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Gone are when you had to go to a physical casino to play games and place your wagers for big winning chances. Online casinos such as BC.Game have dedicated themselves to becoming a reliable option for you to try when it comes to online crypto gambling. This new platform in betting opens up new possibilities, especially for bettors who own digital assets.

What is crypto gambling?

Crypto gambling works the same as regular betting, except that you will now use cryptocurrency or digital money as a payment method in online casinos. This allowed crypto to establish its place in the betting industry, with Bitcoin being used in wagering on casino games. 

This has made betting even simpler than most people think. Every gambler/casino player can get additional winnings with crypto since some casinos offer exclusive bonuses for those who use digital assets. 

Advantages of gambling with crypto

Crypto gambling offers advantages you won’t get when placing wagers using fiat money. Online gambling with crypto comes with great benefits that can spice up the experience. One of these is the promotions and offers catered specifically to crypto bettors. 

For instance, regular contests where chosen participants can win more of the crypto asset they use when betting. But the main advantage of crypto betting is that crypto is used as a payment method on these sites. Here are the benefits of gambling in an online crypto casino:

Security and privacy

Your personal information is safe in crypto gambling because all transactions run on the blockchain. It is a decentralised ledger where transactions are recorded as a block of data and then added to the chain. It is protected with an enhanced level of encryption which is why it is protected from any security breach.

The mere fact that you can maintain anonymity when you process transactions mean a lot for punters. The blockchain shields the information with the dominant block. This means that each block has a copy of the said data and will have to be replaced one by one until an individual copy has the most number of blocks. 

Fast payments

While other payment methods take time in both the deposit and withdrawal process, crypto works on the transactions faster. There is no delay in the process, and crypto remains decentralised, meaning that no authority or governing body can take control.

What makes crypto a great option in betting is that it is globally accepted, meaning that you can almost use it anytime and anywhere you want. Even crypto ATMs in various countries make it easier to process all the transactions you need. This is handy in casino betting since the transfer of payment/funds is all made easy.

Transaction fees are cheaper

Most payment methods charge banks additional fees depending on the amount you withdraw or deposit. With crypto, there is no need to worry about transaction fees. This is considered one of the most significant advantages you can enjoy in gambling with crypto.

Crypto only charges a network fee, which is used to process the transaction in the blockchain. Since crypto is also decentralised, no middleman is involved, which lessens the entities that need to be paid in a transaction. This reduces the transaction fees when you use crypto on online betting sites.

Wide variety of crypto gambling games

There is a wide array of crypto gambling games for you to play, where you can find special bonuses for crypto users. These crypto casino games are as enjoyable as the rest and share the same gameplay, so you don’t have to worry about learning new concepts. 

You can get lucky in placing wagers using crypto from slot games and live games. You can also use your digital assets in crypto sports betting, where you wager on which outcome will happen in any given game or tournament. 

In some instances, there are games or events that you can only bet on if you use your crypto on the site. 


Promotions and bonuses

Any site offers many bonuses and promotions that spice up your betting experience. These bonuses come in handy, especially if you want the best winnings from the top casino games on the site.

Some of the best bonuses you can get from a crypto betting site can be free spins, which you can use for slots and roulette games, free hands-on table games and multipliers that can double or triple your winnings. Rewards for VIP bettors are given in the form of crypto prizes as well by some online casinos.

Things to consider when choosing a crypto gambling site

With cryptocurrency gambling already considered mainstream in the online betting industry, various sites like BCGame let bettors use a digital asset of their choice. Here are a few tips you need to keep in mind when choosing a crypto-gambling site:

Legal licences

To get started, you first need to know if the casino you are playing in is legitimate. This means checking the license of the site to operate for betting. It’s a non-negotiable factor in finding a crypto-gambling site, meaning it should be off your list if they don’t have a licence. 

Any operator should have a licence from known casino authorities. This ensures that you’re betting on a secure gambling website and all games are fair. You can find an emblem from a legitimate gambling commissioner at the bottom of the site. Once you click it, it will redirect you to its licence.

