BC.GAME offers a platform for esports and sports betting made accessible by the internet. It has the licence to operate in almost every Asian country where gambling is allowed, with coverage of all competitive leagues worldwide. The most prominent in the video gaming industry are titles in Asia, like the SEA Games, Asian Games, and regional tournaments. BC.GAME covers all of them, allowing you to bet on all esports tournaments at all times. 

Esports in Asia

Asia is one of the most competitive regions in all kinds of video games. That includes first-person shooters (FPS), multiplayer online battle arenas (MOBA), and even fighting games. Some titles are even exclusive to certain countries in Asia, mostly in China and Southeast Asia. Niche tournaments are only held in this part of the world because they only appear to the Eastern demography. 

Esports betting in Asia comes with stricter regulations than in the West. In many countries, gambling in public is prohibited. You can only place your bets while on a licensed website. Fortunately, regulations are much more forgiving for online betting sites, allowing platforms like BC.GAME to make betting on esports accessible.

For a better comparison of how good Asian teams and players are, it’s better to see who represents this continent in international events. Some have gained global fame and brought their country to a high international coefficient. This feat fosters the growth of popularity of esports betting, including crypto like Bitcoin in their home country, as well as increases seeding positions for their teams. It can be enjoyed by any audience, like a gaming fan, a pro-play expert, a casual onlooker, and an esports bettor. 

Countries ranking in Esport in Asia:

South Korea

South Korea is one of the leading countries in multiple gaming titles. As of 2023, they are considered the dominant region in League of Legends and StarCraft 2, respectively. To put it into perspective, most ranked players in the West look at South Korean meta or esports trends to find inspiration for their own game. 


Compared to its neighbours, China has a more widespread influence on multiple titles. They are rivals to South Korea in League of Legends and StarCraft 2 while they compete with Southeast Asia for mobile games like Kings of Glory. They are also on par with the best United States and Europe teams regarding Dota 2 and CSGO. 


Malaysia is considered the top-earning region in Asian esports, which explains the number of esports sportsbooks operating in the country. They are the best in Southeast Asia in Dota 2 and the region’s top mobile gaming contender. 


Singapore is best known for being the server host of many Southeast Asian regional competitions. Thus, they share seeding positions with their neighbours like the Philippines, Thailand, and Malaysia in certain international leagues. They are the prime host for Dota 2, League of Legends, and CS:GO tournaments and take the lead in Rocket League esports.

The Philippines

The Philippines is slowly getting its server and will have independent seeding for international tournaments. However, they often struggle to establish dominance in any esports game. The only exception is in Dota 2, where they are considered one of the best in Asia.


Thailand has a much better earning and player count than its fellow Southeast Asian nations, but it can’t compete in mainstream gaming titles. Instead, they dominate the Kings of Glory scene, even against China. 


Vietnam is also a contender in the Kings of Glory esports scene while dabbling in various mobile esports. They also have a good showing in VALORANT’s international tournaments from time to time.  


What you need to know about esports betting

Esports, short for electronic sports, is the professional video gaming scene similar to how sports are for games like football, basketball, and volleyball. It’s often played in teams, but some versions are 1v1, like kickboxing and mixed martial arts. You can bet on which teams or players will win their respective matches. 

Esports in Asia have many leagues for every kind of online video game. Most of them can also be viewed on live streaming services, allowing you to watch and bet simultaneously. Watching esports as entertainment is made more engaging with money for spectators at stake. Winning bets on esports repay your ante with profit, that is, your bet multiplied by the odds of the outcome you are backing. 

Types of esports games

The variety of esports games spans multiple genres, most of which are PC games. A few examples include classic esports games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO), League of Legends (LoL), StarCraft 2 (SC2), and Dota 2. There are also competitive mobile games, but leagues are often exclusive to Asian regions. One great example of this is King of Glory from the MOBA genre. Console games are also with titles like Call of Duty and Rainbow Six. 

