The gambling industry has been around for centuries and is loved by many because it’s entertaining and can be lucrative. There is no denying that online sports betting is a success due to the convenience it offers. As the industry continues to grow, the market also expands, especially in countries where it’s prominent, like Brazil.

Brazil is one of the top countries in the world that supports online sports betting and boasts some of the best sports leagues and events. Sports betting in Brazil has become one of the favourite pastimes of its locals. 

Here’s what you need to know about Brazil sports betting before you place wagers at BC.GAME:

How sports betting works in Brazil

One of the best ways you can learn about sports betting in Brazil is by reading a guide on how it works and how it was legalised. In 2018, Brazil passed Law No. 13,756, legalising online sports betting in the country. However, it wasn’t until 2020 that the Brazilian government released the governing framework for sports betting. This outlines the laws and requirements for companies to operate in the market.

A licence from the Brazilian government is needed for casino businesses to provide legal sports betting services in the country. To apply, a business must prove its ownership, issue an official business structure, disclose its financial data, and comply with the rules and regulations. Thanks to Brazil’s strict rules and guidelines regarding gambling, sports betting in Brazil is accessible and guaranteed safe for all punters.

Most popular sports to bet on in Brazil

Since Brazil is among the top countries that support sports gambling and a variety of games, there is a wide range of betting options that can be found in reliable online sportsbooks like BC.GAME. It’s crucial to know how strongly the sport influences Brazilian people and how the country supports its events to make wise bets. 

Here are some of Brazil’s most popular sports to bet on:


Brazilians are passionate about football, the country’s national sport. Brazil is considered a football giant, from local leagues such as the Brasileirão to popular players like Pele and Neymar. 

The FIFA World Cup is the biggest stage of international football, and Brazil’s success in the competition shows its skill and passion for the sport. The country hosted the 2018 FIFA World Cup—not only is the national team a constant contender in World Cup history, but Brazil is also the winningest team in the tournament. 


Volleyball is another major sport in Brazil and is known to be one of the best sports to bet on. Since volleyball is big in the country, the country is home to some of the biggest volleyball leagues, such as Liga Nacional de Voleibol and Copa Brasil de Voleibol.


Brazillians are huge basketball fans who love betting on NBA games. The sport is played at both the pro and amateur levels in Brazil. The Novo Basquete Brasil (NBB) was established in 2008 with 16 participating teams. 


One of the best online sports betting options in Brazil is tennis. Just like football and volleyball, Brazil also has a rich history in tennis, with several players achieving global success. Gustavo Kuerten, better known by his nickname Guga, was the best Brazilian tennis player of all time. He won three French Open championships and was ranked first in the world in 2000. 


Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is another well-known sport in Brazil that punters love to bet on. The sport has a huge fan base and a thriving industry in the country. In fact, Brazil has a long history of producing world-class MMA fighters and is home to several successful MMA tournaments. Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is Brazil’s most widely attended mixed martial arts (MMA) event. 


Sports events to bet on in Brazil

With the great success of sports betting in the country, Brazil boasts various notable sports events attended by thousands of fans and supported by punters. Some of the biggest sports events you can bet on in Brazil include:

Campeonato Brasileiro Série A

The Campeonato Brasileiro Série A, commonly known as the Brasileirão, is the top-tier professional football league in Brazil. It is hosted by the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) and features 20 teams from various states nationwide. The season normally spans from May to December with a double round-robin format.

Copa do Brasil

Copa do Brasil, or the Brazil Cup, is an annual football event in the country organised by CBF. Since its inception in 1989, the tournament has featured teams from Brazil’s highest division. This includes Serie A, Serie B, Serie C, and Serie D, state league champions, and other qualifying clubs from lower divisions.

UFC Brazil

UFC Brazil is the world’s biggest mixed martial arts event. Several Brazilian MMA fighters became champions in their respective weight classes, contributing to UFC’s growth and success. UFC Brazil is a vital factor in the growth of mixed martial arts worldwide, and it has helped establish Brazil as a powerhouse in the sport.

Rio Open

Each February, Brazil hosts the Rio Open, a professional men’s tennis event. The tournament is part of the ATP Tour 500 series, one of the top tiers of professional tennis events. Since 2014, the Rio Open has been hosted annually at the Jockey Club Brasileiro, played on outdoor clay courts.

Formula One Brazilian Grand Prix

The Brazilian Grand Prix is an annual Formula One World Championship race in Brazil. It has been running since 1972, making it one of the longest-running Formula One event. The race occurs in Sao Paulo at the Autódromo José Carlos Pace, or Interlagos.

Common types of sports bets

When sports betting in Brazil, you will find the best sports betting odds of the team and players and various sports betting types you can take advantage of. Before you place bets, you must learn how each type of sports bet works.

Some common sports bets that a sports bettor can place when betting on Brazilian betting sites are the following:

  • Moneyline → It is a type of sports betting wager wherein a punter selects which team they believe will win a specific match.
  • Spread → In spread betting, punters bet on the possible outcome of an event based on the point spread without knowing which team will win outright.
  • Over/under bets → The goal of an over/under bet is to correctly predict whether the final score of a game will be over or under than the point spread. 
  • Futures → A futures bet is a wager on the outcome of a game or match that will usually happen a few weeks or months away.

How to bet on sports in Brazil?

Betting on sports in Brazil is easy and hassle-free. With a wide range of online bookmakers, you must select the best online sportsbook that will cater to your betting needs. To start your sports betting experience in Brazil, follow these steps:

  1. Create an account 
  2. Deposit your sports betting fund
  3. Select a sport you want to bet on and any event or game within the sports category
  4. Place your bet
  5. Play and enjoy
  6. Payout
  7. Withdraw

Tips for betting on Brazilian Sports

To have a worthwhile sports betting experience, it’s recommended to use a strategy or tips that can help you place bets wisely. These can also help you find the best odds. 

Some of the easy sports betting tips are:

  • Claim sports betting bonuses 
  • Set a betting budget
  • Research on previous games and stats
  • Start with small wagers 
  • Only bet at a licensed online bookmaker

Bet on sports at BC.GAME

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If you want to have the best online sports betting experience, make sure that you choose a reliable online sportsbook like BC.GAME. You should also research teams and players to place wise bets and boost your chances of winning. 


Learn more about sports betting in Brazil with these frequently asked questions:

Is sports betting legal in Brazil?

Yes, sports betting has been legal in the country since 2018.

What is the most popular sport in Brazil?

Football is known to be one of the most popular sports in the country.

How to bet on sports in Brazil?

To bet on sports in Brazil, all you have to do is to choose the best online bookmaker, create an account, and deposit funds.