Payment services are an indispensable part of the crypto landscape. These dynamic assets facilitate commerce and require exchanges and other payment infrastructure providers for ease of funds movement. One such notable service, MoonPay, is now available on BC.Game, allowing users to deposit more than 40 cryptocurrencies directly. The crypto sector might be going through a slump now, but it is still massive. Billions of dollars worth of crypto coins and tokens move through various exchanges each day. These crypto institutions are significant entities as they occupy a vital role in the lives of crypto enthusiasts. MoonPay is one of the fastest-growing crypto payment service providers and looks to maintain its momentum even in a challenging market. 

Exploring Moonpay: What Services Does This Company Provide?


In 2019, two crypto entrepreneurs, Ivan Soto-Wright and Victor Faramond came up with the idea of a simple software solution to boost crypto adoption globally. This vision was a collaborative effort with software and corporate development happening at an excellent pace. By 2021, the company had secured significant funding and continually improved its valuation in a bull market. Today, MoonPay is a substantial financial technology company with a penchant for crypto payment infrastructure. The company operates from Miami, Florida, a city whose Mayor Francis Suarez has publicly wooed crypto startups to launch there. This company has offices in other locations like London to oversee localised operations. Moonpay’s infrastructure ensures the creation of financial products that allow the seamless conversion of fiat and cryptocurrency.

Additionally, these solutions integrate transfers with other popular services like Apple Pay, banks, and card companies. This network has earned MoonPay’s trust and reputation for efficient payment processing in hundreds of jurisdictions. In general, MoonPay makes purchasing crypto easy. This service works excellently for crypto gambling enthusiasts on BC.Game who can benefit from a simple integrated solution. 2021 was a fantastic year for the company, with its Series A funding raising over $550 million. High-profile investors like Snoop Dogg and Bruce Willis were a prominent part of the process, growing almost one-sixth of the amount. Celebrity-driven processes are trendy in the crypto investment landscape as they help to provide more visibility and awareness of digital assets. It is one of the reasons that cryptocurrencies will become trendy in 2021. 

Utilising Exchange Service on Moonpay

 Its crypto exchange services make for simple and efficient exchanges. MoonPay has an easy-to-use interface that is friendly to users at all levels of financial sophistication. Different crypto tokens have different transaction fees, which is true based on the nature of the blockchain and its demand. Users get an account automatically by the time they make a purchase order. This process takes a user to a purchase process that needs them to have a crypto account. Opening a MoonPay account will require certain information for regulatory reasons. These details ensure that users provide verifiable information to comply with regulatory requirements for fighting financial crimes. Some of this information includes ID/passport number, banking/card details, email address, and related information that helps identify the user better. Users enter their wallet address and trade fiat for crypto to transfer funds. MoonPay has minimum order requirements that vary with various tokens. This requirement is a part of a general objective to deploy a smart financial strategy and avoid liquidity problems like what has sunk exchange company Celsius. 


MoonPay Doubles Down on NFTs

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are synonymous with the tale of crypto’s rise. These assets have taken centre stage in crypto circles in the past few years. They quickly became a favourite asset class for developers to tokenise gaming assets. Soon after, they caught on in popular culture, with various artists and musicians using NFTs to auction their collections. The NFT market has been slow in the past three months. MoonPay sees this period as an opportunity. Accordingly, the company is investing in infrastructure to make NFT purchases easier. This effort involves extensive partnerships with major entertainment brands like Fox Corp., Universal Pictures, Creative Artists Agency and Death Row Records to let MoonPay tokenise some of these companies’ digital records. 

Moonpay This expansion is against the tide, with many companies in a wait-and-see mode with NFT investments. MoonPay will shed more light on the precise token strategy. From the partners, it looks like a range of sports, music, film, and gaming content. NFTs became popular with artists as an alternative channel to monetise their work. MoonPay is exploring this model on a grand scale by discussing with large content creator corporations on large-scale tokenisation. Investing further in NFTs is a bold call. MoonPay hopes that its credibility as a crypto institution will be vital in getting prominent corporations interested. The proliferation of junk NFTs is a growing problem. Having a reliable company to help streamline verification and purchase processes is critical.

The Big Picture: BC.Game & MoonPay

Financial innovation in the crypto scene is still ongoing. MoonPay is at the forefront of making crypto financial service providers simpler and better. The stated goal of its founders is to improve crypto adoption. This vision tallies with BC.Game’s aim to provide seamless gaming services to crypto gambling enthusiasts. Providing users with an extra simple solution for purchasing crypto is mutually beneficial.

Additionally, MoonPay’s foray into the NFT scene is within BC.Game’s approach of nurturing more innovation in this sector. Users can seamlessly purchase over forty cryptocurrencies and use them to wager on various crypto-gambling games. Partnering with this growing operation allows BC.Game to share the growth of a robust crypto startup that may be on its way to bigger things.