Players at BC.Game can bet on various kinds of auto racing. That includes cars, horses, greyhounds, bikes, and motorcycles. When saying ‘motorcycle racing’, the sport refers to the use of motorcycles like superbikes and motocross. Speedway is a form of a specialised motorcycle but does not belong to this category. 

Here at BC.Game, one of the leading betting platforms in the world, you can have a good time placing wagers on motorbike races and getting fun promotions all the time. 

What is Motorcycle Racing?

The term ‘motorcycle racing’ officially counts more than one version of the sport. Its most popular version uses two-wheeled vehicles with powerful engines known as ‘superbikes’. It is classified as ‘road racing’ because its events are held on a pavement surface. Other versions include off-road racing where the vehicle is lighter called ‘dirt bikes’. 

Motorcycle betting can cover a wide range of competition under this classification. The most prestigious being Motorcycle Grand Prix (MotoGP) for road racing and Motocross World Championship for the off-road circuit. Other variations of the sport can feature different types of two-wheeled vehicles but they are all on pavement or a dirt track.

How to bet on Motorcycle Racing?

Motorcycle sports betting follows the same process as any other sport. Go to your favourite bookmaker, like BC.Game, and look for the race you want to bet on. They are all sorted into season, class, country, and match date or name of the stadium hosting the race. Most of the time, the event closest to you is highlighted like how Japan motorcycle racing betting would feature Japanese-hosted matches. 

Motorcycle races can last up to 45 minutes long. Thus, you can bet on in-play for live events. Besides betting on who would win, you can try predicting how much time will elapse between laps and which driver will qualify for the next race. 

Gambling on outright outcomes is a lot more straightforward. You just predict which driver will win the tournament the whole season. The odds for each outcome represent which outcome is more popular in the market among all users of the same bookmaker. If your bet wins, then you claim your bet back multiplied by the odds of your prediction.

Where to bet on Motorcycle Racing? 

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Top motorcycle betting strategies

Strategies in motorcycle racing betting can be reliant on many factors. Unlike casino gambling, where the random number generator (RNG) is the only determining factor of the outcome, you can predict results in sports. Thus, you can increase your winning probability by betting wisely. Personal experience with the sport also helps, but second-hand accounts are often all you need. Money management techniques are also applicable if you know a few.


Betting on futures means predicting who will win an upcoming motorcycle racing event. The first step to doing so is guessing which of all participating racers would make it to that point in the first place. Find a list of the most popular drivers to sort your options. 

Pick four or five names and research their performance history, including who they played against. It’s better to place your bets as early as possible on the driver you believe would win to get the best odds possible. Bets on the favourite mean lesser risk, which means fewer payouts in motorbike racing betting.

A beginner often won’t know who is the best driver despite comparing their performance history. If that’s the case for you, then you can default to finding who has the best sponsor in the race. You can find various company logos plastered on their suit or motorcycle to give you a clue. The biggest-spending companies only partner with the best athletes. It’s one of the quickest ways to narrow your options for motorbike racing betting.

All Races

The motorbike betting season offers a lot of races for you to choose from if you are using international sportsbooks like BC.Game. They are split across different leagues and divisions, all of which feature similar betting markets. Your choice only depends on which outcome is more likely to win and which one has odds that are appealing enough to bet on. 

If you would bet on an early race, then motorcycle online betting won’t be influenced much by who is the favourite. Not many veteran drivers take the opening matches too seriously to prevent injuries or damage to their vehicles. 

Exotic Wagers

A motorcycle betting guide usually ends with guessing who will win the race or league. Just for fun, many sportsbooks also cover a series of events that has no direct relation to the outcome of the match. 

One of the most common examples is guessing whether it’s going to rain or not. Another albeit rare example is counting how many motorcycles will crash during the event, accident or otherwise. Odds can be much less predictable than winner bets because of their nature, making it one of the best gambling markets for underdog betting. You can dedicate your transactions to this bet sometimes for some quick fun.


Betting outright is one of the toughest to make motorcycle betting strategies for, but it has the highest profit potential. Typically, you can narrow your options to only several names with the highest probability of winning. It usually only counts three to five people per racing season. 

Your first choice should be the rider with the most wins, followed by the defending title holder. The perfect condition is if the person with the most titles wins and the current defending champion is the same person. They would be the easiest bet on motorcycle outrights. The rest of your options are other title holders or someone with the most wins for the last ten races, regardless of league participation.  


What are the best motorcycle betting tips?

Sports betting tips cannot guarantee more motorcycle winning bets, but they can help make a quicker decision. Take note of the common mistakes you need to avoid in online betting. These do’s and don’ts might also factor into your motorcycle betting.

More often than not, the bettors who chose the popular outcome came to a similar conclusion by considering the same factors. If you want to make a quicker decision, here are the motorcycle betting tips to consider before staking your money. 


Motorcycle racing is often outdoor because only a handful of prestigious stadiums can cover the whole track. Rain, snow, storm, and drought is bound to affect the riders in one way or another. 

Terrible weather conditions can postpone the race, but sometimes, it will push through. If it does, look for articles about every racer and see who has a history of driving well in that weather. The rain, for example, can be a handicap for the favourite if he’s known to be cautious when driving on a slippery road.


Comparing results between riders can be tricky. You have to narrow the options to only their last three to five races and factor in the disparity between each other’s divisions. The driver who got relegated after placing below the cutoff can still have an advantage versus someone who got promoted from being the winner of an event of a lower level.


Watching the race live or recordings of their previous races can give you better insight than relying solely on written statistics. Many full recordings are uploaded on video platforms like YouTube, while clips to promote the sport can be published on social media like Facebook. Gather as many materials as you can about the racers in the next event to make better bets. 


Getting to know a driver for motorcycle betting doesn’t have to go beyond their track record. The only time you’d want to know about their background or life besides racing is if you’re a fan of theirs. What you should know about the driver is their best feats, the members of their crew, and what their goals are in pursuing motorcycle racing as a career. 

Place your bets on motorcycle races at BC.Game

Bet on motorcycle races at BC.Game, one of the top casinos and sportsbooks online. If you want to find some of the best bonuses and promotions, you can find them right here. You can wager on the winner of a race, the whole season, or who would qualify for the next top tournament.


What are the best motorcycle racing tournaments?

Every type of motorcycle is featured in a top-tier racing tournament worldwide. Among the best ones you should try watching is the Motorcycle Grand Prix (MotoGP) which features specialised superbikes from various brands. If you prefer off-road racing then the Motocross World Championship is up your alley.

What is the most popular motorcycle racing?

The MotoGP is the most popular league in motorcycle racing. It comes with four classes, namely MotoGP, Moto2, Moto3, and MotoE, each being subsequently a lower class than the last. You can watch them live on various streaming services or bet on their outcomes straight up.

How do you get into motorcycle racing?

People’s passion for motorcycle racing usually stems from their appreciation for the vehicle. It’s easy to fall in love with a strong engine like a superbike. Others got into motorcycle racing through their passion for gambling. Betting on who would win a race is undoubtedly thrilling. 

Can you bet on MotoGP?

Yes. Betting on MotoGP is easy at BC.Game, one of the world’s most accessible sportsbooks. It supports the most popular betting methods, has fun promotions for all kinds of gamblers, as well as covers many divisions of the sport. Register now and start motorcycle betting at BC.Game.