How Many Stocks Should You Watch or Trade at Any Given Time?

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  1. Thank you for such a resourceful video. At 2:45– you mentioned to focus. Placing our attention to 3 to 5 items at a time is simply words from cognitive science. More than 7 is called information overload. As a beginner, I will stick to your advice and I just became a member of Scottrade. thanks again for your time.

  2. Trading only 5 stocks means each position is worth 20% of all the $$. Isn't that a bit risky? Being a new investor, I feel much more comfortable holding 20 stocks, so each is worth only 5% of my $$. On a bad buy, at least it does not hurt too much.

  3. Hello Sasha, Thank you for another great video and the time you use to teach others! It is really a Great Job what you are doing!

    Regarding this video, I think you are right! I tend to approach many and different stocks, and that's mentally tiring. I am following your critical charts and there I find many options to choose weekly (I try to approach/follow many of them for practice). If we should have our top 10-20 pics, what is the point of the critical charts? According to what you said in this video, probably you do not trade most of these as you may just focus in your top 5, isn't it?
    On the other hand, under what criteria do you choose your top 10-20 pics? If I may guess, they should probably be from the S&P500 and probably all of them belong to different sectors? (among others?)
    Sorry.. I have so many questions… I hope i can clarify most of them in the consultation session i just scheduled = D
    Thank you for your time once again! = D

  4. This is terrible advice. US traders need to know that if you realize a capital loss, you have to stop trading that stock. If you don't, you will be committing a wash sale. Not being able to deduct a wash sale will kill your trading profits come April 15. Also, you simply can't diversify with fewer than ten stocks. There are about to be 11 sectors in the market, and a wise investor will try to have long and short positions in all of them. If not, you're subject to too much downside risk due to correlation. The market is full of opportunities to succeed, but following this method is a great way to lose.

  5. Is this true with day trading too as it is with swing? Because honestly 1-2 stocks (under 100k) seems a little slow for day trading. I like to go with about 3-4 on my 20k acc and i don't really feel overwhelmed.

  6. Trading yes, just 10 stocks, but if you are a buy and hold investor it doesn't matter because you buy once or a couple of times and generally don't trade it again. The advantage is diversification and you can grab any stock when the price is right for that stock.

  7. Sasha ty for the video. Ive been in the stock market for 3 months now and like your advice. Its inline with the rest of the tips from the pros. I currently have about 30 stocks im watching , but usually only stick with about 5 that I trade, or im trading on earnings. Stock options trader. Keep posting videos 


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