Customer support

No one wants to play on a casino site that does not offer reliable customer support service. A casino is not valued only for the games they have but also for the care they have for the clients. A user may experience certain errors and issues when playing casino games, and the site should be ready to offer assistance when needed.

A live support feature for any casino site is a huge plus. Responding quickly to players who encounter problems in their gaming sessions means that the casino pays attention. This is a strong sign that the operator maintains their features well to help customers have an enjoyable experience on the site.

Mobile compatibility

With our current innovations, technology has found a way to put all of your casino experience on mobile devices. This means you can play the games you love anytime and anywhere you want.

Most casinos have a mobile app that allows players to access the same titles they love using their gadgets. A mobile device with high specifications can run various casino games straight from the browser, allowing a seamless experience in casino gaming.

Game providers

Some popular titles you may know or have played for a long time came from top-notch casino software providers worldwide. This means the quality of the game is high enough to guarantee an enjoyable user experience.

Some known developers with an established reputation for providing a fun gaming experience for players are Evolution, Pragmatic Play, BGaming, and EGT. These developers are commended for their impressive titles and consistency in delivering new ones over the years.

How to start online gambling with crypto?

Learning to use crypto in gambling is the next step towards cashing out wins in your betting sessions. Here is a quick but helpful guide for players who want to start using crypto in betting. Follow these steps to begin your crypto-betting journey:

  1. Creating a crypto wallet

Just like storing your cash in a wallet, a digital wallet is needed to store your crypto before you can withdraw or deposit. 

Some of the best crypto wallets you can use are Exodus, Electrum, Ledger, Mycelium, and MetaMask. Check other crypto users’ reviews to see which is the best for you. Finally, sign up to create an account in the crypto wallet app of your choice.

  1. Purchase digital currency

Now that you have a crypto wallet purchasing any digital currency you want to use in betting is the next step. Any coin is a good option, but if you are starting, you may want to use popular assets on the market, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. 

To buy crypto for online gambling, select an exchange and deposit cash to invest. You may soon place your crypto order and select a storage method, the wallet you created. These wallets offer fast purchases, especially the ones that have been prominent in the industry.

  1. Pick a crypto casino

Based on the tips listed above, you should consider picking a website to place your wagers on. Any top online cryptocurrency casino will do, but you need to be sure that you pick the one that is reliable and has a proven reputation. 

Never pick a site that does not have a gambling licence to operate online. Choose the site that is well-reviewed by other bettors and has great offers for crypto bettors. Unlicenced sites may lead to fraud or poor quality of casino gaming experience.

  1. Make a deposit and choose a crypto gambling game

Now that you are all set and ready to go, the next step is to deposit on the betting site. For the deposit method, you can use any crypto you want as long as the crypto wallet of your choice accepts it.

Once you finish the deposit, you can enjoy the games you want and play as long as you like. If you’re new to a casino game, try it out first through the site’s fun play method to see its gameplay and features.

Make the most out of your crypto gambling experience at BC.Game

BC.Game offers the best crypto betting experience when playing casino games and placing wagers on any sport. From its fast and decentralised transactions to specific offers and promotions, crypto gambling is an exciting activity for regular and new bettors. Now that you have an idea of the advantages of crypto gambling, it is now time to give it a try.

Crypto gambling FAQs

BC.Game has compiled all of the most common queries when it comes to crypto gambling. Here are some of them:

How does crypto gambling work?

Crypto gambling works almost the same as regular betting, which means you get to do the same things except that you will use crypto as your payment method.

How to gamble with crypto?

To gamble with crypto, you need a digital wallet to store your assets. You will then need to deposit into the betting account before you can start playing. When all is set, proceed as you do in normal casino betting.

Is it safe to gamble online using crypto?

Crypto gambling is safe for you to enjoy, thanks to the high level of security that the blockchain offers. This allows you to deposit your funds in betting accounts without worries.