Decades ago, thieves intending to steal money would have to stage robberies at the risk of life and limb. In the era of crypto, they can execute heists efficiently from a remote location. Anyone new to crypto gambling should understand how to keep it safe from hackers in 2021.

Crypto gambling is a significant sub-sector. When playing your favourite crypto casino games, there are some risks. The risks could be from your handling practices or the platform you game on. Bitcoin gambling games are fun, but not when you lose the coin to a hacker. Therefore, it is vital to prioritize security in crypto gambling. A gamer wagering on the favourite games like Dice or Bitcoin Crash has peace of mind with extra protection. 

Casinos must use layers of encryption and verification to secure funds. It is unwise to understate the risk of theft in this sector.

You can keep your crypto safe from hackers in 2021 by following these measures:

  • Wager on A Secure Platform 

Online crypto gambling platforms like BC Game have lucrative coins. The likes of Bitcoin, Eth, XRP, Litecoin, and USDT, are crypto gambler favourites. Unfortunately, they have the same allure for hackers. When you go on such sites to play the best crypto games, someone else is looking for loopholes. 

Therefore, choosing a secure platform is not an option. The top crypto gambling casino has to use protective measures like cold storage, encryption, strong passwords, and more useful measures. A crypto casino without security measures is a sitting duck. Give yourself a chance by wagering on secure platforms. 

Security extends to other aspects of legitimacy. They include a provably-fair algorithm, decent software, and reasonable odds, among others. Choose a reputable site, preferably one whose licensing and reviews check out.

Additionally, only trade your crypto on reputable exchanges. A trusted platform gives traders more peace of mind. Don’t take the easy path because it may be costly.

  • Protect Against Malware

The best defensive strategy is to have a great offence. One trick that crypto hackers use to scam people is malware. The malware could be targeted or in random social media links. One needs to be very careful with these. However, sometimes mistakes happen. Should this malware get on your computer, it can operate as ransomware or even steal your passwords. 

In crypto, losing your password is devastating. Therefore, it is proper to utilize proper anti-virus software on your computer. This protection could come in handy when such attacks occur. 

Additionally, follow the usual security practices. These include; avoiding public Wi-Fi when gambling, securing your device and using reputable wallets. 

  • Watch Out for Scams 

The crypto industry is still like the Wild West in many ways. There is a semblance of order, but plenty of outlaws still roam. Many sites and platforms are outright scams.

Seasoned crypto enthusiasts will know better. Offers of ridiculous returns and shady practices are familiar markers of scams. However, many people who are new to crypto still fall for these nefarious entities. In crypto gambling, always be aware of the risk of scams and outright fraud. 

  • Google Authenticator and 2-FA

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is a modern tool that adds an extra layer of security. This measure provides a one-time 6-digit password that only you have access to. 2-FA has become a standard security tool for emails and other passwords. Adding an extra layer of security adds hurdles to a hacker. Even with hacking software, it is difficult to hack someone’s password before they get a notification. 

For mobile gambling, you can install the Google authenticator app. The authentication sends a unique code in numbers of QR Code. 2 FA comes in handy when someone is trying to access your account. In crypto, this could be the difference between losing your funds and security. 

  • Use Cold Wallets 

Many crypto gambling and trading wallets offer online wallets. Such wallets seem convenient to a frequent user. However, this could be a ticking time-bomb. When a user decides to store funds online, the exchange or platform could experience breaches. Users who have significant amounts bear the brunt of such attacks.

The best practice is to keep minimal crypto in such wallets. Hot/online wallets should only contain crypto you intend to wager or trade soon. Responsible users store most of their Bitcoin in cold/offline wallets. Cold wallets have no connection to the internet. Accordingly, a hacker has no way of accessing funds in such wallets. The cold wallets operate as removable drives that have unique passwords. This strategy is reliable for the long-term storage of funds. Even when a platform has an impeccable security record, it always helps to be cautious. 


Crypto gambling is a fun and engaging activity. You get to experience potential winning and efficient payment processing. That said, there is an inherent risk in gambling. One could wind up on the winning or losing end. Regardless, you don’t want to shoulder the additional risk of losing funds to hackers. Accordingly, it is advisable to pull out all the stops for crypto security.