Some video games are also based on real life sports. The most popular are NBA 2K for basketball, FIFA for football, and Madden NFL for American football. You can improve your esports gambling win rate by gaining experience as a player, too. All of the above esports in Asia also have modes for casual gamers. You can play with random players online. Most of them also have modes where you can play with artificial intelligence (bots) if you need practice before trying multiplayer. 

Popular esports betting games at BC.GAME

All games you can bet on in BC.GAME are online games. There is no slow build-up like in role-playing games (RPG), nor are there big parties like in massive multiplayer online (MMO) titles. All of them are team-based matches with a concise setup and simple rules. Thus, even non-gamers can have straight-forward esports live betting sessions for the following games:

  • League of Legends

League of Legends is a MOBA developed and published by Riot Games. It features two teams of five starting from the top right and bottom left corners of the map to destroy the other side. League of Legends is fast-paced, with high-mobility Champions and heavy reliance on precision to outmanoeuvre the opponents in every skirmish.

  • Dota 2

A MOBA, developed and published by Valve, features a large, three-lane and two teams of five competing for control over the map. There are dark corners, terrain height, and neutral populations both sides need to exploit to gain a tactical advantage. The goal is to destroy each other’s base using any means available. 

  • Counter-Strike

Counter-Strike is a tactical team shooter game developed and published by Valve is set in multiple locations where two teams, the terrorist and counter-terrorist, fight with different rules. The terrorist wins if they successfully detonate the bomb at a site, and the counter-terrorist wins if it’s defused. Alternatively, either side can win by successfully eliminating the entire enemy team.

  • StarCraft II

It’s a real-time strategy (RTS) game developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment with both 1v1 and 2v2 esports divisions. The goal is to rapidly build one’s base and army using all available resources. One team wins by eliminating all units and structures on the enemy’s side.

  • Call of Duty

It’s a tactical team shooter developed by Activision and published by Activision Blizzard. There are multiple game modes for every map with varying sets of rules. New ones are introduced with each new edition of Call of Duty. All of them involve high-octane, gun-blazing action simulating modern military warfare. 

  • Overwatch 

It’s a tactical team shooter developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment with a 5v5 setup. There are several game modes competing teams choose from each match, but the rules for each can be changed per season. What they all have in common is the involvement of non-stop action filled with magic and advanced technology. 

  • Rainbow Six

Rainbow Six is a tactical team shooter developed and published by Ubisoft Montreal features futuristic warfare between two teams of five. There are several game modes both sides can choose from, but they all involve having one team play as an attacker while the other is the defender. 

  • King of Glory

It’s a MOBA developed by TiMi Studio Group and published by Tencent Games, where two teams of five compete on a small map. Both sides occupied the map’s upper right and the lower left, and the goal was to destroy the opposite side. It’s a strategy action game with a smaller area than League of Legends and Dota 2, giving it a faster pace than PC MOBA.

Most of these titles are f2p / free-to-play, allowing you to try them out as a casual player to understand a match’s fundamentals better. The only game you have to pay to play is Call of Duty. 


How to bet on esports?

Online esports betting is easy on BC.GAME. Simply deposit cash in your account wallet using any of the site’s supported payment methods to build your bankroll. Then, look for esports game matches you want to bet on by browsing through categories of tournaments and regions. 

You can use BC.GAME’s search engine to look up names of players or teams competing. See the esports betting markets available in the match and place a wager on an outcome you believe is most likely to happen. Likewise, you may also place bets on which team/player will win their competitions at the end of the season, otherwise known as ‘outrights’.

If you’re not confident enough to guess, then you can look at how fellow bettors do it in BC.GAME. This is called social betting, where you take inspiration from other bettors’ wagers. It helps you win real money while relying on others’ expertise. Esports bookmakers also offer an alternative way of betting. This is by staking game cosmetics to win a better item or real money, called ‘skin gambling’. The availability of this option depends on promotion rules.

