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In today’s news update, we look at the markets. Aside from a flash spike that occurred suddenly and then returned to right where it took off from, the markets weren’t good today. BTC dominance is rising and altcoins sunk like a rock today. In the news, we look at Coinbase & Facebook’s relationship, Coinbase managing a $20B hedge fund, Congressman Brad Sherman gets it from the crypto community, Vechain is doing a giveaway, Oyster is updating its backend, a misleading gold chart is floating around, Tezos getting ready to move toward community ownership, Dash speaks at the British Parliament, & THEKEY works with Chinese government to fix social security.


Timestamps & Links
4:00 Coinbase & Facebook:
7:16 Coinbase Hedge Fund:
8:00 Brad Sherman:
9:35 CryptoDog:
11:10 Vechain:
12:21 Oyster:
13:26 Gold Chart:
15:12 Tezos:
15:57 Tezos Bakers:
16:38 Dash at Parliament:
19:25 THEKEY:


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