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On this weeks New Kids On The Blockchain Crypto and Blockchain news show:

We chat to UHX (Universal Health Con) about how they plan to revolutionise the healthcare world with Blockchain

Talk about what event are coming upon we are attending including MJAC Crypto Compare

Speak to Professor Michael Mainelli about his view on ICOs, fraud, cryptos and a view that Bitcoin BTC will hit $100 in the next year.

And reveal the winners from last weeks buddy blockchain giveaway thanks to Savii Digital



?FROM CCN In Landmark U.S. Case, Mastermind Behind Two Fraudulent ICOs Pleads Guilty

This is the ICO regulators warned you about. Maksim Zaslavskiy, who is the mastermind behind two ICOs for tokenized real estate and diamonds, has pled guilty to fraud in a federal district court in Brooklyn, N.Y. As the first case of ICO fraud in the U.S., this one sets a precedent, with a judge in September having decided that ICOs are subject to securities laws.

Zaslavskiy is now facing more than three years in prison for “conspiracy to commit securities fraud,” according to Bloomberg.

?FROM COIN TELEGRAPH – Why Did Crypto Market Experience a $27 Billion Wipeout? Experts Discuss Factors

On November 15, within a 24-hour span, the valuation of the crypto market fell from $210 billion to $183 billion, by more than $27 billion on a single day.

On CNBC’s Fast Money, Brian Kelly stated the confidence of investors in the cryptocurrency market declined ahead of the Bitcoin Cash hard fork and its civil war with Bitcoin SV:

?FROM CNBC – Nvidia nurses ‘crypto hangover’ as demand for mining chips evaporates

Chipmaker Nvidia was a major beneficiary of the crypto-boom last year. But by now, the party is over and the hangover is starting to set in.

In its disappointing earnings report Thursday, Nvidia executives outlined a drop in revenue for the current quarter based on lack of demand for its gaming cards. Cryptocurrency mining had fueled demand for those chips late last year. But that has all but dried up as bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies’ prices nosedived and “mining” for many of those is no longer profitable.

?FROM CRYPTO DAILY Why Mining Ethereum Is No Longer Worth It

A recent report published by CNBC claims that mining cryptocurrency is soon to be a thing of the past as the activity is no longer a profitable one.

Crypto fanatics from all over the globe will remember a time last year when crypto’s bull run saw all the currencies reach their high with Bitcoin touching $20,000 and it garnered a lot of mainstream attention from several big news outlets.

The space went into chaos with almost everyone looking towards the process of mining digital currencies in which anyone could install mining rigs to their homes and earn digital currencies online, although the energy costs are extortionate.

?FROM DAILY HODL – Crypto Whale Moves $618 Million in Bitcoin

The biggest whale on record this week moved about $618 million worth of Bitcoin from Binance to an unknown wallet, according to WhaleWatch.io.




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