Evolution is one of the leading gaming software providers globally. This studio is behind some of the most popular titles in online casinos in the past two decades, with Crazy TIme on BC.GAME being one of the standout performers.

Online crypto gambling enthusiasts love prizes and excitement. The dozens of available slot games, giveaways, and game shows ensure this goal is achieved. There is nothing more exhilarating in an online casino than winning big, especially after a few attempts. Crazy Time is one of those games that provide such excitement for users. 

bc.game crazy time

Exploring Crazy Time 

The game revolves around a spinning wheel that spins. Players take their chances on the segment where the Crazy Time wheel will stop spinning for a chance to win. This game closely resembles the gameplay in Roulette, but the game wheel uses an arrow instead of a ball to determine which segment the winners are picked from, 

Players place bets on where they think the flapper will land once the wheel stops. Those who get it right win a random multiplier or a bonus game.

That’s the game’s beauty; the rules are straightforward and accommodate players at differing levels of online casino experience. The Crazy time wheel has 54 segments, each containing numbers between 1 and 5, and 10. 

Before the wheel spins, players select their chip size and place the theme on one or eight betting options. Besides the numbering, there are the Pachinko, Coin Flip, Cash Hunt, and Crazy TIme options. Once the betting round is done, players wait to know the value multiplier on each possible segment, and the game presenter then proceeds with the Crazy TIme spin to reveal the winning segment. While hitting a win on the numbering is terrific, bonuses are where the excitement is. Players get bonus games with bonuses alongside a multiplier, and the multiplier applies to whichever prize the feature provides.

Therefore, players get to know the spin’s outcome in real-time and can see the live dealer spinning the wheel from the live stream. This adds to the feel of the game show instead of just being a digital spin which raises issues of randomness.

Evolution ensured the game had an excellent 95.5% RTP. For the uninitiated, RTP generally refers to the percentage of money returned to players over Time.

Strategies for CrazyTime

The ease of Crazy Time does not preclude players from developing unique strategies. In fact, the approach can be decisive in the multiplier and bonus games. You are not just making a punt and leaving it up to fate. 

Fundamentally, you need to understand the different segments, their hit rates, and all the surrounding detail. Having an idea of the hit rates and why some appear in more segments than others is useful in formulating a strategy.

Once you have the hit rates in mid, the next step is apportioning your stake between the bets. You can divide it into low-risk and high-risk stakes. The low-risk strategy revolves around bets available in most of the wheel’s segments. The idea is to ensure your chances are as high as possible, as numbers cover over 80% of the wheel segments. However, this strategy also means smaller wins because it aims for maximum coverage. 

bc.game crazy time

The higher-risk strategy prioritizes sizable winnings. Here, you hunt for the bonus features available on 16% of the Crazy TIme wheel. The goal is to hit as many bonus games as possible before your stake is depleted. It makes sense for players willing to stake high without fearing losses. For their consolation, winnable prizes are much bigger when you hit the segment of choice. The multipliers on the bonus round segments can exponentially increase the win amount and make your high-risk strategy worthwhile.

At a more elite level, there is the ultra-high-risk strategy. This one involves betting exclusively on segments with bonus games. It covers less than 2% of the wheel, but players are in line for a huge paycheck when the odds are in their favor. 

For the average player, it makes sense to work with a combination of these strategies. Going with the ultra-high-risk strategy is unwise unless you are a legit high roller. Have a variety of low-risk and high-risk to balance your portfolio nicely. Mixing up the strategy is only for some. If you are feeling lucky, however, it may be your moment to try the high-risk- high-reward bet and cross your fingers.

Play Crazy Time on BC.GAME

Evolution’s Crazy Time is one of the most popular games on BC.GAME. The gaming studio has a reputation for professional casino services, great setups, and a live stream of the wheel spin. This track record stretching back over fifteen years, translates to credibility and assurance of fair gaming. 

bc.game crazy time

Crazy Time has a low barrier to entry and provides all the fun and thrill of a classic game show. Players catch the euphoria of an exciting and straightforward game with the potential of winning high rewards. The above strategies provide general pointers on managing your gaming activity when playing this popular game. Nonetheless, players can customize their strategies to ensure they combine risk management and a high chance of winning.  

BC.GAME is your home for a professional and exciting gaming experience. Besides digital and live dealer games, there are many sports betting markets to explore. These provide more than enough fun all year round.