The gambling industry continues to expand, showing no signs of slowing down. As technology grows and the reach of online evolves, people are exposed to more and more options for entertainment to get involved, including casino streaming. 

One of the biggest markets to recently have taken off is the industry of influences, which includes casino streamers. Find out all about the world of online casino streamers and what the twitch gambling ban means for them. 

How The Internet Has Advanced Gambling

Online gambling has brought a huge change to the time-old activity of gambling. It has allowed almost everyone the opportunity to get involved in the fun. With online now an option, and more people indulging, the industry is slowly but surely getting rid of its naysayers and growing into a profitable and enjoyable sector of entertainment. 

The internet has not only made gambling more accessible. With that, it has also increased its thrill factor, as well as return opportunities. Online casinos today have the ability to up your odds with the added opportunity of bonuses, giveaways and much more. 

Online Casino Influences

Just like any industry nowadays, there are influences which help brands market their sites and products. Within the casino market, the influences come in the form of streamers and are commonly found on social platforms like Twitter, Twitch and YouTube. 

This could all change with the new bans Twitch has placed on gambling. The ban comes into effect on the 18th of October, which is when we will see how this change affects the casino streaming market. 

When it comes to casino influences, the three leading platforms they can be found on his Twitter, Twitch and Youtube, with a slow shift to Instagram. With the main following coming from the top three, let’s examine why these platforms have gained the most traction in the online casino market. 


Twitch is the newest of the platforms in the market. In a short time, it has been operational. It has attracted thousands of casino streamers dreaming of becoming the next CasinoDaddy, ROSHTEIN or DeuceAce. 


YouTube is a video streaming platform that holds the largest viewer base, with more than 1.5 billion viewers. With such a large potential audience, it’s not surprising that it also has the most variety when it comes to topics to choose from. With the ability to share videos and create audience bases, it became the ideal platform for gamblers to show off their skills and entertain like-minded individuals. 


Twitter has become known as a place for people like Elon Musk, Cameron Winklevoss, Bill Gates and many others to voice their views on topics like cryptocurrency, quickly building audiences of huge magnitudes. As these social figures grew, so did the surrounding community. This quickly made Twitter one of the platforms to hold the most significant crypto community online.

As crypto popularity picked up, so did crypto casinos, quickly becoming the preferred option amongst online players. That said, it was only natural that crypto casino streamers gravitated where their target audience would be. 

The Twitch Ban 

The Twitch ban was announced on Twitter on the 21st of September 2022, stating that the company will prohibit any referral links or codes that link back to sites offering slots, roulette, and dice games, as well as those with no US casino license. 

The ban came into play on the 18th of October, allowing other streaming platforms to take over that audience. Although it’s hard to tell what will play out, it seems reasonable to assume that YouTube could take most of the traffic. Other gaming streaming platforms that could be an option are Facebook Gaming, Periscope, and a few others, including the possibility of popular social media platform Instagram with live stories.

The ban was brought about by a popular streamer admitting to having convinced other streamers to help aid a gambling addiction he had developed while streaming on the site. Although many may find this a controversial topic, Twitch has every right to implement rules and regulations for site use. 

The Growth Of The Online Gambling Market.

Online gaming has a long way to go when it comes to getting sceptics to allow the market to flourish. From what the market is today, versus what it was ten years ago, it’s easy to say it’s come a long way. 

From expanding to crypto and now to streaming, various avenues exist for those looking to get involved. A great place to start learning the rule is watching streamers and taking on board some tricks of the trade.