Blockchain games and apps are vital to the decentralised application (dApp) landscape. The growth in sub-sectors like crypto gambling has been consistent and impressive. One reason for this success is the high retention rates top blockchain games display. The best crypto games achieve these retention rates through some innovative management solutions. Bitcoin gambling games are transforming how gamers receive their activity’s proceeds.

Since cryptocurrency is censorship-resistant, players can play from anywhere worldwide without wondering about government overreach. Games like Dice, the Wheel, Blackjack, and Bitcoin crash game are great on the blockchain, attracting millions to crypto gambling. The DeFi boom may be the dominant story in cryptocurrency circles. However, blockchain games need more appreciation for their remarkably high retention rates. Statistics don’t lie. The numbers are truly impressive, with the top blockchain games having a retention rate of over 75 percent, as per 2019 figures. Ethereum is still the most prominent development platform for crypto games, but EOS has shown impressive growth, while Tron is a distant third. Analysts calculate retention rates by the monthly retention of unique active wallets per game. Retention is an excellent gauge for engagement because it shows how many users play a game for a sustained period. 

Design of Individual Game Features

One can only sell a product that has inherent value in the market. The best crypto games have several reasons for their success, but none is more important than individual game features. Games with high retention rates have a strong synergy of gambling, fun, and challenges. This is possible through the brilliant design of in-game features. Users get to explore these features and are constantly engaged. In blockchain gaming, the ability to trade in-game items peer-to-peer is also essential in adding to the draw. Centralised gaming often restricts what players can and cannot do with their gaming items. In general, the objective is to prevent a platform from being stale. Gaming needs constant updating and fine-tuning to keep engagement levels high. The best games offer the most variety and options with gaming items. This will likely lead to user base retention and growth as more join. 

Low Gaming Fees

Blockchain gaming is player-themed. Decentralisation means that game building is community-based, with users’ views playing a key role in determining rates. The most important rates are gaming fees. The blockchain provides a great utility for cheap trustless payments. Lower fees allow users to move freely within decentralised applications. This is instrumental in increasing the activity on gambling platforms running on the blockchain. Gamers also benefit from the fact that these payments are efficient and cheap. Purchasing in-game items, for instance, is cost-efficient on the blockchain. Users agree on the modalities and transact without relying on the bureaucracy of centralised institutions. Most leading blockchain gaming platforms offer fast payouts and other incentives to satisfy users. Others even have incentives for their gambling enthusiasts. These incentives add to a satisfactory overall efficient financial setup for users.  

Having Live Products for Longer

Some gaming platforms make the mistake of having powerful incentives during launch only to regress to the mean in due course. Games that make such incentives a fundamental incentive to users run the risk of losing the same users when they withdraw. It is not always correct to assume that powerful incentives during launch will keep users for the long term. If these incentives are meant to be watered down, then they should be a secondary aspect of the gaming experience. Otherwise, games have to keep them around for longer. Some gaming platforms have found ways to incorporate such incentives into the gaming experience for longer while maintaining profitability. Be it tournaments or any other incentives, and it helps to be consistent. 

Polished User Experience

The blockchain offers unique and actionable data for platform owners. Instead of going by blanket offers, the best crypto games tailor their customer service to individual players. The data provides useful insight as to what each player prefers. In crypto gambling, this could be anything from their average bet to how much time they spend on each game. Therefore, blockchain gaming platforms can provide users with a customised gaming experience to enhance their gaming experience. This is great for retention, as every player feels like their experience is just what they signed up for. Additionally, the variety of games on offer adds to the gaming experience. Users pick between Blackjack, Baccarat, Dice, and Bitcoin Crash games to great effect. 


The player retention rate is one of the most important statistics in crypto gambling. Platforms use it to gauge the effectiveness of their marketing strategy and make necessary changes. In a market as competitive as this, dissatisfied players always have options. This is why a platform like BC.Game has measures to ensure gamers are always engaged and excited. With high retention games, the best crypto games will only keep growing.