, great odds, and generous bonuses you can enjoy. 

How to bet on Call of Duty?

You need to make an account on BC.GAME, then make a deposit to build your bankroll. Once you have one, choose a market under Call of Duty esports within the website, then place your bet. Manage the size of your wager on the bet slip and click ‘pay’ to finalise your bet.