Esports betting market

There are multiple opportunities for esports live betting in Asian esports, thanks to numerous leagues ongoing every year. Most of them are organised by big companies in the industry, like their respective developers or third-party gaming bodies like Electronic Sports League (ESL). They all feature the same markets, like who will win and how many points will be earned in total. Some markets are unique to each esports betting game because of their unique elements, but these are often prop bets. A prop bet has no weight in the overall result of an event, like which team in Dota 2 can destroy a structure first or whether a round in VALORANT will end in a bomb diffusion.

Types of bets in esports betting

There are a variety of esports markets to choose from in a match. The most basic is the ‘moneyline’, where you guess which side will win. Handicap betting tweaks the moneyline bet a bit in which the bookmaker gives either side an arbitrary edge. This rebalances the matchup that would either close the skill gap between the favourite and underdog to increase the odds or widen it for a bigger payout.

Over/under is another popular esports market. It’s about guessing whether the accumulated points from both sides will reach an arbitrary threshold. Bookmakers like BC.GAME always offer several levels to give you more opportunities to win. Unlike moneyline betting, there is no possibility of a draw in this market. You only bet on either over or under and win real cash. 

Fans also like speculating on end-of-tournament results. This includes outright betting on the winner or who would be placed at the rankings’ top or bottom sections. If the tournament has a prize pool cutoff, then outright markets will include sections, and you bet on which team will end up in each one. 

Betting on esports at BC.GAME

BC.GAME is the best website for esports betting thanks to its security, accessibility, and game variety largely. There are esports markets for every league in all regions worldwide for all video game titles. Another important aspect you should consider when choosing a bookmaker is promotions because even small bonus rewards can help you win so much more profit. 

Some of the offers you can look forward to including welcome bonuses, weekly deposits, rakeback, and daily tasks. Always check them out as soon as you make a new deposit to see how BC.GAME can increase your bankroll. 


Betting on BC.GAME is easy, fun, and lucrative thanks to its various benefits that you can enjoy. You just have to log in, deposit, and start betting on any match on its esports sportsbook page. However, the sheer number of options on a website as top-tier as BC.GAME can be overwhelming. If you’re not sure where to start, then begin researching for esports betting tips. There are plenty of fun strategies you can learn from bettors at online community sites; some of them are also fans of BC.GAME. Once experienced, you may also start sharing your insights with fellow esports bettors.


How do you bet on esport games?

You can bet on esports games at BC.GAME’s sports webpage. Click on ‘sports’ and go to the video game on which you want to place bets, then choose one of the available matches. Betting is only available if you have free bet bonuses or funds in your BC.GAME account. Thus, you first need to deposit cash in BC.GAME’s supported currencies, like the Japanese yen (¥), before clicking on any esports markets.

Which country has the best esports?

Every Asian esports is worth watching, thanks to their high level of competitiveness. However, some nations are better than others at certain kinds of video games. South Korea, for example, dominates MOBA gaming on PC, like LoL and Dota 2. China competes with Southeast Asia for the best region in mobile gaming. Fighting game tournaments are the best in Japan among esports in Asia. 

Why is esports popular in Asia?

Just like sports, the popularity of esports is heavily influenced by how successful the country’s representatives are in an international competition. Many Asian countries succeed greatly in global tournaments encouraging other gamers to follow in their footsteps or surpass them. Some common examples include South Koreans’ dominance in League of Legends or Chinese players’ high performance in Dota 2. Japanese pro players have also achieved global fame in Street Fighter, Tekken, and other fighting games. 

How big is the gaming industry in Asia?

Asia has a high population, making it easy for the continent to take over 55% of the global games market. Competitive esports gaming is also exclusive to the East, like Kings of Glory, only being distributed to China and countries in Southeast Asia. Needless to say, Asia is the top region in almost everything related to competitive gaming, including casual or professional participation, as well as esports online betting.