BC.GAME is the best place for you if you’re on the hunt for popular online casino games such as online slots. The site offers various online casino games from top baccarat, blackjack, and slot variants for all players. BC.GAME also offers different payment methods and casino bonuses to cater to every player’s betting needs.

When it comes to playing online slot games at BC.GAME, you will find not unique slots with exciting themes and games with high slot machine volatility. For new players, slot volatility may not be their number one priority when playing slots. However, slot game volatility is a vital aspect of online slot games that you must consider to boost your chances of winning big. 

Learn more about slot volatility, low volatility slots and high volatility slots and how they can affect your gaming session. To help you get started, here’s a beginner’s guide on everything you need to know about slot machine volatility:

What does volatility mean in slots?

Over the years, the gambling industry changed its game with the help of technology. From the traditional slot machine to online slots, you can now place your bets with just simple clicks. Slots are also popularly known as a popular game of chance that casino players enjoy when gambling online. 

Slots are a popular game of chance that does not need intricate strategies to win. They are fun and easy to play with and come with various themes. Some slots even offer a game incentive or bonus that can help you win a bigger prize.

Volatility in slot machines refers to the amount of risk in a certain slot game. Slot volatility is also used to describe the frequency and size of a player’s expected wins during a given play session. Some slot games include long-losing streaks interspersed with occasional massive payouts while some offer continuous low payouts. These all depend on the game’s volatility. 

There are various types of volatility in slot games. Some are medium volatility slots, while some are high volatility slot games. The volatility range tells a lot about the chance of winning and the risk you face when playing a specific game.

High volatility slots

High volatility slots are ideal for high risk players since high volatility slot machines have the potential to pay out massive sums at a high prize. However, they do so infrequently. You can expect to make big wagers in high volatility slots and obtain large payouts, but only on rare occasions. 

Medium volatility slots 

If you’re only after casual gaming and not into a slot’s bonus, then medium volatility slots are your best bet. A medium volatility slot game is between a high volatility slot game and a low one which means your chances of seeing high prizes are not too frequent but also not that low.

Low volatility slots

A slot machine with low volatility is perfect for players who enjoy a low prize but have a high chance of them being frequent. In a low volatile slot game, you only bet small and also claim small rewards but on an almost regular basis. Low volatility slot machines are perfect for new players just starting to get a grip on playing slot games.

Importance of slot machine volatility

Understanding the importance of volatility in a slot game can help you determine whether you’ll need to bet small or big. A slot game’s volatility can also help you know the expected jackpot size, theprize of a game, and the frequency of how often you can win. 

Slot games with high volatility mean bigger risks but higher prizes that are not offered frequently, while small volatility means low prizes that are offered frequently. Depending on a slot’s volatility, you can decide whether a slot game fits your budget. 


How to determine the volatility of a slot machine?

Some betting sites have the details about the volatility in casino slots through their information index to help players decide whether a specific slot game is right for their budget and gameplay. However, not all casinos offer a slot machine volatility index. If you want to determine a slot game’s volatility, you can start by checking the following slot features:

Jackpot size

One of the many ways that you can check a slot game’s volatility is by checking its jackpot size. If a slot’s jackpot size is large, this means it’s a highly volatile game. Meanwhile, a low jackpot prize means it’s a low volatile slot.

Payout size

One of the main slot features is its payout size. A slot game with a big payout means it’s a highly volatile game with not-so-frequent wins. If it has smaller payouts, the slot is a low to medium-volatile game with frequent wins.

Bonus rounds

Most slot games offer bonuses such as free spins to increase your chances of winning. These bonuses come with big prizes and in some cases, big payouts. A slot game’s bonus rounds and the prizes you get can ramp up its volatility. This means if an online slot has bonus rounds with big prizes, it can be a highly volatile game. 

Random features

Aside from the bonuses, most online slots offer other features such as expanding wilds that are a type of wild symbols. Scatters are also one of the basic random features that can affect a game’s volatility. For example, a slot game can randomly provide more wild symbols or turn regular symbols for more chances of winning. 

These features can help turn losses into wins and your wins into bigger and better prizes. But remember that if a slot game has regular wins, this could mean it has smaller payouts. 

Cascading reels

Cascading reels are a slot feature that describes a bonus feature that appears each time you land a winning combination and add to the game’s level of volatility. Cascading reels do not happen often, but you can win big payouts in a single spin once they do. 

Number of winning ways

Most online slots offer countless ways and possibilities to win and increase the probability of players winning more. Some even offer hundreds to thousands of winning ways. These slots are called Megaways slots

Slot games using the Megaways random reel modifier function are called Megaways slots. This slot game has more possibilities to win than regular video slots because it randomly alters the number of symbols on each spin.

Play high volatility slot games at BC.GAME

BC.GAME is a renowned casino site that offers various game variations of popular casino games. The site also offers casino bonuses that can help you increase your chances of winning big without going beyond your budget. 

Playing at BC.GAME makes it even better because it provides different options to deposit money, including digital assets. Using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies has various advantages for the modern online bettor. If you are a high-stakes casino player looking for highly volatile slot games, you will find various exciting features at BC.GAME.

Spin the reels of BC.GAME slots and land huge prizes

One of the main advantages of playing a game with high slot volatility at BC.GAME is that you can win exciting payouts if you bet big. Although playing highly volatile slots means you win less often, the prizes you can win are on the higher side. At BC.GAME, you can find various high-volatile slots with unique themes that cater to your gaming preferences.


Do you have more questions about slot volatility? Learn more about a slot game’s volatility with these frequently asked questions:

Which slot games have high volatility?

One of the top slot games with the high volatility that you can play at BC.GAME is Dead or Alive by NetEnt.

Is it better to bet high or low slots?

If you are a new casino player, it’s best to play low-volatile slots because they require smaller bets but with frequent payouts. If you are an experienced and high-stakes player, you can play highly volatile slots as they offer bigger payouts but with bigger risks. 

Are low volatility slots good?

Low volatility slots are good for new players as they offer more wins frequently but come with lower payouts. Low volatile slots also do not require you to bet big, which is good for players on a budget.

What slots are easiest to win?

Low to medium volatile slots is the best choice if you want a slot game that frequently pays. However, if you are looking for high-stake slots with bigger payouts, highly volatile slots are for you.